Diet for cleansing the liver: healthy menu

The liver is the filtration centre of the human body. Thanks to the functionality of this body, the body is freed from toxins and harmful substances before they get into the blood stream. For this reason, a healthy liver – the key to the correct operation of each of the body systems as a whole. Continuously neutralizing the toxins that this body badly strained and needs regular cleaning, the special diet for liver cleanse will help restore the best way possible.

The main functions of the liver

The human liver is overloaded every day, especially if the diet is constantly present that fatty food, sweets, alcohol. The medication also does not go unnoticed. The main functions of the liver:

  • the conversion of nutrients after you enter the intestine, are absorbed into its walls and transported to tissues and organs;
  • the neutralization of the majority of toxins that enter the body with alcohol, drugs and various poisons;
  • maintaining the balance of glucose, proteins and fats in the blood;
  • filtering and recycling of old red blood cells from the blood system;
  • development of protein and cholesterol;
  • the collection of the necessary minerals, vitamins and iron.

Changing your menu and opting for healthy food, at least for a time, you can help your liver to purify and improve the functionality.

The transition to diet menu

Dramatically and drastically change the menu impossible. Moreover, it is even dangerous because the digestive tract gets used to a particular system of power and the refusal of familiar food is stressful. The liver suffers the most from addictions: its main enemies – alcohol and Smoking. Due to these dependencies, through a human filter center continuously runs a huge number of free radicals and decomposition products of poisons that overrides it. Diet for cleansing the liver involves complete abstinence from alcohol. If you quit out, it is recommended not to smoke on an empty stomach and minimize the number of cigarettes smoked.

Liver problems arise due to addiction to fatty, fried, salted, smoked, canned. In this case, preference should be changed. In the period of the diet to cleanse the liver on the table should be enough vegetables and fruits, since vitamin deficiency the result will not be as effective. Beets, carrots, lemons and oranges especially valuable to restore functionality to the liver products. The diet should be rich in proteins and dairy products.

The basic principles and rules of a diet to cleanse the liver

Diet for cleansing the liver should be performed at least once a year, especially if there are problems with the functionality of this organ. Its basic principles are as follows:

  • you need to eat little and often, and the portions should be small. For example, 6 meals of 200 g is sufficient daily intake;
  • simple carbohydrates should be replaced with complex, less flour and a lot of different cooked cereals;
  • the diet should be rich in protein and dairy products, meat and fish – a prerequisite of the cleansing diet;
  • the fats should be in the diet, but just right. For example, a slice of cheese is a great benefit snack, summer salad, smothered in mayonnaise, on the contrary, overload the liver;
  • all fried in a pan and deep fried banned. Food must be baked, steamed, eaten fresh or boiled;
  • for diets for cleansing the liver can sometimes afford a cleansing cocktail. Ingredients: one third Cup of beet juice, a quarter of a lemon, a whole Apple and a peeled cucumber. All this is interrupted in a blender and drink. This tool will improve the flow of bile and will have a laxative effect, due to which the body leaves a considerable amount of toxins.

Permitted foods

What foods should be part of a diet to cleanse the liver? The study of this question should give some time and attention in order to change the diet benefited and gave the desired results:

  1. Bakery products: lingering biscuits, crackers, stale bread, crackers.
  2. Soups: vegetable soups, low-fat chicken broth, sour soup without the hot plate.
  3. Fish dish: low-fat river and sea fish baked in foil, boiled or stewed.
  4. Meat: beef, veal, chicken breast, Turkey. All boiled, stewed or baked.
  5. Fats: butter – 30 g per day and cheese.
  6. Vegetables: any steamed, baked and raw, should pay attention to parsnips, beets, avocado, cabbage, carrots and fresh herbs.
  7. Cereals: oat, wheat, buckwheat, rice, arnautka milk and water as a side dish. Millet semolina grains and to exclude.
  8. Pasta: any kind, but only from durum wheat.
  9. Dairy products: kefir, yogurt, homemade or store-bought, but without additives, yogurt, cottage cheese. The fat content of cheese should not exceed 5%, kefir and yogurt, low fat, one percent better. Milk, too, can leave in the diet, but its maximum fat content in the diet to cleanse the liver at 2.6%.
  10. Fruits, berries, nuts: anything overly sweet, sour and calories. Diet menu should includeapples, kiwi, dried fruits, berries, for example, currant, gooseberry, plum, cherry. As for nuts, they should be consumed as a snack. The liver is cleared is easier, and the hunger subsides with almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts. But about bananas, peanuts, grapes, raisins better forget diet. Citrus, even though they are sour, to eat sometimes as they help the liver be cleared out. Particularly relevant in the composition of the diet lemon and orange.
  11. Drinks: herbal teas, fresh juice, decoction of chamomile and rose hips. Green tea with Jasmine can be very useful, as it invigorates and cleanses, but natural or instant coffee and black tea banned from these drinks liver is overloaded.

In addition to the above, a day can eat a few boiled eggs and tea add 50 g of honey. With such a varied diet diet to clean the liver will not be forced to starve.

Several options diet menus

Without a carefully crafted menu to cleanse the liver will be heavier, because, as a rule, adherence to the selected diet and daily regimen – the basic criteria for obtaining a good result. Options various diets to cleanse the liver mass.

The first option

The easiest and effective way to start the day with cereal and finish it a dairy product.

Sample menu for the day:

  1. Breakfast: buckwheat or oatmeal, Apple and green tea.
  2. Second Breakfast: handful of walnuts and a piece of cheese.
  3. Lunch: vegetable soup, cheese pie and juice.
  4. Dinner: chicken breast with vegetables baked in foil, boiled rice and herbal tea.
  5. Before bed: a glass of yogurt or kefir.

Portions should not be large, since such diet menus cleanse the liver is quite diverse and rich. Therefore it is better to get a kitchen scales. The total amount of a La carte dishes included in the main meals must not exceed 200-250 grams.

The second option

In order to decongest the liver and improve the flow of bile, the day should begin with a cholagogue. Here's day menu, which will be useful in this case:

  1. On an empty stomach: 1 teaspoon of flour of the seeds of milk Thistle.
  2. Breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese salad with Apple and avocado, green tea.
  3. Second Breakfast: 1 egg, cabbage-carrot salad.
  4. Lunch: 20 min. to – bile collection or broth hips, stewed fish, cabbage, prunes with walnuts.
  5. Dinner: buckwheat porridge with steamed chicken cutlet or beef liver, juice.
  6. Before bed: herbal tea or yogurt.

Milk Thistle, cholagogue collecting and salad apples, avocados will speed up the process of withdrawal of bile, and braised cabbage and beef liver will support the level of hemoglobin.

The third option

To restrain appetite in the evening, but not to feel hunger, you can organize a diet for purification as follows:

  1. Breakfast: milk oatmeal with dried fruit, green tea.
  2. Lunch: summer salad or cabbage juice.
  3. Lunch: soup, baked chicken breast and vegetable stew.
  4. Afternoon snack: a glass of kefir or yogurt with lingering biscuit.
  5. Dinner: omelet with cheese and vegetables and tea with mint.

You can see that in the first half of the day (lunch meal) the menu is not varied as in the second. The menu, composed on this principle, will not feel hunger before a dream on the diet for a healthy liver cleanse.

Tips and advice

To get a good result in the end of the diet to cleanse the liver should heed these recommendations and tips:

  • sharply to go with a diet menu this will immediately overload rested digestive system. The first week you need to tread carefully and continue to refuse junk food;
  • any cleansing diet involves the consumption of large amounts of purified water. It reduces appetite and promotes rapid removal of toxins. Mineralized alkaline water also may be present in the diet but not be the main drink. On the day you need to drink at least two liters of water;
  • the last meal should be no later than 2 hours before bedtime. If you eat failed, and the hunger retreats, you can drink a glass of milk or eat an egg, but meat and fish are prohibited – these foods are digested about four hours;
  • the diet should be sufficiently refined carbohydrates – they are the most nutritious and satisfy hunger for a long time;
  • if the impetus for the change of diet and switching to a diet to cleanse liver was any discomfort, you first need to pass the examination. We must carefully study the nature of the problem, to donate blood and see the digestive tract and the liver on the ultrasound, and then choose the treatment option.

If there are any diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or liver, the diet must approve the doctor. For the patient to develop an individual menu for each day, which must account for the needs and suffering not to overload the body. With choleretic remedies and remedies in this case it is better not to joke – rationality of their use in each case is evaluated by the doctor.

The liver is the main filtering organ, protects from the effects of poisons and has undertaken many vital functions. It is unique, as capable ofquarter completely restore your cells, so it is often transplanted, saving numerous lives. Diet to cleanse the liver at least once a year reduces the risk of liver failure and increases the stability of the digestive system in General, especially in cases of poisoning.