Liver cleanse activated charcoal at home

Cleansing the body activated carbon is gaining popularity. The drug is a sorbent to absorb toxic substances accumulated on the surface of bodies, and remove them naturally from the body. Liver cleanse activated charcoal will help to cope with the load on and eliminate the breakdown products.

The description of the drug

The tool is produced in the form of black pills from natural ingredientsthat are completely safe for people of various age groups. Recently, the adsorbent was administered in case of emergency: during diarrhea, food poisoning and other disorders of the digestive system. Currently, activated carbon and other sorbents are used to purify the intestinal system and liver.

Testimony to the appointment of the tablets are:

  • various kinds of poisoning, including alcohol intoxication, accompanied by flatulence, disorder of the digestive tract, diarrhea;
  • infectious diseases;
  • bronchial asthma, cholecystitis;
  • during the preparation of the patient for examinations of the internal organs.

In addition, the drug is used in various pathological conditions:

  • prolonged diarrhea;
  • dysentery;
  • intoxication;
  • dysbacteriosis.

Activated carbon for the liver can assign both for therapeutic purposes and for prevention. Most often, the tool used in the treatment of cirrhosis and hepatitis. Pills will help you:

  • to stabilize the level of bilirubin;
  • bind bile acids;
  • to activate the production of bile in the liver;
  • to reduce the number of lipoproteins in the blood;
  • reduce the duration of jaundice;
  • to reduce blood pressure;
  • to improve cardiac performance;
  • reduces itching on the skin.

The drug will help the liver to cope with the increased load the abuse of alcohol, so often used to treat hangovers.

Mechanism of action

To find out whether cleans activated charcoal liver, it is necessary to understand the impact of the active substance.

The tool works in several directions:

  • eliminates intoxication;
  • relieves diarrhea;
  • it has a cleansing property.

The liver and kidneys rid the body of unnecessary substances and degradation products: in the liver the toxins break down into metabolites that are excreted through the kidneys. It is therefore essential to establish well-coordinated work of both bodies.

Acute and long flowing disease adversely affect the work of the kidneys and liver in the circulatory system can accumulate harmful substances, poisoning the whole body. In such cases it is advisable to purge the activated carbon. This will help to significantly alleviate the symptoms of intoxication.

The drug can adsorb the harmful substances, to draw them to himself and concentrate on the surface of the organs by means of pores, without causing liver damage. The substance is not digested in the body, is not absorbed into the bloodstream easily excreted naturally from the body.

The main action of the coal is directed to the intestinal system: it is there to accumulate all the toxins are gotten rid of other organs. To eliminate accumulated metabolites independently of the intestine. That is why it requires an additional tool.

Along with harmful substances drug may bring beneficial microorganisms, so it should be used with caution.

Charcoal copes with the cleansing of the whole body, taking away from the man's insides liquid, resulting in intoxication and allergic reactions, removes salt of heavy metals. Most often cleaning of coal is used as an additional method in the treatment of acute and chronic pathologies of the liver.

Great use activated charcoal will bring people suffering from radiation exposure, as well as working in hazardous industries. The tool has a positive effect on mobility of the joints, stabilizes blood pressure, improves the appearance and condition of hair. Some women use it as a tool for weight loss and for getting rid of wrinkles.

General guidelines

For a more effective impact of the drug is necessary to observe following recommendations:

  1. To follow proper diet: avoid fried, salty, spicy, fatty food. The diet must include fresh fruits and vegetables.
  2. Take the drug 2 hours before meals or 2 hours after.
  3. During the cleanse you must drink plenty of fluids.
  4. After a course of treatment should be taking a vitamin and mineral complex to repair the lack of vitamins in the body.
  5. After the end of treatment in some cases patients will need probiotics to replenish the intestinal microflora.
  6. Use caution when consuming any other medicines together with activated charcoal to take them individually.

Carried away by the sorbent too, do not: despite its simple composition, tablets can cause harm.

How to take

Currently, there are various ways of cleansing the liver. Before cleaning, the patient must weigh in belowto determine the optimal dose tablets:

  • The first scheme involves taking the drug for 14-30 days 2-3 pieces twice a day. The pill in the morning on an empty stomach and after eating, drinking plenty of water. After cleansing you need to do an interval 7-14 days. If necessary, repeat the treatment.
  • The second scheme involves the use of the funds within two weeks of 10 tablets, splitting dose into three approaches.
  • The most forgiving is the third scheme. The dosage means are calculated based on the weight of the patient: 1 tablet per 10 kg of weight. On the first day it is necessary to take the minimum dose – one tablet. In the following days the dose is increased to 1 tablet to achieve the required standards. From the next day daily reduce the amount used of the drug for 1 pill.


The liver cleansing is not recommended for people suffering from:

  • oncological pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • ulcerative lesions of the organs;
  • colitis;
  • gastritis;
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • internal bleeding.

When carrying out a cleansing course do not use any other medicines, especially antibiotics and vitamin complexes: activated carbon, together with slag, can bring the nutrients contained in the drugs. This can lead to a loss of effectiveness of drugs and the weakening of the body:

  • Tool can cause intestinal upset in the form of diarrhea or constipation, but also lead to deficiencies.
  • Too prolonged use or failure doses can cause poisoning. It is not necessary to drink the capsules with mineral water, sodas and alcohol. During treatment should drink boiled water and tea.
  • In addition, routine cleaning activated charcoal is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation.
  • During intestinal infections tablets can be used in small quantities.

Purification activated carbon is one of the safest and inexpensive methods of removing accumulated in the liver of toxins.