Is it harmful keratin hair straightening

The beauty industry is not standing still, and every year there are more and more caring treatment. One such innovation was and keratin hair straightening. This procedure immediately gained popularity among the fair sex. After only a few hours long curls have acquired a well-groomed appearance and perfect smoothness. But the achieved effect lasted as much as six months! But is it a safe structure for your locks and not harmful if keratin hair straightening? Let's try to understand in details all the intricacies of the Barber shop services.

The keratin straightening treatment: what is the procedure

Natural hair mostly consists of protein compounds of high strength. Keratin is a part of his stratum corneum, protecting our strands from the negative effects of the environment.

The main indication for keratin straightening – hair method of saturation of protein structures. Part like seals hair from all sides, securely protected from all adverse factors. Procedure to update each hair from roots to ends, creating an effect of perfect smoothness.

Those who used the keratin in the home in masks and shampoos, the stunning effect is not felt. Yes, the hair began to look more groomed, but such a result can be achieved from any semi-professional tools. What is the secret? It's simple – high temperature. The denaturation temperature of keratin is 2290. And so that it penetrated deep into the structure and really firmly stuck on the hair, every molecule fibrillar protein must be heated to such a state. Therefore, the enrichment of the ordinary means of caring keratin gives such a stunning result.

The use of keratin straightening

Perhaps not so catastrophic, and keratin are really good for your hair. Because this procedure does have a lot of advantages:

  • Hair after the procedure look healthy and strong. They did not go awry in the unpretentious styling and retain its smoothness even in rainy weather.
  • Keratin has no negative effects on the hair structure. So that the procedure can be applied to thin and weak hair.
  • Ceratinine provides long-term effect, and the achieved result lasts for up to 6 months.
  • The composition applied to the hair, provides hair protection against sun, wind, and temperature changes.
  • You can safely wear hats in the cold season without worrying what the styling would wrinkle, and her hair electrified after contact with a synthetic material.
  • Keratin restores structure damaged by dyes and permed strands.
  • The procedure of ceratinine can be safely combined with hair dyeing. Protein does not react with the active components of the coloring composition, why not require correction of the exposure time of the paint.

But if everything is so rosy, why is the opinion of trichologists about security treatments for your hair parted?

The dangers of ceratinine

Many girls have already appreciated the advantages of keratin straightening. But the debate on the dangers and benefits around the skin care procedure is not subside. Although judging the results of the masters is hard to imagine that the effect is achieved by a harmful impact on hair. Open the mysteries, which are silent stylists barbers:

  • Impregnation with keratin composition of the hair. And this puts further stress on the hair follicles, making them weaker. Very often this leads to hair breakage and hair loss.
  • Under its own weight strands are smoothed, and your hair loses volume. So for those with sparse hair the effect may vary.
  • Processed hair are very close to each other, which increases the intensity of the impregnation of the strands by sebum. For this reason the head must be washed a minimum of every two days. And all know that frequent washing is not the best way appear on the condition of the hair and scalp.
  • For denaturation of the keratin is required to have high temperature. Therefore, processing of the locks is made by iron heated to 2300, what is disastrous for the hair.
  • Unscrupulous webmasters, composed of keratin blends using formaldehyde, known for its harmful effect on the body. In addition, the process of heating fumes of formaldehyde evaporate and get into the Airways, causing severe dizziness and other symptoms of intoxication.

A definite answer to the question, is it harmful keratin hair straightening does not exist. And the end result will depend on the qualifications of the master and the quality of the composition.

Do not attempt at home to perform the procedure. Due to insufficient warm-up of the strands, you can only worsen the hair condition. But using cheap tools can lead to poisoning with toxic vapors.

Recommendations: how to protect the hair from harmful effects

If you are not afraid of the damage that can be done to your strands, then make sure that the damage was minimal. This will help you somerecommendations:

  1. Do not use the services of masters, offering to do the procedure at home. Such offers are usually attracted by low price. But this is not a situation where you can save.
  2. In the room that you are ceratinine must be installed powerful extractor. Check up this point during the recording.
  3. Choose formulations for ceratinine without formaldehyde. Toxic medications will cost much cheaper quality keratin mixture. So many masters in order to save prefer them. But in our case in the first place should be health.
  4. Must be followed every precaution and follow exactly the technique of processing the strands. Please note that keratin composition is not subject to dilution water. The final formula of water molecules can disrupt protein structures, deprived of any necessary properties.
  5. Hair treated with keratin composition are not subject to drying with hot air. Premature exposure to high temperatures can lead to the folding of the protein and the destruction of the hair structure. Using a dryer is possible only on a cool cycle.
  6. When applying the product, avoid contact with skin. Rich chemical composition may cause serious allergic reactions.

If you carefully consider all the nuances and take into account the above recommendation, the potential damage from straightening keratin can be avoided.

Ceratinine and pregnancy: are there any risks

We should also pay attention about the possibility of the procedure to the girls during pregnancy. Future mums never want to be beautiful and well groomed. But with chemical experiments with hair worth to wait. Even ordinary staining is not recommended in this period, to say nothing about the keratin straightening treatment.

The problem lies again in formaldehyde. This material has a high level of tetragonal and may lead to disruption of embryonic development. Yes, during the procedure masks are used to prevent ingress of toxic vapors in the respiratory tract. But this degree of protection for girls in position is not enough, since the composition can be absorbed through the scalp.

Also, do not forget that during pregnancy the hormonal background of woman is unstable, and predict the result of the procedure would be extremely difficult. There is a very high probability that the composition does not affect hair or even more of them will be fluff.

The treatment lasts 3-4 hours. And immobile sitting in a chair for long periods of time can cause the appearance of edema in a pregnant woman.

If during pregnancy too much want to use the service rectification, choose American ceratinine using safe compositions. No formaldehyde and well-ventilated Cabinet – the only possible option.

So a clear answer, bad or no keratin hair straightening does not exist. But if you just follow technology and use natural ingredients with no chemical impurities, damage to the strands will be minimized, and benefit maximum.