Is it harmful to eyelashes or laminate them

Every beauty sooner or later asks the question – is it harmful to eyelashes. The question escalates quite often, unfortunately, failed experiments over their eyelashes at the unchecked masters. What is the harm from build-up, lamination eyelashes and how to avoid it?

What determines the harm of artificial eyelashes

There are two most common kinds of capacity – beam and one-by-one (mink). Also used other types of additions, less known: "silk", "Sobol" and "silicone". Unlike verbal impressions, as well as various folk tales, the names of these methods of increasing have nothing to do with the fur of animals and are meant only visual effect from the end result – the form, luster, General appearance of the eyelashes. Material for building, from the glue to the lashes – is entirely composed of artificial synthetic materials. These names mean the following:

  • "mink" means poresnichnoe, which maintains the naturalness of the image and the effect of natural eyelashes;
  • "silk" – the method of building, which gives the effect of Shine and gloss of the cilia, is provided by their elegant look;
  • "sable" – capacity-thin and light eyelashes that add volume, thickness and fluffiness;
  • the silicon – a new material for building, characterized by high flexibility, tensile strength, it holds its shape better, the worn, looks impressive and generally universal.

Harm for any type of building is mainly in that it uses a different type of glue.

So, if the lashes have the qualitative composition and attractive shape, but the glue for building has a high quality indicators, as well as in the case when there is an individual intolerance, can lead to undesirable effects:

  • loss of eyelashes;
  • swelling of the eyelids;
  • the breaking away of the base of the eyelashes;
  • itching and burning eyelids;
  • lacrimation.

These side effects can be present to a small extent, if your eyes are particularly sensitive, and as this occurs quite frequently, and slight redness and lacrimation during the procedure are normal. Another thing, if the symptoms did not stop immediately after manipulation of the eyes and lasted for more than 30 minutes. Here it is important to inform the master.

Eyelash extensions can lead to a slight fallout after: eyelash person short-lived, and otiv your "age", which is an average of up to six months, it naturally falls out. Along with it, of course, fall and extended lashes. When the procedure is carried out efficiently and met all the conditions for security and quality of products, these lashes grow back quickly and are not visually different than what they were to build. Have to fear for their beauty only in the case when eyelashes fall are not singular, but several, thus resulting in "bald spots" is the most striking and obvious symptom of poor performance or you have an intolerance ciliary glue.

5 myths about eyelash extensions

For all time of existence in cosmetology this service have accumulated a lot of rumors and horror stories, which are carefully passed from mouth to mouth as clients, and some masters, believe that observing this ritual, they help extend the life of the patch to eyelashes. However, the bulk of all the talk about the danger of those or other manipulation of the lash is correct only partially, and the percentage of the basic amount to baseless fictions:

  1. You can't sleep face in the pillow. Steady goes the belief that if you sleep face down in the pillow with eyelash extensions the eyelashes, they will break and fall out. This is not so. Modern material for building ductile enough to withstand slight mechanical loads that occur after contact with the pillow.
  2. Do not use the shower bath. What are the only of fiction will not think of inquiring minds. It is believed that high temperature and exposure to water will affect the quality of the lashes. Of course, frequent mechanical damage adversely affect the duration of the wearable lashes, but still the main reason why the owner of luxurious false eyelashes believes that it is time to go to correction – it is the individual characteristics of the epithelium, the size of the home eyelashes and the term of their life.
  3. Your lashes fall out and break off. Here, in addition to a careful choice of the master, another important caveat: it is impossible to remove the lashes, this can only be done in salon with the help of special tools. But the properties of the natural eyelashes, their length, shape, volume, and duration of life have a genetic predisposition. Mechanical injury from the procedure of building, though very long, is not able to change their structure. Lashes never "fall off" in the hands of an experienced specialist who knows how to use a "resin" glue for eyelashes – in the right amount and consistency.
  4. Your lashes become darker and less after removing. Of course, if the lashes have been worn for a long time (about a year) without a break, they a little bit weakened, it may become thinner. But this is understandable, because the hair on the eyelids wore a huge load all the time and was injured. Recoveryafter this stress takes on average a month of treatment with special oils, in particular castor. Eyelashes quickly get their initial look and contrast after the removal of the fan of eyelashes may be noticeable only the first time, because the difference sometimes it seems as if eyelash was much less – this visual effect is based on the illusion, when you get used to a more lush look.
  5. The lashes uncomfortable to wear, they are heavy, putting pressure on the eyelids, noticeable during wear. In fact, such effects do occur fairly frequently, however, the reason this is not a procedure, and the skill of its execution. The above signs are those which indicate that the master doing such work, you need to run without looking back. These are the signs of this lack of professionalism and the work of the lowest quality, from which the eyelashes and eyelid do can suffer.

Daring the service of eyelash, you should not fear that their way of life will change in an undesirable way and too complicated. On the contrary, women with voluminous glance greatly simplify your life and don't have to worry about any special care for eyelashes.

What you can select alternatives

For the beauties whose eyes were too sensitive to rough mechanical impact on them of foreign objects, you can choose more gentle methods of beauty treatments. Such methods may be a lamination of eyelashes, false eyelashes, and artificial parts. Let's talk about these three methods in detail.

Laminating eyelashes is a procedure for their rehabilitation, which often performed on the basis of keratinthat is identical to the procedure with the hair. In addition to the food keratin and vitamins, while laminating the lashes are given a nice twist, you can paint them in a darker colour and give extra volume. The whole procedure is completely harmless, and it takes about an hour, has a healing and therapeutic effect.

To celebrations and special occasion you can use false eyelashes or to strengthen angles. In contrast to the increase of the perimeter of the upper eyelid of the increased angles will cause the least harm to the eyelashes and give an expressive look.

False eyelashes can be used only for one night, all of them disposable, and if you choose the right length, it looks the same as accrued. This kind of beauty treatments do not hurt, but benefit from it a bit. The only effect of such a procedure is an aesthetic.

The choice of which of the beauty decide to give your eyes depth and expressiveness with luxurious lashes, especially individual. But you must possess the minimum knowledge to navigate the ins and outs of this topic. Now this knowledge you have and the solution for you.