Sage: the benefits and harms, the danger to humans

Perhaps there is no other soothing and heart funds that would be as popular as the well-known sage. Even in the 21st century many people, especially older generations, consider it the best remedy against heart pains, insomnia and feelings of anxiety. Nearly 100 years of active use in medicine should speak in his favor, but many patients wonder whether Corvalol harmful to health and is it always justified its use in treatment. To answer this question, we need to consider all positive and negative aspects of this tool.

The composition and the effect of the drug

Release form of the drug tablets and drops. More popular since the Soviet Union always used it drops. Speaking about the benefits and harms of sage, you need to familiarize yourself with the contents. It includes ethylbromoacetate, phenobarbital, sodium hydroxide, peppermint oil, purified water.

Corvalol drops is a colorless liquid with a peculiar pungent odor. The first two ingredients in the composition have a calming and antispasmodic effect, relieve agitation and nervousness, ensure a sound and peaceful sleep. Peppermint dilates blood vessels, including the heart muscle, has a positive effect on peristalsis.

The drug components are optimally combined and complement each other's action. The use of sage is shown in the following cases:

  • irritability, excitability, anxiety;
  • insomnia emotional experiences;
  • tachycardia;
  • the presence of spasms in the gastrointestinal tract;
  • high blood pressure in the early stages of the disease.

It would seem that medication use is obvious, but not to mention a pretty impressive list of contraindications.

There are cases of individual intolerance of separate components of the tool. While Corvalol may be dangerous for the body. Doctors do not recommend pills to patients with renal and hepatic insufficiency, and also at reduced pressure. In the latter case, the sage can bring the pressure up to the critical point.

Very careful while taking the drug should be pregnant women. Phenobarbital leads to hypoxia and irreversible disorders in the Central nervous system of the unborn child. Especially dangerous pills in the first three months of pregnancy. Thus, its reception is only acceptable in extreme cases and should be used under the supervision of a physician.

The harm of Corvalol may experience children up to 12 years. Its reception is possible only in case of transfer of the child severe emotional stress and trauma. But even with this diagnosis receiving korvalola should not be prolonged and eventually replaced by the analogue.

Great importance while taking the pills is the dosage. Since many people perceived the drug as harmless remedy, the number of drops can be controlled. Before you make a decision - whether to use sage as medicine, it is necessary to define an acceptable dosing with your doctor. Otherwise, the drops can lead to overdose.

Overdose, and side effects

To have a clear idea of how dangerous a sage, you must know the symptoms that occur with an overdose and poisoning with this drug. A dangerous dose is 150 drops, but the elderly, debilitated patients and children under 12 years of poisoning can occur at lower doses.

There are three forms of poisoning: mild, moderate and severe intoxication. With a slight overdose there is a General weakness, confusion and drowsiness of the patient. The patient's condition does not require any treatment and stabiliziruemost after the action of the drug.

In moderate and severe poisoning, the patient experiences the following symptoms:

  • muscle weakness;
  • a sharp drop in blood pressure;
  • dilated pupils;
  • pathological carotid status, the patient cannot be awaken;
  • loss of consciousness;
  • rales in the lungs;
  • cyanosis of the skin of the person;
  • malfunctions of the cardiovascular system.

In severe intoxication, possible coma and even death.

With proper dosage of the drug side effects are very rare, and are only slightly pronounced. Noted dizziness, weakness, drowsiness in the daytime.

Tincture of sage is often used as the drug to eliminate the symptoms of a hangover. Since alcohol itself causes heart palpitations, muscle weakness and excitability, in combination with the pills, these symptoms are only getting worse.

Also dangerous and highly undesirable concomitant use of pills, with tranquilizers and sedative drugs. Double dose of drugs causes a negative reaction.

Dependency from sage

Phenobarbital and ethylbromoacetate can be considered as drugs. With regular intake of sage as a calming and sedative the patient there is a quick tolerance to the drug. Abouta certain degree of habituation it is possible to speak even after two or three weeks of regular intake means.

Gradually, the standard dose ceases to deliver the desired effect, which leads to the need to increase the dose, which, in turn, raises the risks of ill health. In the future, the drug accumulates in the body, so even a normal dose can cause poisoning with phenobarbital.

It should be noted that sleep caused a significant dose of heart medicine, it is often restless and brings a sense of cheerfulness after awakening.

The harm of sage is also to develop addiction to the drug. The patient feels chronic fatigue, stays in a depressed apathetic mood can suffer speech and concentration.


If symptoms of slight poisoning, the patient should be gastric lavage. After the procedure, the desired reception of one of the adsorbents: activated charcoal, smecta. Activated charcoal prevents the absorption of toxic substances in the blood and accelerates their excretion from the body. The best taken in the form of an aqueous solution. For this tablet to crush and mix with 100 ml of boiled water at room temperature. It is possible to use white activated carbon.

If poisoning is recommended enema. The victim needs to provide plentiful drink, better than other drinks suitable warm sweet tea. It is required for repairing of low pressure and replenish the lost reserves of glucose.

Mild poisoning these measures are usually enough. If poisoning moderate and severe compulsory measure should be calling an ambulance.

If the patient is unconscious, it is placed on a firm surface, loosen belts, remove all jewelry that restrict movement and impede the free access of air. Before arrival of doctors it is necessary to monitor the pulse of the patient. In severe poisoning mandatory CPR and carrying out the procedure of artificial respiration.

To stabilize the condition by poisoning pills, intravenous drug-antidote - bemegride. In most cases, moderate and severe forms of poisoning being treated at a hospital. The patient will need the help of a therapist and the gastroenterologist. Treatment in the specialized agencies provides for the introduction of glucose, sodium chloride, plasma, and diuretics. When significant concentrations of phenobarbital in the blood may need hemodialysis.

The consequences of poisoning pills

Severe poisoning may have further complications to the body. Subsequently, may cause allergic skin reactions such as rashes, burning and itching. Also frequent pathology of the liver and kidneys, disorders of the Central nervous system, high risk of heart attack and stroke.

Severe poisoning in a child may be even fatal.

The benefits and harms of pills, should be taken into account when selecting the dosage. Neurological diseases the number of drops should not exceed 15-20 when nervous conditions – 10-15, for pain in the heart – to 40 drops. The number of receptions should not exceed 3 times a day.

Careful adherence to the dosage of the medication, prior consultation with the doctor, careful use of funds will contribute to the effective operation of the pills, without negative consequences for the body.