Aevita overdose: symptoms and treatment

Aevitum – effective, time-tested drug, which consists of two vitamins – A and E. Both vitamins are involved in the regeneration of skin cells, both of which dissolve in the oil. Therefore, capsules aevita produced oil-based. Overdose aevita can cause allergic reactions and other complications, which will be discussed in this article.

Description aevita

The drug is very helpful, as the vitamins included in its composition, normalize metabolism and are active antioxidants. The action is aimed at restoring the capillary circulation, improving tissue and vascular permeability, and decrease the possibility of oxygen starvation in the cells of the tissues, the General strengthening of the body, improves health.

Each capsule contains aevita very large doses of vitamins, far exceeding the daily dose without the deficient condition, so the drug is therapeutic, not prophylactic.

This combination of retinol (vitamin A) and tocopherol (vitamin E) is very balanced and has a complex impact and treatment of some pathological conditions of the body.

The action of vitamin A

Vitamin a is an essential element for normal functioning of the body. The first product, which was unveiled this vitamin was the carrots. That is why a group of vitamin A called carotenoids, which translated to English means "carrot" vitamins.

Effect on the body:

  • the redox processes;
  • regulation of protein synthesis;
  • normalization of metabolism;
  • one of the vitamins that forms bones, teeth, and body fat;
  • forms new cells;
  • prolongs youth.

Besides retinol is an indispensable tool for recovery of all visual functions and their normal operation. Involved in the normalization of the immune system and fight infections. When taking this vitamin increases the barrier function of mucous, making less is the virus infection, and cases of transfer is much easier even complex infection.

Epithelium, that is, cells on the surface of the skin and internal organs, needs to be retinol. Because of this, many beauties use it to restore the youth and beauty of skin. With him struggling with acne, wrinkles, psoriasis and other skin diseases. Since the epithelium is the surface of internal organs, the vitamin is also useful for them. It can be part of a comprehensive therapy in the treatment of diseases of the lungs and gastrointestinal tract.

Through participation in the synthesis of collagen retinol-promotes healing of wounds, skin saturated them, it becomes qualitatively better and actively resists infections. For the baby in utero, it is vitally important and helps the fetus to develop and get adequate food for growth.

In addition, retinol is essential for favorable hormonal levels prevents the development of cancer cells, protects cell membranes from the harmful effects of external factors, ensures proper operation of the heart and circulatory system, prevents cholesterol plaques.

The effect of vitamin E

Tocopherol strengthens the immune system and normalizes the activity of the heart muscle. It thins the blood and cleanses the blood vessels, not allowing them to be deposited on the plaque and form blood clots. The similarity with vitamin a is also involved in the synthesis of hormones.

A unique property of tocopherol is that this antioxidant is able to form new blood vessel, if along the way a piece has failed because of thrombosis.

Effect on the body:

  • stabilization and protection of unsaturated lipids in the cells from free radicals;
  • control of the enzymes in cell membranes, ensuring free access of nutrients;
  • this has a direct impact on the sex glands, participating in their formation and functioning. Lack of tocopherol in adolescents may lead to disturbance of the sexual functions;
  • prevents the development of atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases;
  • enriches the cells with oxygen, contributing to its easy access.

This antioxidant wonder is called the vitamin of life, as it has essential effects on the body for its proper work. But by itself it is not produced and the receiving element is possible only from the outside. A place of accumulation of tocopherol is a fat tissue, as its property is that no fats is not splitting. Thus, if the food is not enough fat, vitamin E might not be absorbed.

The lack of this element leads to such adverse factors like frequent infections, cardiovascular diseases, various inflammatory processes, and premature aging of the skin.

Aevita overdose: symptoms and assistance

Overdose aevitum, like other vitamins, is more dangerous for children. Children's bodies are not always able to cope with the incoming trace elements for a reason not to end the development of immunity and other functions. Alien or unfamiliar substances, entering the blood, can be assumed to be hostile, especially in cases when their number exceeded. So, from eating capsules aevita sold in the pharmacy, the child may developallergic reaction with many unpleasant symptoms. Among them the development of atopic dermatitis, urticaria, and in especially dangerous cases, if the child has intolerance to one or more active ingredients, may develop angioedema. Latest syndrome a dangerous strangulation, so if there is a suspected overdose aevitum, you should seek help from a doctor and give the child any means antihistamines – suprastin, zyrtec, etc.

Allergic reaction is also possible in adults, because this vitamin Supplement tends to accumulate in the body and lead to overdose, which can be crucial. Allergic to the excessive content of vitamins in adults are mild, but you still need to stop using the product until the disappearance of all symptoms. To resume the drug after consultation with your doctor, it is also desirable to re-calculate the dosage, increasing it gradually.

Excessive content aevita in the body leads to high blood pressure. With a long reception children have a disturbed composition of the blood, as aevitum reduce the number of platelets and leukocytes. Also, the drug can reduce the amount of calcium in the blood and prevent its absorption.

Weakness, drowsiness and reduced ability to work may also be a symptom of an overdose aevitum, as in this case, inhibited the liver and kidney at the cellular level.

The signs of overdose with prolonged use treat certain problems of the gastrointestinal tract and other internal organs:

  • enterocolitis;
  • enlarged liver;
  • fluid in the abdominal cavity;
  • the rupture of blood vessels with formation of bruises and red eyes.

Long-term use of the drug for medical purposes should be regularly hand over the biochemical analysis of blood for the presence and quantity of trace elements in the composition of blood and to check liver.

Assistance in case of overdose aevitum

When hypervitaminosis aevita you can take corn oil 1 tablespoon 2-3 times a day before meals. As a good choleretic, it will take an excess of vitamin A. in addition, any vegetable oil is an antidote to vitamin E.

Overdose is possible if a person has problems with the thyroid gland, chronic and acute kidney disease, lack of blood supply, with heart disease and blood vessels, cholecystitis. In these cases you should seek the assistance of the expert.

In case of overdose aevitum the children should be given the sorbents: activated carbon, POLYSORB, and contact an ambulance. If eaten a large quantity of the drug, you may need a gastric lavage.

When you receive aevita in the first months of pregnancy and when breastfeeding should seek the assistance of your doctor.

Application aevita

A good combination of micronutrients in the product is suitable for both men and women taking care of their reproductive system. Teens have reason to accept aevitum – it will reduce acne and other skin problems in the transition to adulthood.

Aevita capsules can be taken inside and spread it over some areas, punctures gelatin layer. This punctured the capsule is compressed between the fingers and squeeze the speakers, oily liquid. To maintain the beauty of skin, even the most sensitive around the eyes, causing the contents of the capsule for a few hours. The split ends of hair, nails can also handle this tool. Aevit added to creams and masks, enriching thus their composition at home.

The drug can be a substitute for some necessary products that are temporary out of the diet because of the diet, supporting the body's defenses and good health.

If you experience problems with eyes – cataract, "night blindness", etc. should use the drug orally according to dosage instructions.

As aevitum contains a high degree of active substance, its application cannot be started independently, you should consult with a therapist.