Balm "Mountain celandine": instructions for use

Since ancient times people use various plants for medicinal purposes. Such natural medicine applies Mountain celandine, which is used for the treatment of diseases of the skin and some internal organs. Acrid juice of this vegetation in the short term gets rid of papillomas, warts and corns. The drug is sold in concentrated form in pharmacies, and though you can buy it without a prescription, before starting treatment is recommended to consult a doctor.

Characteristic plants

Mountain celandine grows in parks, squares, gardens and other areas where there is sufficient moisture and the sun. If you tear off a branch of the plant, you can see the orange viscous juice, which is a bit like iodine. For medicinal purposes using all parts of the plant, it is dried, prepare teas and tinctures. Pressed juice is used to treat skin growths.

In the composition a lot of biologically active substances – alkaloids, saponins, tannins, complex organic acids, vitamins A and C. In the nectar of celandine are poisonous substances that actively fight bacteria and other pathogenic microbes.

The pharmaceutical industry produces medicinal Mountain celandine in the form of a balm that gently applied to areas of the skin that are damaged growths.

The advantages and disadvantages of treatment with celandine

In the recipes of traditional medicine raw materials celandine is used with caution, as it refers to poisonous plants. Included in the composition ingredients can effectively deal with even severe skin diseases. Some healers recommend a decoction of celandine to effectively combat cancer cells, and the juice for the treatment of cancer of the skin. But such experiments health can be carried out only after the Council with the attending physician in order not to aggravate the situation.

The benefits of treatment with celandine mountain is that this natural remedy helps to get rid of cosmetic defects of the skin at home. Grow a medicinal herb almost everywhere, so available to collect all.

The disadvantages are the limited duration of the procurement of raw materials from may to end of August. Only in this time period stands out medical juice. Raw materials, which were collected at a different time, the therapeutic effect will not give.

Balm "Mountain celandine"

Balm "Mountain celandine" is composed of not only orange juice of celandine, but and extracts from other herbs – rhododendron, gentian and cocal spear. This drug is indicated only for outdoor use. "Mountain celandine" is indicated for the complete elimination of cosmetic imperfections. Indications for use are skin problems:

  • papilloma;
  • corns;
  • corn;
  • polyps;
  • warts;
  • eczema;
  • some types of dermatitis.

In medical practice there are cases of successful treatment by this remedy of skin cancer. This can be explained by the fact that vegetable poison detrimental effect on cancer cells.

In the instructions for use indicated that the drug is considered fairly aggressive, and you can use it only point, using thin sticks. The skin around the warts, papillomas or corns smeared with fat cream, to prevent burns. On the delicate skin of the face and neck neoplasms grease for 10 minutes on the hands and feet the drug is acceptable to leave up to 15 minutes.

All large growths should show before treatment the dermatologist, especially if the growths are already old. They may be malignant cells, which will behave unpredictably under the influence of the drug.

Removal of papillomas and warts

Warts are small skin growths that occur when infected with human papilloma virus. Such growths do not represent harm to people's health on the initial stage, but over time they increase in size and occupy a vast area, some may develop cancer cells.

"Mountain celandine" is not only eliminates cosmetic problems, but also acts directly on the virus, which causes the appearance of such skin lesions. To completely get rid of papillomas, they spot treat twice a day, treatment course is usually 10 days.

The warts can be dry tumors or papillomas to remind. They are absolutely harmless to health, but bring a lot of inconvenience, if located on the exposed parts of the body. If they are not treated, for a short time they spread throughout the body, which will be located singly or in small groups. Such growths have a disgusting appearance, and when a lot of them on the face and hands, it just looks disgusting.

Altai celandine will help to get rid of the wart in 2-3 days and the procedure is completely painless. Warts turn black initially, and then disappear without leaving a scar.

This drug strongly distinct odor that must be considered when treatment. The procedure is preferably carried out in a well ventilated area.

Contraindications to the use of funds

The balm "mountain Celandine" isa number of contraindications for use, as, in General, and other drugs. These include the following States:

  • children up to age 3 years;
  • individual intolerance to the components that are included in the medication;
  • allergic to certain types of plants.

Medicinal balm allowed to use for pregnant and lactating women, but with great caution. Before starting therapy, you should consult your therapist or dermatologist.

Pharmacies can meet the drug of warts and papillomas, which is called "Supercities". Nothing to do with the herb Chelidonium this drug has in its composition of burning chemical.

Is it possible to overdose

The local application of"Mountain celandine" overdose is practically excluded, given that the product is applied on warts and warts only point. If excessive application of medication possible severe burning and redness of the surrounding skin.

To avoid side effects, you need to put a balm on a pointed match or toothpick.

Application features

To balm "Mountain celandine" brought only benefit and not cause harm, you should follow certain rules:

  1. The skin around the warts and papillomas or corns lubricate any fat cream or fat. This prevents the medication on healthy skin areas.
  2. In the treatment of children older than 3 years the drug is used in doses. For starters, treat 1-2 warts, and after their complete disappearance smeared the rest, too, gradually.
  3. With great care should be treated with skin outgrowths around the eyes and nasolabial triangle.
  4. To remove the papilloma and warts on the Breasts is possible only under the supervision of a physician.

Strictly forbidden at home to treat papillomas and warts located on the genitals. This can trigger the development of cancer.

How else can you treat skin diseases

In addition to pharmaceutical drug you can take for the treatment of fresh juice of the plant. To find the bushes celandine easily in the garden or in the nearby woods. Twigs cut closer to the root, and the juice treated with the affected areas. Secreted nectar per plant medium size is enough to handle all the buildup that is on the body. To achieve the effect, you need fresh juice to treat skin growths to 4 times a day, usually for 7-10 days, the tumors disappear.

When treating old warts may take up to a month. Warts are pre-steamed in hot water with soda, and then lubricate the juice of celandine.

Warts and papillomas can occur at any age, it most often occurs with reduced immunity. These tumors spoil a person's appearance, and if located on the exposed areas of the skin that are often injured. All this brings great discomfort to the person, especially if the nature of the work has to meet a large number of people. Quickly and safely get rid of cosmetic defects of this type will help mountain celandine, which contains the extract of the eponymous herbs and other natural ingredients.