Harmful viagra for men's health: overdose viagra

Problems with potency are meeting today in men quite often. This is due to a poor environment, constant stress and bad habits. On TV you can often see advertisements for drugs that increase the potency. One of the most popular is "Viagra". For reviews of men who took it, after this preparation they become, figuratively speaking, sex with giants. And most of the representatives of the stronger sex does not interest harmful "Viagra" for men and does it has some side effects.

What can be linked to erection problems

Almost half of the male population has problems with potency after age 40. In most cases this problem occurs because of declining testosterone. Usually the level of this hormone is normal in 25 years, after this age it gradually decreases.

You need to remember that if erectile dysfunction occurred because of low levels of testosterone, with the help of "Viagra" that will not solve the problem. In this case, it shows the long-term treatment special hormone medications. In addition, we must note that a significant reduction of this male hormone often speaks about the development of serious diseases of endocrine nature, or disease of the genitourinary system.

Before going to the pharmacy, "Viagra", you need a complete examination from an experienced urologist and find out the cause of sexual dysfunction.

Contraindications to

As with any drug, Viagra has some contraindications. The drug is not recommended in such cases:

  • If a man has cardiovascular disease.
  • With anatomical deformation of the penis.
  • With internal bleeding, and blood diseases.
  • In chronic liver diseases.
  • In unstable blood pressure.
  • Is strictly prohibited the use of minors.

You should know that the action of the drug is enhanced if the person is undergoing treatment some medicines – "Ketoconazole", "Erythromycin" or "Cimetidine".

Reduces the effectiveness of a medicine is "Rifampicin".

Side effects

This drug has many side effects that may harm your health.

  • On the skin rash of allergic nature.
  • There has been a marked headache and dizziness-to-face getting all flushed, due to this possible impairment.
  • Develop disorders dyspeptic character.
  • Significantly laying nose.
  • Develop a urinary tract infection.

Occasionally cases are recorded when the erection in men that lasts more than 4 hours. This leads to injury of the penis, requiring urgent medical intervention.

What is the use of "Viagra"

But this drug has a positive side, "Viagra" for men's health, in some cases, quite useful. This drug has positive effects on the blood vessels of the penis, due to which erection occurs. With proper use of the drug ends immediately after intercourse, it acts only during sexual excitement.

Some men with impotence injected into the sexual organ, but in this case "Viagra" less harmful. The advantages of this drug are as follows:

  • With medicine you can quickly restore potency.
  • Helps to restore erection in the psychological barrier.

Taking the drug, it is worth remembering that if the problem were physical, then Viagra will be able only briefly to remove her.

Do not exceed the dosage of the medication, as there may be problems with the heart, which in some cases end very sad.

The Harm Of Viagra

Tool to restore potency may carry great harm to the health of men.

  1. Regular intake of this medication the man becomes sterile, as deteriorating the quality of sperm.
  2. Prolonged consumption of Viagra, there is a strong dependence and sexual intercourse without the medication is impossible.
  3. If you have heart disease, the possible thrombosis.

After taking Viagra many recorded deaths. This is due to the fact that the body simply can not cope with this load.


Overdose "Viagra" often, but found in medical practice. This happens because of the stupidity of men who are trying due to the excess dose to increase the number of sexual acts. The consequences of an overdose are quite sad:

  • a skin rash;
  • increased heart rate;
  • occurs nosebleeds;
  • appear cramps;
  • the pressure drops;
  • there is pain in the eyes;
  • the man is suffering from persistent nausea and vomiting.

In addition, there is prolonged erection, due to what sore bloated from prilissa blood sexual organ.

This does not mean that all the symptoms of an overdose will manifest itself immediately, but some of them will be required.

So is it any drink Viagra

If there is evidence, then take this drug, but only taking into account the contraindications. Should not self-medicate before receivingmedication is better to consult a doctor. In some cases, there are a number of more innocuous methods that help to restore potency.

You need to remember is that Viagra affects the cardiovascular system, and with frequent ingestion can cause lasting psychological problems. This medication can be compared to alcohol or drugs as the next day develops a hangover.

Viagra is a very potent drug which can not be used uncontrollably. To start treatment is recommended only after a visit to the doctor, if there is no desire to harm your health. Take this drug only in exceptional cases.