Harmful permanent makeup eyebrows and lips

In recent years, more and more women are resorting to permanent make-up. This allows you to not waste time on applying cosmetics for several years, and a woman at any time looks well-groomed and attractive. But do not forget that when you tattoo eyebrows organic dye is injected into the upper layer of the epidermis, which can lead to undesirable consequences. Before you resort to this cosmetic procedure, be sure to consult a doctor. There are lots of contraindications to the tattooing, which can not be ignored. To determine whether harmful permanent makeup eyebrows, you need to consider in detail this cosmetic procedure.

The advantages of permanent makeup eyebrows

Permanent makeup has many advantages that are appreciated by many women. The advantages of this procedure include:

  • Eyebrows are always groomed and underlined. A woman looks attractive in any time of the day, regardless of wearing it or not.
  • Facial features always expressive, and the eyes are well emphasized.
  • No need to spend a lot of time every day to bring yourself up. And it is no secret that makeup can take women more than an hour.
  • Paint lasts a very long time. When quality performance to forget about the summing up of the eyebrows can be for up to 6 years.
  • Innovative technique of applying the paint allow you to give your eyebrows the most natural look and to emphasize the natural appeal.

After tattooing eyebrows or eye sight becomes very expressive and deep. Cosmetic procedure allows to make any shape and thickness of eyebrows. Experienced beautician usually advises clients to, what kind will suit them.

Permanent makeup helps to make the appearance bright and attractive. This procedure is often resorted blondes whose eyebrows quite colorless.

Disadvantages of permanent makeup

The procedure has its drawbacks, which is advisable for women to study, to visit a cosmetologist. The disadvantages are:

  • The high cost of removing paint. This can be necessary if the tattoo is done poorly or painted eyebrows are already pretty bored, and want something new.
  • Eyebrows may be deformed. Under the action of the dye own hair bulbs can die, and then after tattoo removal line of the edges will be uneven.
  • The procedure of dyeing should be repeated periodically. After a time, the paint is discoloured, and unevenly, and areas. With the removal of the pigment under his own eyebrows remains a strip, which can be masked with a cosmetic pencil or coloring pigment.
  • The result is too long, not all women feel dignity.
  • The recovery period after the procedure long enough.

If tattooing of lips, eyebrows or eyes is made by an inexperienced beautician, it can lead to problems with health and appearance. It is not necessary to experiment with their look and be too cheap procedure to an unknown salon.

To do tattoo need only have experienced craftsmen. It is advisable to ask feedback from friends and acquaintances, and before the procedure tattoo see the wizard.


Tattoo you can not do all women. Before deciding on a cosmetic procedure, you need to ensure that there are no contraindications. The wizard should have to warn customers about all the possible consequences. Carry out the procedure in such is strictly prohibited groups of people:

  • Pregnant women. There is a high probability that the pigment will cause allergies. No need to resort to tattoo in the first month of pregnancy, as this procedure can lead to miscarriage. It is worth remembering that a tattoo is a painful procedure, so during pregnancy is tolerated poorly and may cause miscarriage.
  • Patients with diabetes mellitus insulin-dependent form. Such people even the slightest damage to the skin can lead to serious consequences. But it is worth noting that some diabetics are resolved in such a procedure, only carefully choose the wizard.
  • People infected with hepatitis. To such people it is undesirable to do any tattoos, as there is a great opportunity to infect other clients of the salon and as this procedure can be harmful for weakened liver.
  • Patients with HIV and AIDS. In this case, heal very poorly skin, so if such a diagnosis is available, it is necessary to warn of a cosmetologist.
  • If there is serious disease of the heart or vessels, it is necessary to abandon the procedure of tattooing. It is not necessary to do eyebrows and to those women who suffer from hypertension.
  • In case of oncological pathologies. In this case, the tutu can be done only when absolutely necessary and in the stage of stable remission.

Harmful to do permanent makeup eyebrows and during menstruation. It is worth remembering that at this time the blood are very poorly rolled, so there is a greater risk of complications. It is impossible to do a tattoo and in the period of exacerbation of allergic diseases, because nothing good will come of it.

You have to understand that allergies are often provoked not by the pigment, the dye and the medications used for anesthesia.

How dangerous bears tattoo

Often after the tattoo is having problems not only with health,but of a different nature. They include such trouble:

  • Severe pain during the procedure and after it. This is due to poor anesthesia. But in rare cases the pain is strong, because tattoos make an outdated method, or the client can not relax normally. Especially painful may be the case, if the tattoo is stuffed with a special apparatus. The needle penetrates too deep, and the area around the eyes contains many nerve cells.
  • Severe swelling. In half of the cases the guilt of the master in the swelling not. This may be the girls with too thin skin. The cause of edema may be the wrong anesthesia. Too deep and the wrong needles may lead to small bumps.
  • Lividity eyebrows. If during the procedure the needle was affected vessels, for some time the edge will have a bluish tinge. Sometimes, cyanosis persists up to 5 days. In the end, the skin will become normal shade without any treatment.

If the instruments in the cabin are treated improperly, then it is very likely to be infected with dangerous infections. That is why you need to choose a salon and master with very good reputation.

Beautiful eyebrows – the dream of many modern women. Not to spend a lot of time in makeup, women resort to tattoo eyebrows, eyes and lips. It helps to look good at any time of the day, saves time and money on cosmetics. But remember that a tattoo can not do everything, there are a number of contraindications, which the master must voice client.