Restoration and cleaning of the liver: drugs, medicines, tablets

Modern ecological situation, the abuse of harmful food poisoning frequent cause in the liver, designed to cleanse the body accumulates large amounts of harmful substances. To restore normal operation of the body and he could fully cope with its task, it must be periodically cleaned. To do this, there are several effective techniques. The most simple and effective method is cleaning of the liver preparations. Most importantly, choose those drugs that will suit you.

What are the signs talking about the need for cleaning the liver

That liver cleansing medicines needed, says the condition of the skin and oral cavity. The most frequent signs are:

  • The appearance of black or brown dots above the eyebrows.
  • The formation of wrinkles near the nose.
  • Change the color of the epithelium around the ears.
  • The appearance of bags under the eyes.
  • The whites of the eyes become reddish.
  • The tongue is covered with a nasty coating.
  • Frequent belching with an unpleasant odor.
  • On the lips formed a dry crust, which is especially noticeable in the corners of the mouth.
  • Gums crack and bleed.
  • The skin on the feet gets a yellow tinge.
  • The nail plate whitish.

If you experience these symptoms, consult your doctor. It is possible that a liver cleansing will not be enough and will require a comprehensive approach to treatment.

What effect will be achieved

Medicine to cleanse the liver has an impact not only on the body itself, but on the whole digestive system. After application of such funds can achieve the following effect:

  1. To repair damaged liver cells.
  2. To normalize the process of bile.
  3. To cleanse the liver and intestines of accumulated toxins.
  4. To stimulate the metabolic processes in the body.
  5. To accelerate the process of cell regeneration.
  6. Antioksidantnym effect.

Thus, the use of such drugs will not only cleanse the body of toxins, but also to restore the digestive process.

How to prepare the body for cleaning procedures

Before you clean the liver medication, you need to prepare your body. The only way to achieve maximum effect from the procedure. To do this, follow these guidelines:

  1. A week before the start of medication follow the diet. The best choice would be the vegetarian menu. The diet should include more vegetables, fruits, berries, vegetable oils.
  2. Eat foods that stimulate active secretion of bile. These include plum, grapefruit, beets, cabbage, lemon.
  3. Observe the fractional power mode. Portions of food should enter the stomach at intervals of not more than two hours.
  4. Drink plenty of pure water. Every day need to consume at least two liters.
  5. Try to minimize the psychological and physical stress.

Compliance with these simple rules will allow to increase the effectiveness of any medications.

The main groups of medicines for cleaning the liver

All preparations for cleaning the liver of toxins can be divided into three large groups:

  1. Hepatoprotectors. Such tools help to protect liver cells from destruction. They effectively inactivate the toxins, stimulate the metabolism at the cellular level, has an antioxidant effect. In addition, hepatoprotectors accelerate process of formation of protein in the cells and neutralize the negative effects of lipids. Most of these drugs produced on the basis of natural components, for example, milk Thistle, soy, turmeric, artichoke and others.
  2. Choleretic drugs. They stimulate the gall bladder. Due to this the bile produced by the active. But such drugs should be used in conjunction with others, as by themselves they are ineffective for purification of the liver.
  3. Means for detoxification. With their help it is possible to expand the liver and bile ducts. Due to this there is quick cleansing the liver and excretion formed in her stones.

All three groups of drugs have different effects. Most of them are safe medications. But their without a doctor's prescription to take is not worth it.

When choosing a drug it is necessary to consider features of the organism and the condition of the liver. Do it yourself is impossible, so you should consult with your doctor.

The use of hepatic

When choosing products for cleansing the liver, you should pay attention to medications. They activate metabolism of cells, enhance fermentation, neutralize the effects of lipids and effectively remove the toxins. The list of the best of this group of funds includes:

  1. Antral. Using this drug can effectively clean the liver and protect cells from damage. The drug has an additional antipyretic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. Often used in the treatment of cirrhosis. With it a treatment for pain in the liver area. For sale without a prescription. Contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity tocomponents of the drug and kidney failure.
  2. Heptral. Great tool to clean and treat the liver. The main active substance becomes ademetionine. Having neuroprotective, antioxidant effect, helps to remove toxins from the liver. It can take children up to 18 years, and persons with hypersensitivity to the components of the tool.
  3. Karsil. The best way made on the basis of an extract of milk Thistle. Contributes to the active development of phospholipids, accelerates fat metabolism, restores cells, has excellent antioxidant effect. Available in the form of pills or capsules. With his help, carry out full cleaning of the liver and gallbladder of fat and toxins. Its use is contraindicated in children and during heavy intoxication.
  4. Ovesol. Pills for cleaning the liver on the basis of oats, turmeric, peppermint and Helichrysum. It is considered biologically active additive to food. It has a good cleansing effect, relieves inflammation, accelerates the secretion of bile. The drug is forbidden to take during pregnancy.
  5. Berlition. Good medicine for liver cleansing vegetable origin. Accelerates lipid metabolism, restores the nutrition of liver cells, reduces the level of cholesterol. When using this tool, you need to strictly follow the instructions. In some cases, treatment can cause side effects: dyspeptic disorders, convulsions, tachycardia, pain in the chest. The drug is contraindicated during pregnancy and under the age of 18 years.
  6. Phosphogliv. With the help of this tool can quickly restore liver cells, to inhibit the activity of viruses, to stimulate the synthesis of phagocytes and lymphocytes. Copes well with alcohol lesions and fatty degeneration of the liver. Means you cannot take children under 12 years of age and pregnant women.
  7. Essentiale. The drug improves the liver's ability to cleanse slows down the process of formation of connective tissue, helps to restore damaged cells. After taking the medication in rare cases may digestive disorders, weakness, discomfort in the abdomen. Becomes contraindication individual intolerance to the components of the tool.
  8. Boniger. Suitable in cases when it needs cleaning not only the liver, but the gallbladder. Has a strong choleretic effect, effectively eliminates all the poisons and toxins from the body. The medication can take up to 18 years of age and during pregnancy.

This is not a complete list of tools, with which you can perform drug liver cleansing. Specific medication and dosage is best to determine together with your doctor. The greatest effect allows to achieve dropper with gepatoprotektoram. Intravenous administration allows components funds quickly to achieve the goal.

Before taking any medication you should carefully study the manual. Overdose can lead to negative health effects.

Choleretic drugs

Drug-induced liver cleansing can be carried out with the help of choleretic drugs. They are designed to enhance the production of bile, improve digestion, enlargement of liver and bile ducts. But full detoxification to produce with their help it will not succeed. Such medicines are used in the complex therapy.

There are two groups of such drugs:

  1. Holekinetiki. Enhance the tone of the gall bladder and relaxation of the bile ducts, which leads to increased outflow of bile. The most common drugs in this group are: magnesium sulfate, cholecystokinin, pituitrin, sorbitol.
  2. Haeretici. Drugs that stimulate active secretion of bile. The most common of them is bought. The tool is available in the tablet form. They are accepted exceptionally after eating. The drug is forbidden to apply for peptic ulcer, blockage of the biliary tract, inflammatory diseases of the liver, gallstones.

Separately, you can select choleretic drugs, cleansing the liver, which are produced on the basis of plant components. These include: always, Canatlan, urolesan, Solaris and others. To drink them it is necessary in strict accordance with the instructions.

Liver cleanse sorbitol

One of the most popular means is sorbitol. It can be easy and painless to rid the liver of accumulated harmful substances. Recovery and purification of the liver is performed as follows:

  1. Three days before the procedure to exclude from the diet all harmful products: smoked, fried and fatty meals, sweets, alcoholic drinks. Gets banned and potatoes. Prefer a vegetarian menu. Try to drink more Apple juice. It enhances the formation of bile.
  2. Try less to strain. This applies to both physical and mental stress.
  3. On the day of atonement in the morning take enema for bowel cleansing.
  4. In the evening prepare a solution of the drug. To do this, dissolve in 100 ml of water two tablespoons of sorbitol.
  5. Around 20:00 lie down in your bed and attach to the right side of the electric heater. Drinkmedicine.
  6. The first signs of the beginning of cleansing the liver will appear after a couple of hours after taking the drug.

The next morning to do a cleansing enema. A second procedure can be carried out only after three weeks. Before carrying out this procedure, consult your doctor.

Cleansing with the help of the help

To cleanse the liver of accumulated toxins will help help. This is the best drug choleretic group, which is made of herbal ingredients. The main active ingredient is the rosehip extract. He has not only detoxification, but also anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, diuretic, hepatoprotective and choleretic effect. A remedy on the basis of this preparation is prepared as follows:

  • Separte in a liter of boiling water Cup raisins and 20 grams of dried Senna. Leave the mixture for an hour to draw.
  • Strain the infusion and enter prepared in a 300 ml can.
  • The beverage you should drink half a Cup before bedtime. Left overs keep in the fridge. Duration of therapy is 10 days.

Liver cleansing detox remedies

Excretion of toxins from the liver can be carried out using remedies for body detoxification. For this purpose, any suitable sorbents. The simplest of them is activated carbon. He will provide invaluable assistance in cleansing the entire digestive system. The procedure is as follows:

  1. On the day bedtime drink a few tablets of activated charcoal. Their exact number is calculated based on the weight of the person: so that for every 10 kg had 1 tablet. That is, if you weigh 60 kg, you should drink 6 tablets.
  2. The next day, in between meals, drink 2 tablets.
  3. Then for the next 8 days you must drink morning and evening pills, the amount of which is calculated on the first day based on your weight.

Thus, the overall cleaning duration should be 10 days. Thus it is necessary to adhere to a dietary diet, do not drink alcoholic beverages.

Now you know how to clean liver from toxins. Remember that before using any drugs you must consult with your doctor to determine the presence of contraindications.