How to take pills furazolidone diarrhea

Furazolidone is an effective antibiotic drug that is well-proven for the treatment of infectious diseases of the digestive tract. Most often used furazolidone from diarrhea. The effect of the medicine aims to disrupt the activity of some (very common) bacteria that cause acute diarrhea as. The drug belongs to the group of nitrofurans.


Many patients recognize the drug due to its color. It is those little yellow pills, which are used for diarrhea. One tablet contains 0.05 g of the basic substance. As auxiliary substances are:

  • potato starch;
  • lactose (also called milk sugar);
  • calcium stearate;
  • Polysorbate.

This is extremely sensitive gram-negative bacteria and to some extent gram-positive. For example, highly sensitive pathogens of diseases such as typhoid, dysentery, and paratyphoid. Less sensitive pathogens anaerobic and pyogenic infections. It is known that the resistance of harmful microorganisms to this drug develops very slowly.

The main action of the main component of the medication is to disrupt cellular respiration, harmful microorganisms and in every way to block them in various biochemical processes. This breaks the integrity of their shell and the whole structure, and soon they die. Base material inhibits the growth and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms.

The effect of the pill depends on the dosage. In minor doses the drug has a bacteriostatic effect but at higher doses there is a clear bactericidal effect. It is also known that these pills have diarrhea to some extent and immunostimulatory effects. Also with the drug to reduce the toxic products of pathogenic microorganisms, resulting in a positive dynamics of treatment is not long in coming.

Furazolidone in oral administration is rapidly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and metabolized in the body. In the liver the substance forms an inactive metabolite. The excretion of substances from the body occurs mainly through the kidneys.

In some cases you can accept the tool

Mostly the drug used for therapy of infectious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. For example, in dysentery, giardiasis, paratyphoid, as well as in cases of poisoning by food. Very effective furazolidone for diarrhea.

The drug is often used to address ailments of the genitourinary system. For example, it is possible to cure cystitis and urethritis. The drug in the complex therapy may be appointed to resolve the vaginitis or Trichomonas vaginitis. You can also find a use for wounds and burns with signs of infection.

Pills from diarrhea it is better to take, after consultation with the doctor as only an expert can correctly pick up the dose. Moreover, acute diarrhea can happen for different reasons and not always caused by pathogenic microflora. So if, for example, the reason for no bacteria, and viruses, the furazolidone in this case will be useless.

Causes of diarrhea

Please note that diarrhea can occur for a variety of reasons. This condition can occur when irritable bowel, the intestinal microflora (such as dysbacteriosis), enzyme deficiency, problems with bowel movements, hereditary pathologies and a number of other reasons. So, before you take the drug furazolidone, you need to determine exactly why.

If the diarrhea was caused due to food poisoning or infectious disease of the gastrointestinal tract, the use of furazolidone is justified. Using tablets just a few days, you can quickly eliminate this unpleasant condition. The tool can be used by adults and children.

Furazolidone children

Very often, furazolidone for diarrhea is assigned to the youngest patients. It is no news that children are most susceptible to intestinal infections. Kids are not able to regularly and properly to maintain good hygiene, so the gastrointestinal tract toddlers are extremely susceptible to infections. Diarrhea in babies can occur due to improper digestion.

Many parents may worry about the question, not are there negative effects of this drug on the fragile body of a child. In fact, furazolidone children can be assigned, starting from an early age, and side effects are very rare. Mainly in case of intolerance of the drug, the child may receive a response from the skin (Allergy), nausea, and poor appetite. Often be suspected in a child intolerance, and vomiting. Dangerous drug may be the only when od that can lead to disorder of the liver. That is why the treatment of furazolidone can be carried out only after consultation with your doctor.

Most often for the treatment of children the product is in granules, which occurs as yellow and greenish-yellow tint. The drug dissolved in boiled (warm) water and thenused.

Furazolidone is categorically forbidden to give children up to one year. Also the tool do not create kids who have disorders of the kidneys. Individual sensitivity to a derivative of nitrofuran is also the reason for the rejection of furazolidone.


The drug is available not only in tablets but also in granules and in powder form. Adults are primarily used pills, which have a rather symbolic value. Young patients it is quite difficult to swallow yellow tablet, so their treatment is most often applied granules, which are prepared suspensions. The drug is in powder form usually used in veterinary medicine.

The result of treatment depends on the dosage, which is selected depending on the intensity of the disease. Minimum quantity for diarrhea for an adult is the half of one, maximum of three. A day can be taken not more than 0.8, the Course of treatment should not hang for 5-10 days.

For children, the dose is decided depending on the age. Into account also are the cause of the disease, the severity, and the presence of the child has a chronic disease. Very important and weight of the baby. The daily dose is recommended to calculate with your doctor. Therapy with furazolidone over ten days is unacceptable.

Make the drug better after a meal. Tablets need to drink plenty of fluids. Better clean boiled water.

Contraindications and side effects

Furazolidone can be applied not to all patients. The main reasons for deciding to refuse to accept, is:

  • individual sensitivity to the ingredients of the drug;
  • lactation;
  • chronic renal failure (especially end-stage);
  • a deficiency of the enzyme glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase;
  • the age of 1 year.

The effect of the drug on pregnancy

The effect of drugs on pregnancy are not well understood, therefore the drug during this period should be done under medical supervision. The use of furazolidone is justified in cases where it is not possible to substitute another (most secure) means.

Before taking the remedy, be sure to tell your doctor that you are pregnant. If you have taken this drug, it makes sense to inform your doctor.

Taking the drug while breastfeeding

Accurate data on whether the active substance of the medicine to penetrate into breast milk, no. For this reason, the furazolidone should not take to feeding the baby breast milk. If for some reason the doctor decided that you should take it furazolidone, breastfeeding must stop before treatment is completed.

Side effects

In rare cases, the intake of furazolidone can cause some side effects. They can manifest themselves:

  • nausea as a consequence vomiting;
  • decreased appetite (sometimes to anorexia);
  • allergicheskie reactions;
  • the gastric pains.

To minimize the possibility of any side effects, recommend pills for diarrhea drink plenty of fluid. For prevention of neuritis, which can occur with continuous use, you can take vitamins of group B.

If the side effects are intense, the medication should be discontinued.

As a result of taking the drug can make the urine dark yellow or brown color. However, this picture is not a danger and should not cause concern.

Overdose and interactions with other drugs

Furazolidone excessive toxicity to an organism does not possess, but by increasing the dose or period of administration may result in overdose. May cause toxic liver damage. Overdose may cause so-called acute toxic hepatitis. Due to poor compliance with dosing can also develop polyneuritis.

If there are signs of an overdose, the drug from diarrhea should be immediately removed and resort to first aid. For this it is best to carry out the procedure of gastric lavage, and then make the sorbent. Can also be assigned a saline laxative.

Then very useful to the body reducing measures, such as vitamin therapy (especially b group). In severe cases, we must purify the blood. The hospital can designate other measures, such as infusion therapy.


This medicine for diarrhea in some cases can enter into reaction with other drugs. For example, receiving treatment with oral contraceptives or antipyretic drugs may lead to unpleasant consequences. Disulfiramopodobnaya possible reactions with the combination of the drug with ethanol. The simultaneous adoption of the drug from diarrhoea, antidepressants, fenilafrinom, tiramina and a number of other drugs can cause such a dangerous phenomenon, as a rise in pressure.

For this reason, during therapy, diarrhea with furazolidone the intake of other drugs should be excluded. After completion of treatment for another two weeks medication it is better not to take if there is in them acutenecessary.

If you have a serious disease and constantly take some medicines, the combination with furazolidone should be agreed with your doctor.

Work with alcohol

According to the manual, the intake of alcohol should be excluded during the treatment of diarrhea with this drug. Alcoholic beverages should also be avoided within four days after treatment.

A very interesting fact, but in rare cases, the remedy for diarrhea is assigned for the treatment of alcohol dependence. According to some authoritative publications medical subjects, after receiving a ten-furazolidone has intolerance of alcohol. Not only there is a desire to take alcohol, but a person may even become ill from taking that drink. According to some reviews, the body simply declares war on alcohol. Given the threat of reaction from the organism, especially to bring themselves to a state of disgust, no one will.

Alcohol is known to significantly reduce the therapeutic effect of furazolidone.

Tips for receiving furazolidone

Please pay attention to the tips that will help you avoid trouble.

  • Categorically should not be taken furazolidone if you have ever had an allergic reaction to this drug.
  • Absolutely should not give the drug to newborn babies.
  • In some cases, furazolidone can disrupt the blood therefore, before taking the remedy, be sure to verify the ability of the doctor.
  • If after seven days the treatment was not effective, be sure to let me know about the doctor.
  • People who have disturbances in the metabolic system, receiving furazolidone need to bring along with caution and under medical supervision.
  • In some cases, the receiving furazolidone can have the opposite effect and cause a dangerous intestinal infection in which there is acute diarrhea. Therefore, if while taking remedies have you noticed a strong watery stools or even diarrhea with blood, immediately discontinue this drug and contact your doctor. Before meeting with your doctor do not take any medication for diarrhea.