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What happens if you inject insulin a healthy person: a lethal dose

Insulin is one of the most important hormones that are produced in the human body. It is produced by the pancreas and regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates. Even the smallest deviation of this hormone from the norm indicate that the body began to develop pathological processes. But it's worth noting that even in perfectly healthy people the level of this hormone may slightly fluctuate, it often occurs during a stressful situation. When in perfect health, these figures quickly come back to normal. Some people concerned with the question of what happens if you inject insulin a healthy person whose pancreas is functioning well?

What happens when insulin injections a healthy person

If you inject insulin a healthy person, it will be equivalent to what the person typed in a specific toxic substance. In the blood dramatically increases the amount of hormone that reduces the amount of glucose and hypoglycemia. This condition poses a great danger to the health and life of man. Very often, when you increase insulin in the blood of patients fall into a coma, and if the timing was not provided, it can be fatal. And all this happens just because of the hormone into the body of the person from whom it was not necessary.

If the injection was made by a healthy person who does not suffer from diabetes then he will experience a number of health disorders:

  • increased blood pressure;
  • develops arrhythmia;
  • there trembling in the limbs;
  • migraine and General weakness;
  • the person becomes abnormally aggressive;
  • there is a feeling of hunger in the face of constant nausea;
  • disturbed coordination of all movements;
  • the pupils are greatly enlarged.

A sharp decrease in the amount of glucose in the blood leads to amnesia, fainting and hyperglycemic coma.

People who suffer from diabetes need to constantly have on hand a piece of candy. In the case of a sharp decrease in the level of glucose is necessary to dissolve the candy.

When a healthy person to inject insulin

Sometimes doctors injected insulin healthy people under severe stress, and excessive physical exertion, when the body is just not enough of this hormone. In this case, to introduce the hormone is not only possible, but necessary, as its lack will lead to hyperglycemic coma.

If a healthy person will inject very little insulin, his health is not threatened. Lowering overall blood glucose will only lead to the feeling of hunger and mild weakness. But in rare cases the injection of even small doses can lead to hyperinsulinism that manifest these symptoms:

  • sharply pale skin;
  • increased sweating;
  • decreased concentration;
  • disrupted the heart.

In addition, in the limbs is starting to shake, and the muscles felt General weakness.

A perfectly healthy person to inject insulin only by the physician and under his direct control.

A lethal dosage of insulin

You need to remember that a lethal dose of insulin to a healthy person is 100 UNITS – this is a whole insulin syringe. But in special cases this number may be higher, it all depends on the overall health of the person and his genetic characteristics. There are cases when the person continues to live even in that case, if this dosage is exceeded by 10-20 times. This means that the chance to live a person, even in large overdose of insulin. A comatose condition develops somewhere within 3 hours, if at this time to ensure entry of glucose into the blood, the reaction stops.

The insulin dose for diabetics endocrinologist is calculated individually, depending on results of analyses. Usually, diabetic patients are prescribed 20 to 50 IU of the hormone.

Even the slightest excess of the dosage that the doctor prescribed, can lead to coma.

A lethal dose of insulin for diabetics is more than 50 UNITS. With the introduction of this volume of the drug develops hypoglycemic crisis, which requires emergency treatment.

What happens if you regularly inject insulin a healthy person

With the introduction of multiple hormone healthy person developing tumors of the pancreas, diseases of the endocrine nature of and metabolic disturbances. Therefore, healthy people administered this drug only by the physician and only as an emergency aid.

What happens if you drink insulin

If healthy people drink accidentally or specifically insulin, anything terrible does not happen. This drug is simply digested by the stomach without any consequences to health. This explains the fact that they haven't yet invented oral drugs for diabetics.

How to help overdose

If after injection of insulin a healthy person or a patient with diabetes began to show symptoms of overdose, immediate need to give him first aid.

  • To improve the balance of carbohydrates in the body, give the man to eat a slice of white bread, enough for 100 grams.
  • If the attack lasts more than 5 minutesit is recommended to eat a couple of teaspoons of sugar or a couple of caramels.
  • If after eating bread and sugar condition is not stabilized, use these products in the same volume.

Overdose occasionally happens with each insulin-dependent person. But here it is important to provide assistance, since common overdoses can develop acute ketoacidosis, which will require the use of strong medications. In this case, the patient's condition much worse.

Dangerous games the younger generation

Sometimes the Teens decided on a dangerous experiment with your health, sticking myself with insulin. Among the teenagers spread rumors that insulin helps to achieve euphoria. But I should say that such rumors are completely unfounded.

Hypoglycemia is really very similar to alcohol intoxication, but has a different effect on the body.

However, it is understood that alcoholic beverages are light energy, which the body gets without any effort on my part. But in the case of lower glucose level things are a little different. Speaking in plain words, instead of the expected euphoria man gets a state of severe hangover with a splitting headache and an unpleasant tremors in the extremities. We must not forget that multiple doses of insulin a completely healthy person eventually leads to malfunction of the endocrine system.

Parents should closely monitor their adolescent children and often spend time with them preventive discussions about preventing medication without doctor appointments.

Insulin is vital for people who suffer from certain types of diabetes, but for a healthy person this hormone can be used in exceptional cases.