The benefits and harms of a slow cooker to human health

The slow cooker is a convenient kitchen appliance that allows you to quickly cook any dish and has many useful features. However, increasingly consumers are wondering whether the benefits of cooked food? What's the harm of a slow cooker to human health?


The benefits and harms of a slow cooker now – controversial issue of interest to many Housewives.

The main advantages of a kitchen assistant are:

  1. save time when cooking. The use of technology allows the hostess in the process of cooking to do other things without having to stir, to open or close the cover;
  2. security. The risk of burn and other skin damage is significantly less than in the operation of a conventional plate;
  3. a variety of dishes. Multifunctional device will help easily prepare soups, main dish, desserts and pastries;
  4. easy maintenance: thanks to its coating, the bowl of the slow cooker can be easily washed from grease and particles products;
  5. the usefulness of dishes. It is proven that food cooked in steam, is able to retain two times more nutrients and vitamins, for fire – up to 30%. In addition, when cooking is not need to add much fat or oil, making dishes remain the most useful;
  6. compactness. The device does not take up much space in the kitchen, and surround the bowl allows you to store more accessories inside.

Harm to the slow cooker

When purchasing a slow cooker, you need to only pay attention to brands of well-known manufacturers. Low-end devices with cheap plastic, low-quality ceramic or stainless steel surfaces with a high content of Nickel, may threaten the health of people.

Modern models of kitchen appliances are made according to all strict safety rules, so they are not so dangerous, as produced, for example, 10 years ago:

  1. in the process of production equipment do not apply chemicals that are harmful to humans;
  2. the composition of Teflon is more durable;
  3. manufacturers made sure that in the process of heating device has reached critical temperature.

The radiation coming from the equipment is minimal: its frequency ranges from 50 Hz. This amount is not enough to change the properties of food and the negative influence on the person that determines its relative safety.

Failure to comply with certain operating conditions, the slow cooker can be dangerous, despite the usefulness of the prepared food.

Harmful if Teflon

Teflon surface that covers the capacity of the slow cooker, is a kind of plastic possessing certain physical qualities. This allows it to be used as the basis in the manufacture of all kinds of kitchen and household appliances.

By itself, the Teflon is not harmful. Heating of the coating device takes place only in the surface layer and its decomposition is not less than 5 years after active service. The current brand of kitchen equipment is programmed in a special way that Teflon does not emit harmful toxins. However, the problem can occur when damage to the coating during operation of the device, or when the wrong care.

Damage the non-stick coating leads to the development of perfluorooctanoic acid. Reacting with the food, coating particles may become hazardous for consumers.

In a slow cooker, usually attached special spoon for stirring. It will help to avoid damage to the Foundation of capacity.

You also need to take care to the bowl when washing: excessive friction hard brushes may scratch the Teflon. The bowl of the slow cooker should be soaked for some time: remnants of food so easily depart from the surface.

If you have doubts, it is better to give preference to the device with the ceramic surface. These crock pots are considered less harmful. Ceramics are more environmentally friendly, has greater resistance, but not suitable for washing in a dishwasher

Damage during operation

Numerous scientific studies have established that the slow cooker is not a completely safe instrument.

A regular frying pan with Teflon is able to heat up to 200 °C, the temperature in the multifunction device can reach 400°C. Under the influence of high temperature Teflon coating can release toxic substances.

In addition, the laboratory tests established a pattern: people often consume meals from the slow cooker, are more prone to cancerous tumors and detected in their blood perfluorooctane acid.

In addition, the slow cooker can cause harm to humans during use, for example, the device can hit current or in the process of cooking, you can burn yourself on the bowl.

Despite the fact that modern models of equipment manufactured according to all safety regulations, this problem can occur if used improperly.

One of the downsides of the slow cooker is a short service life. Even the slightest damage to the Teflon requires replacement of the bowl. In addition, airtight silicone ring on the valve can absorb the smell of food that is hard to get rid of. Valve, leaking vapor,can hide, and these can spoil the cooking process.

That is why care should not only for the bowl but other parts, including a bottom housing, a dew collector and steam valve.

How to reduce the harm from exploitation

To reduce the harm from exposure to the slow cooker, it is necessary to resort to cooking not too often, and also carefully clean the Teflon Cup.

To cook in a slow cooker, you must meet all of the recipes specified in the instructions to the model. This will help keep all the benefits and taste of the dishes.

When cooking, do not stop your choice on the dishes that require lengthy cooking and allow the heat to dangerously high temperatures. In addition, to prepare food for children is recommended in the usual way. The same applies to the elderly, in whom the probability of development of malignant tumors is several times higher.

Proper care, careful operation and following the manufacturer's guidelines will allow cooking assistant not only to please the owner for a long time, but also to avoid potential harm to the health.