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Милдронат: вред и польза, действие препарата на организм

The well-known remedy spray is widely used by athletes and the elderly, recently introduced in the anti-doping list of drugs that caused many scandals in the sports environment. How dangerous the tool, how to apply, as well as the harm and benefit of Mildronate for the body – everything you should know for those who have prescribed this medication.


Initially the drug was used for the treatment of heart disease resulting from heavy energy consumption, and weakening of the body. However, most often it was used by relatively healthy people, person, involved in sports, as well as those who want to lose extra pounds.

The tool is produced in the form of capsules, liquid for the preparation of the injection and in solid dosage form. Is the main ingredient Meldonium, a compound included in the content of cellular structures of the human body.

The drug promotes the beginning of complex chemical processes in the body, and acts in the following way:

  • increases endurance, increases efficiency;
  • a positive effect on the immune status of the tissue;
  • promotes mental and physical stability under strong tension;
  • reduces the load on the heart.

Thus, the effect of Mildronate is mainly positive. The drug rapidly delivers oxygen to cells and tissues, cleanses the organs of toxins and products of metabolism, and also protects them from destruction.

With regular use, the human body is able long to withstand heavy load and to recover quickly. All these features allow its use both in therapy and in the prevention of various disorders of the heart, blood vessels, and when blood circulation in the brain.

Greater efficiency Mildronate showed ischemic disease due to its ability to slow cell death and to accelerate the regeneration process. In addition, in heart failure, the medication increases myocardial contractility and makes the body more resilient to physical stress.

Indications for use

To buy a tool in the drugstores currently not a problem. It is often used in complex treatment of the following diseases:

  • abnormalities of the heart and blood vessels, ischemia, heart attack;
  • inflammation of the heart muscle tissue;
  • circulatory disturbances in the brain chronic and acute nature.

Other indications for the appointment are:

  • the deterioration of health;
  • the rehabilitation period after surgery;
  • excessive physical stress;
  • some diseases of the retina, for example, hemophthalmus;
  • bronchitis, and asthma. In these cases, Mildronate used as immunomodulatory drug.

The use of athletes

Therapeutic abilities means you can use it in professional sports, and use of healthy people who require extra assistance in dealing with physical overexertion. In these cases, the ideal medicines containing Meldonium:

  • Mildronate effectively enhances the capabilities of the human body, increases resistance and improves the dynamic activity of the athletes;
  • seen positive influence of funds on training effectiveness: thanks to the active nutrition muscular system and the heart it relieves fatigue, significantly increases the duration approaches;
  • the lost energy is renewed much faster, while the bodies are allocated more intensively the products of metabolism;
  • the result of the exposure is set when power exercises during the training process, and when the stress on the heart.

It should be noted that the tool is not a performance enhancing drug in the truest sense of the word, and does not lead to muscle growth. Its effect is to relieve fatigue and increase endurance.

Substance included in the composition, often used in integrated getting rid of unnecessary body mass. However, it cannot be used as a standalone drug for weight loss. Meldonium helps to speed up metabolism, processes of recovery in the body and also reduces the amount of cholesterol. This allows a person to adapt quickly to exercise, which lead to weight reduction. Therefore, combining Mildronate with sports, you can quickly lose weight.

How to take

Proper medication is the guarantee of excellent results, however it must appoint a physician.

The systematic use of the drug can result in the reduction of its therapeutic action, that is why a patient should carefully follow the recommended pattern:

  • usually, the dosage to 5 PM: constituent ingredients contribute to an increase in excitability, and may have an adverse impact on sleep;
  • for therapeutic purposes Mildronat write 500-1000 mg twice a day;
  • the duration of treatment depends on the individual and the objectives pursued, and often up to 12 days.

Amateur athletes consume 0.5 g per day for 2 weeks, then make a break for 14 days andrepeat therapy. For professionals, the dosage is 1 g per day.


The reverse side of the drug is addictive. Long-term use can have a negative impact on the psychoemotional state of athletes.

Harmful Mildronate? This issue is of concern not only people involved in sport but also ordinary citizens. Established that the drug does not cause the body of the destructive action, in contrast to other doping means. However, like any medication containing Meldonium, a drug, there are side effects, which, however, appear quite rare.

The main terms of the effectiveness of the medication is compliance with dose and duration of use.

After the use of Mildronate established the following negative consequences:

  • allergic rashes on the skin, swelling. Most commonly observed with intramuscular use of the drug;
  • indigestion, stomach heaviness, retching, nausea, heartburn;
  • the increase in heart rate that occur under emotional disturbance;
  • the reduction in blood pressure.

To avoid overdose and other negative effects, when buying funds should be paid to the dosage: the drug is available in 250 and 500 mg.

Mildronate is forbidden to use children under 18 years, during pregnancy and lactation, and also in the following cases:

  • if excessive sensitivity to the ingredients of the medication;
  • in severe kidney disease;
  • when liver failure;
  • swelling of unknown etiology;
  • with increased intracranial pressure, triggered by malignant tumors.

The majority of doctors are reduced to one: spray – harmless and useful way to protect the body under all kinds of load. Most often used as a symptomatic medication if necessary, a temporary increase in health.

Anti-doping control officially banned the use of the funds in early 2016. The identification of the use of Mildronate not for therapeutic purposes may lead to disqualification of athletes. Usually these pills are appointed by the neurologist or cardiologist to strengthen the heart, increase stamina, and restore General vitality. The people who took the drug noted improvement after a few months of a course receiving.

Buy the tool or not – such a decision should not be taken independently. Only a qualified specialist determine whether the admission of Mildronate to determine the optimal dosage.