What is saline laxative and how to take it

Saline laxative – this tool is appointed for the treatment of acute constipation. Preparations of this group is not intended for continuous daily use. They are typically assigned one-time or short courses. Make them better after consultation with your doctor. In this article, we reviewed what the saline laxatives, especially of their action, indications and contraindications to the appointment, the rules of admission.

The drugs

Saline laxatives are assigned with the purpose of elimination of acute constipation. They operate fast, effectively eliminating the problem of defecation.

When you use them inside, they are unaltered into the intestine. There are these pthe center begin to irritate the mucous membrane, increasing osmotic pressure in the colon. Thus, by the mechanism of osmosis into the intestinal lumen enters a large amount of fluid.

By increasing the amount of water and softening the stool problem constipation solved in a short period of time.

Saline laxatives not only increase the volume of stool and softens them, but also increase peristalsis (motor activity) large intestine through which feces comes out freely from the body.

Ordinary table salt cannot be used in the form of saline laxative drug, as it is absorbed in the digestive tract and enters the bloodstream. Drinking large amounts of salt leads to a change in the osmotic pressure of the blood and leads to severe swelling and malfunction of the whole organism.

Drugs belonging to the group of laxatives

To find the right drug for the regulation of the chair should be the attending doctor. Constipation is a very sensitive condition, has many nuances and peculiarities of treatment. If somebody advises some purgative medicine, "proven", not the fact that he will help you. Causes of constipation there is a huge number and to remove it is necessary to install them.

In modern medicine uses the following saline laxatives:

  • Glauber's salt, or sodium sulfate. Available in the form of powder which should be diluted with water according to instructions.
  • Magnesium sulfate (magnesium). Magnesia is a well – known drug used to expand blood vessels, eliminate cramps and reduce blood pressure. But when taken orally it has a strong laxative effect.
  • Carlsbad salt. Is not a registered drug, marketed as a dietary Supplement (BAA).

Indications to reception of laxatives

Saline laxatives medicines are serious medicines that can be used only when indicated. Just like that, "just in case" for preventive "detoxification" you can not use them.

Uncontrolled ingestion these drugs can disrupt the entire digestive system and even lead to serious, life-threatening conditions.

Remember that taking any laxatives, especially saline, to lose weight, reduce body weight, is very dangerous. Along with the pounds will go beneficial bacteria, representatives of the intestinal microflora, and there will be a malfunction of the colon.

Below are a list of the main evidence for the purpose patients saline laxatives:

  • Acute, episodic, constipation. The reason it may be especially foods consumed sick, stress, sedentary lifestyle, diseases of the digestive system, the condition after suffering poisoning, etc.
  • Cholecystitis, biliary dyskinesia, reduced their motility. In this case, is assigned exclusively magnesium sulfate. Such a procedure for the purification of the gallbladder is called blind sensing. It can be carried out only after consultation with the doctor.
  • Preparation for diagnostic instrumental examinations of cavity of the colon, e.g. colonoscopy, barium enema. To obtain accurate results before these procedures, you must complete the cleansing of the walls of the colon from the stool.
  • Preparations for the planned surgical interventions on the intestine. They held his cleansing using laxatives or siphon cleansing enemas. The doctor chooses which method of purification is suitable for a given patient.
  • The conduct of duodenal intubation. In this procedure, the person is injected through the umbrella solution of magnesia, by which purification of the gallbladder. The bile that came out of him, taking for laboratory examination, according to its cell composition can be examined for inflammatory, infectious and congestive diseases of the liver and gallbladder.
  • Receiving anthelmintic drugs is frequently accompanied by acute constipation. Tangles of dead worms often contribute to the delay in passage of stool.
  • Acute brain swelling with risk of hemorrhagic stroke or subarachnoid hemorrhage in the brain. Due to the rapid action of saline laxatives means withdrawing some fluid from the blood stream and direct it into the intestinal cavity.

Saltlaxatives are not suitable for people suffering from chronic constipation. Such patients assigned to laxatives from other groups or adjust their intestine with dietary special food, which seeks to strengthen the intestinal motility.

Contraindications to the use of

Saline laxatives – not the most safe products. They have a number of contraindications, conditions under which their admission is prohibited and may lead to deterioration of health of the patient.

Contraindications for saline laxative:

  • Low blood pressure is a contraindication for receiving magnesia. This medicine can expand blood vessels and reduce the pressure.
  • Complete or partial intestinal obstruction can be caused by many factors, for example, a third-party body in the intestine or acute inflammatory process.
  • Crohn's disease is a chronic autoimmune lesion of the intestinal wall, which develops inflammation.
  • Cholelithiasis. In this pathology the intake of laxatives can cause the discharge of stones and blockage of their bile duct.
  • Dehydration (dehydration) of the body. Saline laxatives will lead to a greater loss of fluid and exacerbate the patient's condition.
  • The presence of gastrointestinal bleeding. Laxatives will increase the amount of blood loss. Gastrointestinal bleeding manifested by vomiting of dark, dark, or bloody stools, pale skin, rapid pulse, weakness, lethargy.
  • Uterine bleeding. Magnesium may strengthen as a result of vessels.
  • Pregnancy and feeding the baby breast milk.
  • Children up to age 3 years.
  • Exacerbation of peptic ulcer of the stomach or intestines.

Acceptance and dispensing

As we mentioned above, take saline laxatives only after the appointment of their doctor. Despite the fact that these drugs can be free without a prescription to acquire in any pharmacy, to treat their bowel problems yourself is not recommended.

The doctor will prescribe not only medication, but also details explanation of how to accept and dosing. Also before use, carefully read the instructions for use.

All saline laxatives are getting a divorce in different ways. Rules dispensing and solution preparation may vary from drugs that are produced by different pharmaceutical companies.

For example, the drug magnesia, is available in sachets of 20 grams each. The contents of one sachet diluted in 1 Cup of warm water and drink on an empty stomach. However, this dosage does not fit all. For example, for children it is less, calculated individually by the attending pediatrician.

How dangerous saline laxatives to human body

The abuse of saline laxatives drugs, long-term and systematic, their use adversely affects the health condition of the human body. These drugs can lead to severe pathologies that pose a danger to life.

Improper and excessive use of laxatives leads to the following pathological conditions:

  • The intestinal dysbiosis is a condition in which disturbed composition of the microflora of the intestine. Useful and necessary digestive bacteria are washed out and out of the body. This results in the digestive disorders.
  • Dehydration (dehydration) of the body and electrolyte imbalance. The severity of this condition depends on the duration of consumption of laxatives, from food and fluid people had consumed during treatment. In severe cases, it develops abnormal heart rhythm, weakness, there may be loss of consciousness and convulsions.
  • Beriberi – a condition in which the body lacks vitamins. The use of laxatives impairs the absorption of nutrients received from food into the blood. As a result, develops their deficiency in the body. This disturbed condition of the skin develop endocrinological and metabolic pathologies and failures.

Saline laxatives is an effective and time-tested tools for rapid purification of the intestine with the development of acute constipation. They are also used during the preparation of the patient for diagnostic or operative procedures on the digestive tract to cleanse it from the stool. Use these medicines only after consulting a doctor, they have a large number of contraindications. Inappropriate and excessive intake can develop serious complicationsthat require skilled medical care.