Celandine: instructions for use of the drug

Not always for the treatment of various diseases it is possible to use traditional medicines. Often enough for medical therapy uses recipes medicinal products based on medicinal herbs. Especially often resorted to the use of such medicinal plants as celandine. This component is often used to prepare various medicines, decoctions, tinctures, ointments. It helps to reduce inflammation, relieve pain and other unpleasant consequences. But instruction on the use of celandine is recommended to study properties of this plant in more detail, because it has contraindications.

Description celandine

Celandine is a herbaceous perennial plant, which belongs to the family poppy. In height can reach up to 70 cm, and sometimes more. The celandine looks like this:

  • short rhizome;
  • root outside has a branching stem with a reddish-brown tint, and the inside of the fork is painted in a yellow-orange color;
  • on top of the stems are ridged, erect and branched, bottom bare and branchy;
  • pinnate leaves, which are bottom painted in gray shade. The lower part of the leaves is considered to be sedentary, growing on thin stalks that also have healing properties. The shape of the leaves of celandine are similar to maple leaves, but the difference is that in the leaves of celandine are smooth edges;
  • the flowers are bright yellow, collected in inflorescence-umbrellas for 7-8 pieces, which are arranged with the edges of the stems.

The composition of celandine

Plant celandine has a lot of nutrients. The main part of useful components contained in the milky juice, which in the open air quickly becomes orange.

Juice of celandine contains in its composition of alkaloids isoquinoline group:

  • chelidonine. This component on its structure resembles morphine and papaverine;
  • homochelidonine. This component is a convulsive poison, but it is a good anesthetic agent;
  • sanguinarin. This substance improves intestinal peristalsis and stimulates the process of salivation;
  • chelerythrine – has a local irritating effect;
  • protopin – this component reduces the reactivity of the autonomic system.

In addition to the above components, the composition of this plant the plant has many vitamins and minerals: organic acids, ascorbic acid, saponins, carotenoids, essential oils.

Pharmacological properties

Celandine has long been known for its unique properties due to which it is widely used to remedy various diseases.

The plant has beneficial effects for different ailments:

  • it has a cauterizing effect, so it is actively used to eliminate calluses, polyps, slingshot, papillomas;
  • quickly reduces inflammation;
  • it has wound-healing effect;
  • has antispasmodic effect;
  • has antipruritic properties;
  • antifungal, and antimicrobial action;
  • dermoprotective properties.

Under what indications it is recommended to apply preparations on the basis of celandine

The use of celandine helps in the elimination of many diseases. Importantly, it should be used according to the instructions. This ingredient and drugs based on it have a wide range of influences. It is used for the treatment of diseases such as:

  1. Ulcers of various locations.
  2. To eliminate deposits of sand in the gall bladder and the kidneys.
  3. Celandine is frequently used for menstrual disorders, as well as in various gynecological pathologies.
  4. For treatment of trophic ulcers and various skin conditions – eczema, warts, HPV, scabies, dermatitis, the formation of psoriasis and wounds.

Under what indications do not use

This plant is contraindicated in:

  • seizures;
  • angina;
  • asthma;
  • not recommended for children under 5 years.

Use is contraindicated for women during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Components of the plant can cause unpleasant symptoms, so it is best to women in this period to refuse the application.

Application features

It is important to know how to apply the celandine, tinctures and preparations based on it. You should pay attention to the General guidelines for the use of drugs with celandine:

  • celandine tincture is prepared as follows: to 1 Cup of water filled with 2 large scoops collect celandine. It should be prepared in a water bath, the mixture is filtered and brought to 200 ml Infused for days. Should take 1/3 Cup three times a day, 15 minutes before eating;
  • can be used as a lotion or cleanser. In the bathroom with hot water, pour two cups of infusion of celandine. The resulting solution to warm up about 15-20 minutes more;
  • the tincture can be used for local douches, helps to eliminate various gynecological and urological pathology;
  • is used as enema. In these cases, it is used to cleanse the bowel, for hemorrhoids, polyposis of the colon. Use a solution of 10 grams of tinctures, you need 100 gramswater. Half a litre of water is added to 50 ml of infusion. The treatment period can last from 10 to 20 days. Enemas can be done every day or every other day.

It is not recommended to self-medicate. First you need to consult a doctor who will help to establish an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment regimen.

Prescription medications based on celandine

On the basis of celandine, can make various home remedies that will help eliminate many diseases. Most importantly, you need to properly prepare funds on the basis of this plant and to know the peculiarities of their application.

The tincture recipe with the juice

A good action has a home agent based on vodka and celandine. It is usually used to eliminate warts, papillomas, corns, periodontal disease, polyps, and can also be used for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia in men.

Peculiarities of preparation and use:

  • you need to mix 50 grams of vodka and 100 ml of the juice of celandine;
  • the ready mix is recommended to take 1 drop a day, every day the dosage need to increase;
  • the maximum dose should be 30 drops;
  • it is recommended to take on an empty stomach. It on an empty stomach there is a good absorption of active compounds in the slime layer, and they quickly penetrate into the blood;
  • as soon as the dose reaches 30 drops, medical therapy should end;

Recipe broth

Broth is often used to treat skin diseases, eczema, rashes on the skin surface.

How to make and use:

  1. In a container sprinkle 1-1,5 big spoons of dry collection of celandine.
  2. Next, pour 500 ml of hot water.
  3. Put the tank on fire and boil on low heat for about 10 minutes.
  4. Next, remove from heat, drain.
  5. The mixture should stand for 3 hours.
  6. In the morning and evening time you need to take half a Cup of broth.
  7. The average period of treatment should be 10 to 14 days.
  8. Can be used for lotions. In these cases, a stronger mixture to 1 Cup and added 1 large spoon of the herb.


An ointment of the juice of celandine is used to treat acne, pimples. Prepare the cream by oneself.

Peculiarities of preparation and use:

  • you have to mix the juice of the plant and vaseline in the proportion of 5:1;
  • the finished ointment should be applied to the skin in the evening;
  • after 15 or 20 minutes the face can be rinsed;
  • the usage period from 10 to 14 days.

Side effects

To use these tools correctly, otherwise it can cause unpleasant side effects. Sometimes when you overdose celandine during internal use can appear respiratory paralysis.

Among the side symptoms may be:

  • diarrhea;
  • nausea;
  • retching;
  • the state of dysbiosis.

Pharmacy release form

Celandine in the drugstore can appear in different forms, but each form has the same composition and has the same effect.

Possible forms of sales:

  1. Dry collection.
  2. Powder.
  3. Tincture of celandine.
  4. Ointment.
  5. Celandine liquid in the form of oil and juice.

Also at the pharmacy you can find celandine in ampoules. Liquid can be used in papillomas, warts, calluses and other formations on the skin.


This form is available in the form of a liquid, which has the infusion, potassium and sodium lye. Is used to eliminate warts, calluses, warts.

In the processing of the fluid caused necrosis of the skin, which die quickly from the effects of chemical components. Therefore, affected cells die off quickly, and the formation disappears.

Made in small bottle, which is similar to perfume. Inside the bottle there is a solution of celandine, which is applied with a special applicator.

Application of superchatel:

  • before using the skin around the education, growth should be treated with a thick layer of any cream with moisturizing structure. This will protect the skin from chemical burns;
  • in papillomas and warts apply one drop to education once a day. Is applied from 1 to 3 days, depending on the size of the papillomas. After 7-10 days you need to check on the status of education if they were not, the treatment is again repeated;
  • while molluscum contagiosum will apply 1 drop, period of treatment – 1 day;
  • when dry calluses on education should be applied one or two drops of liquid celandine. Time medical therapy needs to be about 10 days.

It is not necessary to use this form of celandine for children under 5 years and women in the period of carrying a child. Not recommended for treatments on the face, mucous membranes and genitals.

Pencil warts with celandine

In the pharmacies you can face another shape against the of papillomas, warts, corns and growths of different formations. Pencil contains extract of celandine, it has only a alkaline solution and a special dye.

The use of this form is quite simple:

  1. To apply the medicine should point to the areathe build-up.
  2. Areas around education should be lubricated moisturizing cream that protects the skin from chemical burns.
  3. After applying there will be a darkening of the wart and its subsequent exfoliation.
  4. The treatment period can range from 3 to 5 days, it all depends on the extent and amount of education.

If desired, a pencil celandine can be done independently. To do this, a small amount of dried celandine grind into powder and mix with pork fat. Next, the resulting mixture should be given a conical shape. The pencil retracts into the freezer until fully cured. Ready pencil can be used for treatment of papillomas, warts, corns and different formations.

Form for Pets – "Works Plus"

In many pharmacies you can find interesting product for Pets – collar "Works Plus". The collar helps to eliminate fleas, vlasiadou and other nasty parasites, which cause severe discomfort to animals.

As active substance the collar contains diazinon 10%. There are also auxiliary components – phthalate, chalk, calcium stearate, tribasic lead sulfate and titanium dioxide.

In appearance this product is made in the form of a polymeric tape of black color, a retainer. For dogs collar length is about 65 cm, for cats 35 to 40 cm.

This form is recommended for continuous wear. Usually against ticks collar is recommended to be worn for approximately three months, from other types of parasites – 4 months.

Celandine is a unique herb that helps eliminate many ailments. But before to use it, should carefully study all its properties, composition and usage. Need to know how to apply this plant and in what dosages.