How to clean your liver at home without harm to the body

The liver is an important organ that performs many different functions. Disorder his work negatively affects the entire body, therefore, many people are interested in how to clean the liver at home.

Alarming symptoms

Suspected malfunctions of the body can be a pulling pain in the right hypochondrium. Bile stasis leads to the following pathological conditions:

  • problems with blood vessels;
  • endocrine diseases;
  • disorders of the genitourinary system;
  • nausea;
  • pain under right rib
  • heartburn;
  • symptoms of pain in knees, lower back, thighs;
  • blanching of the skin;
  • the pigmentation of the skin, pimples;
  • frequent dizziness;
  • deterioration of coordination;
  • tendency to constipation;
  • feeling of bitterness in the mouth;
  • prolonged headaches.

The liver is the only body able to heal itself. To prevent negative symptoms and avoid complications, you should regularly carry out the planned cleaning. How to clean the liver folk remedies, tells the attending physician, but you can also use the tips below.

Why cleaning is necessary

When there is insufficient blood supply and under the influence of the decay products, infections and other factors in hepatic tissues irreversible changes, in which cells undergo degeneration (in this case, there steatosis) or die off, being replaced by connective tissue, leading to cirrhosis.

The body eliminates a huge amount entering the body of toxins that can accumulate in the tissues. The factors that negatively affect the body include:

  • the use of certain medications;
  • the systematic drinking of alcoholic beverages;
  • abuse of fatty foods;
  • frequent use of junk food, which include dyes, preservatives, stabilizers;
  • Smoking.

In addition, adversely affect its performance:

  • heavy physical labor;
  • helminthic infection;
  • infectious diseases, viruses, bacteria;
  • inhalation of toxic substances;
  • other depechenode disease.

Particularly affected are the liver cells with a combination of several adverse factors, for example, if a person leads an unhealthy lifestyle, abuse alcohol, unsustainable feeds, often sick. That is why a liver cleanse at home is recommended to be used regularlyto prevent the loss of its functionality.


To restore the liver in house conditions it is possible only after complete cleansing of the intestinal system. During the procedure is prohibited to consume meat products, sweets, caffeine. Good for the body dairy products. In inflammatory processes of the pancreas allowed the use of fish, lean meat, cottage cheese.

During the cleaning should be careful, if the gallbladder has stones: there is a possibility to change their location and cause blockage of the duct. In this situation, not to avoid surgical intervention.

In diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and cholecystitis is not recommended to clean your liver with lemon juice.

Apply cleaning procedures is contraindicated:

  • patients suffering from diabetes;
  • gall stones;
  • while carrying child;
  • in the period of menstruation;
  • with General weakness of the body during the headache, elevated temperature;
  • with colds and infectious diseases.

To assess the body condition and choose how cleansing can help the doctor. Effective cleaning and treatment of the liver involves the use of medications, special diets, and alternative methods.


The necessary preparations for cleaning the assigned technician for each individual patient. Most often used choleretic medicines, freeing the body from toxic substances and removing toxins. Of the most effective include:

  • "Karsil". The drug includes milk Thistle, substance silymarin, is used in the combined treatment. The tool not only restores liver cells and gall bladder and also enhances fat metabolism, stimulates the synthesis of phospholipids, removes toxins. Medication take 1 tablet 3 times a day, but in some cases it may be administered an increased dose of 12 tablets. The duration of therapy is at least 90 days.
  • "Allohol". The drug includes garlic, nettle, activated charcoal, bile acids. The drug stimulates the production of bile, improves the secretion of digestive juices, stimulates peristalsis of the small intestine. Cleaning duration is about 1 month, several times a year. Allowable dose determined by the physician.
  • "Nicodin" successfully eliminates bacteria, inflammatory processes, has choleretic properties. Apply the course of 2-3 weeks.
  • "Magnesium sulfate" is most often used in the treatment of cholecystitis, with obstruction of the bile ducts. It has a choleretic effect, removes inflammation. The optimal dosage and durationcleaning varies from case to case and are installed by a specialist.
  • "Liv-52" refers to the means of the combined effects. The content includes yarrow, nightshade, and other plants. The drug is prescribed for various liver diseases to improve the digestion and restore appetite.
  • "HEPA-Merz" prescribed for renal failure. The composition includes the amino acid ornithine, which is essential for cell renewal.

Before the course healing is to clean the bowel. This will make the cleaning more effective.

These funds are not applied in the following diseases: intestinal pathology in acute, exacerbation of pancreatitis, acute hepatitis, jaundice, provoked by the stagnation of bile.

The removal of stones

Bring the stones to help preparations ", Henofalk", "Ursosan". Means you can dissolve cholesterol stones formed in the liver ducts and the gall bladder. In addition, medications to lower cholesterol, increase the concentration of bile acids. These medications are suitable for patients with cholesterol stones are small in size.

Contraindications to use are:

  • ulcerative lesions of the internal systems;
  • pathology of the pancreas;
  • diseases of the digestive system;
  • high concentration of calcium in the stones;
  • hepatitis, cirrhosis;
  • the presence of colic;
  • cholangitis.

The course of treatment with approximately 3 months.

Before applying the medication required to consult a specialist who will help determine the type of stones: stones can be bilirubinate or mixed. In this case, the funds may not show its effectiveness.

Diet for cleansing the liver

To cleanse the liver at home more effective, you need to adhere to a diet that excludes fats and meat products. Cleansing the body is carried out not more often than 1 time a year for 2-3 days.

Daily diet should include cereals with added fruit. During rehabilitation should be excluded from the diet of sweet, fatty foods, spices, salty, spicy food, caffeine, and foods containing large amounts of carbohydrates. Some foods contribute to saturate the body with nutrients helps to eliminate toxins. Cleansing can help products:

  • Algae. Contain large amounts of nutrients, have antioxidant properties, protect against toxins.
  • Onion reduces the chances of cancer is involved in suppression of cancer cells.
  • Eggs reduce the load on internal systems.
  • Sesame contains a substance sesamin, protects against oxidative damage.
  • Avocado helps to eliminate toxins is an essential antioxidant nutrient.
  • Artichoke stimulates the production of bile and improves the functioning of internal organs.
  • Fennel is rich in vitamin C and fiber. Protects liver tissue against chemical substances.
  • Ginger is used as a prevention for various diseases of the body, effectively cleanses the body from harmful substances.
  • Beans – this product can replace meat. Helps cleanse the whole body, contains proteins and nutrients that are easily digested.

Also, a huge benefit to people will have a use during cleaning procedures, fish oil, garlic, broccoli, cauliflower, Basil, parsley.

Traditional medicine

Folk recipes cleaning the liver kept its actuality in our days. Many methods are very effective and are often recommended by doctors.

Lemon and olive oil

To cleanse the liver from fat at home can be olive oil and lemon juice. The amount of ingredients depends on the body weight of 1 kg body mass you need 1.5 ml of the composition. Before cleaning with this method, it is not within 2-3 hours to eat.

When brushing with oil and lemon caution: if you exceed the dose of this method can cause acute pancreatitis and biliary colic.

Components take 3 times a day, separately, in the form of heat: first oil, then lemon juice.

The interval between doses is 20-25 minutes. The effect can be felt after 2-3 hours, in view of the increased excretion of liquid stools: therefore from the human body excreted the excess cholesterol, break down fats, improves the function of the intestine, and activates the production of bile.

With abundant slagging allowed to re-cleanse after 3-4 days.

Radish juice or radish

To clean the liver tissue without any damage to the body will help radish or radishthat grind the juicer. To obtain a glass of juice requires about 1 kg of radish. The resulting juice drink 1 tablespoon three times a day 1 hour after meals, for six weeks. Every 7 days the dosage is increased to one teaspoon. In the last week of treatment take 6 tablespoons of drink a day.

Cleansing oils

Oil of cedar, flax or olive oil are the easiest and safest way to clean body. Any of the oils take 1 tablespoon on an empty stomach for 7-14 days. Purification of liver cells oils is onlyexpert advice: oils can cause allergic reactions.

Cleaning beets

To clean the blood and liver can beets. The procedure is carried out once a year. Fresh tubers vegetables washed, cleaned, brewed in 3 l water and boil until until half the liquid has boiled off. Take out the beets rubbed on a grater and place in water for half an hour. The resulting broth filter and drink 1 Cup every 3 hours during the day.


Improve the liver to help the oats. To do this, a handful of beans washed, pour 1.5 liters of water, boil for half an hour. To consume the drink on an empty stomach is recommended once a day.

Also used an infusion of oats: 100 g of untreated oats connects with 500 g of boiling water, insist 12 hours. Take in the morning for 10 days. Structure perfectly removes toxins, improves the complexion, removes the sand and excess salt.

In addition, oats can be combined with other ingredients:

  • cranberries 20 g;
  • birch 15 g;
  • rosehips 15 g.

Components are mixed with 200 g of oats, add water, bring to a boil, insist, take warm. During the first three days, the dosage was adjusted with 50 ml to 150 ml. Is the number of composition take for 10 days. While cleaning this way, you need to check on your diet: reduce the intake of fat, meat products. The course can be repeated after 2-3 weeks.

Choleretic herbs

Many of the plants included in the special biologically active components with beneficial effects on the human body. To treat the liver will help the following herbs:

  • the celandine;
  • nettle;
  • Helichrysum;
  • psyllium;
  • mint;
  • yarrow;
  • dandelion;
  • wild rose;
  • chicory;
  • corn silk;
  • calendula.

Gentle have blueberries, strawberries, cranberries.

To help flush the bile can also spinach, egg yolk, grapes, dill, olives, cabbage, rhubarb, carrots, mustard, celery.

To prepare the broth is necessary in equal proportions to mix two or three herbs (2-3 teaspoons). Herbs pour 500 g of boiling water, insist 2-3 hours, referring to himself and drank the drink instead of tea in the morning, before meals and at night before bedtime. For a more mild cleansing, you can use one kind of grass. The cleansing rate is not less than 30 days. Herbs can be used interchangeably.

The excretion of salt

To treat the liver and purify the internal organs of the body with honey and raisins. This requires an empty stomach to eat 1 tablespoon of raisins. Over the next 2 hours avoiding any food and water. On the second day, drink 1 tablespoon of honey. These products alternate within 7 days.

Mineral water

Mineral water improve the discharge and output of bileand also contribute to its rapid dilution. Drinks take food for 100 g 4 times a day, however, they are contraindicated for the following pathologies:

  • in the gastro-intestinal diseases in the acute stage;
  • when kidney conditions;
  • during the gallstone disease.

For cleansing suitable drink:

  • "Slavyanovskaya";
  • "Smirnoff";
  • "Essentuki 17";
  • "Essentuki 4".

The internal organs of alcoholics are exposed to increased load, while toxic substances are deposited in the liver tissues. Cleaning with mineral water suitable for people who long staying in binges.

Rosehip and sorbitol

Using sorbitol can get rid of toxins and harmful substances, polluting the internal system. Most often, the purification by this method is carried out in the late afternoon. Should be deleted in 2-3 hours before the procedure any food during the day to a vegetarian diet. For the preparation of the composition will need 3 tablespoons of berries and 500 g of water. Rosehip pour boiling water and infuse for 12 hours. In the resulting infusion add 3 tablespoons of sorbitol and mix thoroughly. The mixture should drink in one gulp. After use tools should not eat anything for 45 minutes.

Treatment – 6 techniques every 3 days. Prevention you can take part once a week that cleans the liver.

Purification by Neumyvakin

Professor Neumyvakin offers your way of cleaning off slagging at home:

  • First of all, Neumyvakin recommends to clean the intestines. This applies enema with Apple cider vinegar, beet juice. The procedure is carried out for 4 days, during which excludes from the diet all protein. The patient should completely switch to vegetarian food, daily use of Apple juice or sour apples.
  • You should then move on to cleansing of liver tissue. On the fourth day of treatment take two tablets of allochol, which stimulate the production of bile. On the same day you need in two ways to drink 150 ml olive oil 100 ml lemon juice.
  • The evening of the same day, take a hot bath. After the water treatment is applied in the right hypochondrium hot water bottle and drink the remaining fluid.
  • Next the patient should drink 2 tablets shpy, which will help to dilate the blood vessels. During the day, you must drink the broth with raisins and dried apricots and some honey and lemon.
  • On the fifth day in the morning do an enema.

In addition,the Professor gives the following recommendations:

  • Effectively cleans the inside of the usual garlic. 2 cloves of garlic finely chopped and leave for 20 minutes to absorb oxygen.
  • Tomatoes should not be eaten raw: cooked vegetables able to produce lycopene having anti-cancer properties.
  • To cleanse the body you can apply the rosehip. The fruits of the plant are ground into powder, pour three cups of water, insist the whole night. The broth is filtered and taken twice a day – morning and evening.

Regular cleaning

Frequent liver cleansing folk remedies is not recommended: it may become even dangerous. However, this does not mean that there is no way to avoid the accumulation of toxins in the cells.

To prevent slagging, you must:

  • daily in the morning on an empty stomach to drink a glass of water with lemon;
  • to include in your diet leafy green vegetables;
  • to eat turmeric;
  • to include in your diet onion and garlic;
  • add in a meal of fresh dandelion leaves;
  • periodically to use milk Thistle extract.

Having treated liver at home, it is necessary to continue to adhere to proper diet, drink mineral water, avoid alcohol. It is useful to accustom myself to Breakfast porridge with fruits and berries.

Who needs a cleaning

The purification is not carried out people with liver disease and biliary system.

A routine cleaning will be helpful for patients suffering from the following diseases:

  • disorder of metabolism;
  • overweight;
  • kidney stone disease;
  • gout;
  • diabetes.

Pathology data can indicate the presence of gall stones. Purification is carried out in conjunction with the observance of a special diet.

Diabetes is often accompanied by steatosis. In these cases, the use of medications.

To clean the body needs patients who have a genetic predisposition to poor metabolism, gallstone disease. The procedure must also be people who have been subjected to any intoxication, eating junk food, long-term users of alcohol and other toxic substances.

What else can clean the liver tissue at home, tell a qualified specialist who will develop a treatment program based on the age of the patient and his individual characteristics.