Aspirin cardio (cardioaspirin): benefits and harms

The pharmaceutical industry every year increases production and on the shelves of pharmacies appear new, improved drugs. One of them is cardioaspirin, which helps people suffering from cardiovascular diseases. The composition of this drug is part of the familiar aspirin, which complement other components that prevent the formation of blood clots. People who regularly take this medication, interested in the benefits and harms of cardioaspirin. To understand what more you need to consider in detail the peculiarities of this medication.

General description of the drug

Cardioaspirin produces the German company Bayer. This drug acts as an anticoagulant and operation. The active substance is acetylsalicylic acid, but the composition is and additional components, so even those people who normally carry aspirin, should take this medication with caution.

Rounded tablets with a protective shell to contain 100 mg or 300 mg of active ingredient. This drug can be purchased in the pharmacy network without a prescription, but that does not mean that you should self-medicate. Before taking cardioaspirin you must see a doctor and, if necessary, for a complete examination.

Protective coating on the tablets reduces the harmful effect of the drug on the digestive tract and eliminates the appearance of heartburn after taking the medication.

The mechanism of the effects on the body

Acetylsalicylic acid has the properties to suppress the production of certain enzymes in the human body, and to slow down the synthesis of certain substances in the body. As a result, pain and inflammation are reduced or completely disappear, blood vessels are significantly enhanced, and the platelets lose the ability to form clots. All these features are also characteristic of cardioaspirin. If a person regularly takes aspirin cardio, you reduces the chance of strokes or heart attacks.

Studies have shown that this drug has a number of other, equally important characteristics.

  • The medication prevents the connection of cells in the group that is used by physicians for treatment of certain blood diseases or blood vessels.
  • Medication well reduces the sensitivity of nerve endings, thereby stopping the pain.
  • At the brain center of body temperature regulation decreases the sensitivity, so quickly reduced the fever.

The pills opened a special shell, which is not soluble in the cavity of the stomach and in the duodenum. Due to this reduced the possibility of stomach bleeding.

The medication is highly efficient counterparts, but cardioaspirin is made only by the company "Bayer". If the pharmacy has this drug, but from another manufacturer, it is better not to buy – that is definitely a fake.

Indications for

Aspirin cardio is valued by physicians for its ability to prevent the formation of blood clots. It is prescribed to minimise the formation of blood clots, which mainly arise due to excessive viscosity of the blood. In addition, there are a number of indications that look like this:

  • For the prevention of heart attack, if you have certain risk factors – high blood sugar, cholesterol or hypertension.
  • High risk of worsening the supply of blood and oxygen to the cells of the brain and heart.
  • Different forms of angina with periodic pain syndrome.
  • For the prevention of stroke. This medication is prescribed even for short disruption of blood circulation in the brain.
  • Cardioaspirin often prescribed to women with continuous use of contraceptives, as well as people who have by force of circumstances he was still for long limbs.
  • The drug can be assigned in the recovery period after surgical interventions on vessels.

In special cases, aspirin cardio used as antipyretic and anti-inflammatory. However, for these purposes it is better to use a more narrowly targeted drugs.

Do not assign cardioaspirin children and adolescents up to 18 years!


That the drug has a significant list of contraindications that the doctor needs to consider before the appointment:

  • Hypersensitivity to the active substance or its derivatives.
  • Children up to age 18 years inclusive.
  • Pregnancy in all periods.
  • Bronchial asthma, which is caused by aspirin cardio, or its analogues.
  • Ulcers on the mucous membrane of the digestive organs, and suspicion of internal bleeding.
  • Diathesis.
  • Stroke hemorrhagic type.
  • Some chronic disease of the liver and kidneys.
  • Chronic disease of the myocardium.
  • In the treatment of some medicines.

Reviews in the treatment of aspirin cardio mostly positive, but sometimes there complaints of side effects. If the condition was broken as a result of taking this drug, you need to go to the doctor, who will adjust the dose or cancel the drug.

The dangers of aspirin

Acetylsalicylic acid may cause significant harm failure to comply with dosing or while taking certain medications. So, aspirincan cause the body such harm:

  • Salicylates act on the stomach wall, due to what can occur internal bleeding.
  • Blood clotting is reduced, which can lead to heavy bleeding of different etiology. Large blood loss can be in operations and in women of childbearing age during menstruation.
  • Aspirin affects the development of the fetus in the womb of a pregnant woman, which manifests as various congenital deformities.
  • In some viral diseases in children under 15 years old, bark, flu or chickenpox, can develop hepatic encephalopathy.

In exceptional cases, cardioaspirin can be assigned to a pregnant woman for blood thinners. But this is done only in extreme cases and after weighing all possible risks.

It is strictly forbidden to take aspirin together with alcohol – this can lead to serious health consequences. But in the period of his hangover even need to be taken, it thins the blood and reduces headache. This substance is included in many medications from a hangover.

What is more – benefit or harm

Up till now doctors are frequent discussions about the benefits and dangers of aspirin. According to several studies conducted in the United States, constant administration of the drug significantly reduces such risks:

  • colon cancer and lung cancer by almost 40%;
  • cancer of the larynx and digestive organs almost 60%;
  • prostate cancer by 10%.

According to others, men aged 50 to 80 years who have heart disease and regularly take cardioaspirin, live much longer than those not taking aspirin at all.

Cardiologists in one voice insists that the benefits of aspirin when heart disease is higher than the damage, so it can be taken safely. At the same time, there are also some very sad news. According to the study, annually kills several thousand people from the uncontrolled use of this drug.

Gynecologists recommend taking aspirin and its derivatives to women in menopause. This improves blood circulation and reduces the risk of thrombosis.

As with any drug, cardioaspirin allowed to take only by the physician and in the right dosage. If a person is diagnosed with increased blood clotting, thrombosis and heart disease, then long-term use of this medication is justified.