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Is it harmful to inhale helium from the balloon, its effect on the human body

Helium balloons is one of the most common and affordable jewelry for children and adults holidays. Inhalation of gel – one of the favorite pastimes of adults and adolescents. If you inhale the gas into your lungs and then to speak, then the voice changed, growing more subtle, similar to voicing cartoon characters. So the question arises, is it harmful to inhale helium from a balloon?

What is helium and its influence on human physiology

Helium is an inert gas. It has no smell, no color. In nature, it takes the second place after hydrogen, primarily in the Universe. On our planet this chemical element is rare and is formed by the decay of heavier compounds.

Gas range has a few grey lines. If helium to fill the transparent tube, and then skip through it an electric current, the gas will start to change their colors – from yellow and pink to bright orange and green.

The gas is not toxic and belongs to the 4th hazard class (low toxic substances). Helium is not involved in biological processes.

The effect of the gas by inhalation is similar to General anesthesia, but only under conditions of high atmospheric pressure. Under normal environmental conditions and small concentrations of helium does not affect the health of the person. Stuff gets in the lungs, heats and affects the vocal cords, causing them to resonance, and changing the timbre of the voice.

In General, the helium is not harmful to the body. He is absolutely neutral, does not enter into chemical reactions with other substances not flammable.

The negative impact of helium

The effect of helium on the human body in high concentrations affects the Central nervous system. Toxic doses of the substances enter the bloodstream and cause a person such symptoms:

  • headaches;
  • dizziness;
  • the darkening of the eyes;
  • nausea;
  • vomiting.

As the gas has no smell and color, the person can inhale vapors, unaware of the poisoning. This can lead to loss of consciousness. A similar effect happens when a single sharp inhalation of concentrated helium. Therefore breathing helium from balloons and dangerous to health.

The harmful gas that when injected into the respiratory system it partially restricts or completely blocks the access of oxygen. Therefore, a person in conditions of high concentrations can quickly suffocate. Cases of acute poisoning, life-threatening, were not recorded, so as to deal with such conditions in the environment impossible.

Absolutely not to inhale the helium, people with chronic diseases of the respiratory system, e.g. bronchial asthma.

Such people are the inhalation of the gas causes symptoms:

  • drowsiness;
  • violation of concentration of attention;
  • the decline of the senses (hearing, sight, smell, touch);
  • sometimes progressing to stupor;
  • hands and legs are shaking.

Due to shortness of breath and cough a person may develop a state of panic, fear-induced lack of oxygen.

There is information about the fact that helium kills brain cells.

How to restore voice after inhaling helium

Inhalation of gel in the party remains a popular pastime among young people. In order to avoid unpleasant situations with your health, you need to know a few techniques that will help to maintain good health. It should be noted that helium is not always affects the voice. In people who have high tone (mostly girls and women), changes in the voice can not be observed.

To regain your voice, you need to follow these guidelines:

  1. To provide maximum oxygen access to the lungs – inhale deeply and exhale several times.
  2. If you have vertigo, and it increased, immediately leave the room, go out into the fresh air.
  3. If within 10-15 minutes that your condition does not improve, seek medical help.

In low concentrations, helium is non-toxic and absolutely safe for both adults and children. But this does not mean that the gas should be inhaled in yourself and abuse it to amusing effect. Overdose of helium in the body can significantly worsen the overall condition and spoil the joyous sense of celebration.

It is important to remember that safe only pure helium. It is not a poison, does not cause allergic reactions. But if the gas has impurities of arsenic or any other toxic substances, it poses a potential threat to human life.