Harmful aluminum cookware and what is the harm

In the middle ages nobles were eating from aluminum cookware and gave each other gifts in the form of Cutlery from this light metal. After a while this element of the periodic table learned to produce in sufficient quantities and its cost has gradually decreased. As the utensils of aluminium are left on the shelves, scientists wanted to find out whether the harmful aluminum cookware for the human body.

What is the aluminium

Aluminium is a lightweight metal that is highly susceptible to casting and machining. It is malleable, good conductor of heat and does not rust, as on the surface of the aluminum oxide film is formed.

In the past, aluminum was a very precious metal. To wear the decoration of this lightweight silver-white metal could afford only rich people. Now it is used in food industry for production of utensils and foil for baking. It has long been popular in aircraft industry, construction, heat engineering, as lightweight and not susceptible to oxidation.

The dangers of aluminum for humans

Around aluminum lately's a lot of conflicting information. Some assert that accumulate in the body, it destroys the nervous system, others that it causes Alzheimer's disease. However, does this apply to aluminium cookware?

Aluminum is indeed toxic to humans in large quantities. Threat to health is considered to be ingested more than 50 mg of this metal per day. What is so wrong with the dishes? Mass media spread the information that this silvery-white metal:

  • destroys the nerve cells;
  • leads to Alzheimer's disease;
  • destroys the brain and impairs its operation;
  • promotes the growth of tumors;
  • leads to dysfunction of the kidneys;
  • impairs the metabolism of vitamin and minerals;
  • inhibits the production of hemoglobin.

In the 70-ies of the last century in Canada, conducted experiments aimed to detect the cause of Alzheimer's disease. Researchers have begun to sound the alarm, because all patients with this disease revealed high levels of aluminum in comparison with a healthy person.

However, scientists were unable to establish a connection between this fact and the etiology of this disease. The nature of senile dementia of this type is never revealed to this day, but one thing is for certain – aluminum cookware does not contribute to the manifestation of the disease.

This, and more, is credited with this natural metal. Not to say that these accusations are groundless – the excess of any substance in the body leads to failures. But, let me say that the dishes here absolutely at anything.

Can I use aluminum cookware

Our grandparents never had the opportunity to eat from beautiful dishes in stainless steel with gilding. Even Melchior flatware was gold. However, the older generation, which used the aluminum cookware, the majority of healthier and stronger youngsters.

The fact is that even if you cook in an aluminum pan, put it in an aluminum bowl to eat it from an aluminum spoon, and then wash it all down with mugs of aluminum in the body can not go more than 2 g of aluminum. It is quite a normal figure – the amount of this substance will not affect the livelihoods and health.

In addition, small amounts of aluminium to the right person for the restoration of bone tissue, regeneration of epithelium, regulation of the allocation of food enzymes. It is contained in tap water, as it is treated with aluminium sulphate in a dry antiperspirant and even in medicines, for example Aspirin. Besides having a healthy kidney, there is no fear of the high concentration of aluminium in the body – it is rapidly excreted the urinary system.

The truth about the utensils of aluminium

Now it would be worth to mention truthful information related to the dishes from light silvery-white metal. Using aluminum pots, pans and Cutlery, remember:

  1. Utensils of aluminium reacts with acids. For example, if you pour a spoon of vinegar or lemon juice, it will stand out a small amount of metal, which subsequently fall into the food. In fact, even with the most active reaction, more than 3 g of dishes is impossible to eradicate, so the harm it will bring.
  2. Cooked food is better not be stored in aluminum cookware. It is true, as the taste of the dishes may change, besides aluminum it will stand out and react with the cooked food. Again, this damage will not, but the taste of food may change.
  3. No need to RUB hard aluminum pots and pans with a metal sponge. First, scratch the surface and appearance of the subject of kitchen utensils sours, and second, erased a protective layer to prevent rusting.

Modern manufacturers

If there are concerns about aluminum cookware reacts with foods, it is useful to know that modern manufacturers have solved the problem of oxidation and came out in two ways:

  • protection from oxidation by using special treatment as a result of which get anodizedaluminium;
  • conclusion aluminum in stainless steel. Such multi-layered cookware is more lightweight and less durable than other expensive alloys.

Thus, it is possible to buy a beautiful and absolutely harmless crockery at a good price. The only time it is better to give preference to cast articles. Stamped will last less.

Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum cookware

So the fact that aluminum cookware can not cause harm to human health is the fact. What is it good for, and what its characteristics leave much to be desired?

  1. It is very easy. This is a valuable feature, especially if you need to bring Cutlery and a mug on a trip or aluminium pot on a hike. It is so light that it almost does not weigh down the burden.
  2. It heats up quickly. Due to the fact that utensils made of aluminium is very thin, the water in it boils much faster than the new-fangled pans with a thick seven-layer bottom.
  3. It is not rust. By purchasing this set of cookware don't have to guess, will be oxidized or not. The fact that the first contact with oxygen on the surface of this light metal is formed, the oxide film that protects it from rust. This is a big plus, as when you purchase cheap multi-layer stainless steel cookware, you can run into a Chinese fake, which eventually will be covered with rust. For the money it is better to purchase an aluminum set.

Now you need to mention the shortcomings of kitchen utensils from the silver-white metal. Among them:

  • such dishes are very fragile and easy deformation;
  • with prolonged use, it wears, especially the bottoms of the pans and casseroles. After that the food begins to heat unevenly and may burn;
  • it darkens and very short-lived, such utensils can be so proiznositsya that is erased to holes.

To enjoy the dishes long enough to choose a set of multi-coated – then the wear is not terrible. Kids love aluminum spoons that are comfortable and light, and this is what you need to learn to eat without adult assistance.

Aluminum cookware is oxidized, it is better not to leave cooked food and wash her tight lips. It is safe for health as the amount of aluminium that is released from the reaction with acidic foods, is negligible. But it is comfortable and lightweight, does not rust and is rapidly heated on the stove. Today the choice of such dishes is very large, and the prices for it are available.