Excess calcium in the body: symptoms, methods of removing

The excess minerals and vitamins strong and healthy people are much more common than a shortage of them. This is caused by a number of disorders in the body and is treated only under medical supervision. Excess substances in the body is a rare phenomenon resulting from the abuse of calcium gluconate or other products that contain a large amount of this substance. Symptoms of excess calcium in the body is quite specific and easy to identify.

Why is excess

An overabundance of calcium in the body can be in a number of disorders of organs and systems when excess of ions of chemical substances accumulate in the blood. Most often this phenomenon is observed in young women and elderly people. Absolutely healthy person have an overabundance of calcium, the body itself regulates the arrival and consumption of this important substance. To this condition has developed, it is necessary the action of a particular factor.

To provoke a strong increase of calcium in the body can such diseases and conditions:

  • hormonal failure in the body;
  • some genetic disease;
  • an overdose of vitamin D;
  • cancer.

Accurate diagnosis can be established by a qualified physician based on test results. In this case the patient definitely canvassing on the subject, not whether he used not so long ago vitamin preparations.

Adjust the level of the mineral

An overabundance of the element in the organism, which occurred due to the overdose of vitamin D may be a few months after taking vitamin-enriched preparation. But vitamin D contributes to the absorption of this mineral, while for the regulation of some hormones responsible.

Helps to maintain normal value of calcium in the human body and the pancreas. The failure in the hormonal system or problems with the thyroid gland can lead to a lack or overabundance of the mineral.

Greatly increase the calcium in the body can dairy products if you consume them excessively, and often. Drug calcium gluconate is assigned when brittle bones or allergies, but it can cause an overabundance of the substance in the body if taken for a long time. A lot of salt sometimes and in some cancer. These include prostate cancer, mammary glands and respiratory system.

It is important to remember that the excess minerals may be not only the consumption of calcium gluconate. Many medications used in the treatment of gastric ulcer, and radiation therapy cause a significant increase in calcium in the blood.

Symptoms of excess calcium in the body

The main symptom that indicates an excess of trace elements, is a persistent constipation. At the same time, prolonged constipation cause flatulence, and spasmodic pains in the abdomen, in some cases, the development or exacerbation of peptic ulcer disease.

The increase of mineral salts in the body leads to the formation of sand and stones in mochevyvodyashih bodies. The consequences of excess can be attributed to heart attacks that arise due to blockage of blood vessels. Thanks to the conducted medical research has revealed that a daily intake of about 0.6 grams of this substance leads to the development of prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women.

The main symptoms that can talk about excessive intake of calcium salts in the body, are considered:

  • persistent loss of appetite;
  • the feeling of nausea and vomiting;
  • disorders of the digestive system;
  • unexplained fatigue that is often accompanied by dizziness;
  • loss of coordination;
  • violation of the functions of the heart;
  • acute renal failure.

Excrete excess calcium from the body can only under the doctor's control. People can gently normalise your condition, reviewing the diet. From the menu should be the maximum removed all products with a high content of a chemical element.

How to reduce the amount of salts in the body

To withdraw calcium from the human body can not only through medicine, but through adherence to a special diet. Since this mineral is not produced by the human body, and is supplied with food, it is enough to adjust the menu. If the power to completely eliminate certain foods, the excess substance will quickly appear by natural means. When an excess is not desirable to use such food:

  • sesame seeds and sesame oil;
  • wild nuts and almonds;
  • canned sardine in oil;
  • whole milk, cheese, cottage cheese and other dairy products;
  • black chocolate;
  • white bread;
  • rice dishes.

If a person takes drugs to increase the level of calcium is then shown to abandon them. In addition, at the time of stop intake of vitamin preparations, which include vitamin D.

For rapid lowering of calcium, the doctor may prescribe oxalic acid and phytin. Begin to take these funds only after passing all the necessary tests and medical examination.

What foods can remove calcium

What products derive calcium from the body. The list is not that big, basicallyit is a variety of drinks. People who abuse strong coffee and alcohol often suffer from brittle nails, hair and dental problems. The fact is that these drinks bind and excrete the mineral and therefore the person begins to suffer from a lack of trace mineral.

Tea also removes calcium from the human body, especially strong strong. People who abuse strong brewed tea, you're at risk for brittle bones and disruption of the cardiovascular system.

How to prevent overdose

To prevent a surplus of calcium in the body is easy, you only need to observe some rules:

  1. If a doctor prescribed the drugs to increase the level of calcium, it is necessary to adhere strictly to the therapeutic dose and do not exceed the recommended course of treatment.
  2. The diet should be balanced. Food should contain all vitamins and minerals.
  3. If you have unexplained health problems, you should not self-medicate, following the advice of books or forums. The diagnosis should be put only experienced the doctor and to prescribe treatment.
  4. With extreme caution taking vitamin D. you need to Drink exactly as many drops as necessary for age, exceed not. It will not lead to anything good, in addition to health disorders.

Calcium is an important element that contributes to the good work of many organs and systems. If it is insufficient in the body, there are different pathologies, which is especially bad for children, pregnant women and the elderly. However, an excess of the mineral leads to equally serious consequences, so everything should be in moderation.