Cleansing of the liver and kidneys rosehip for Neumyvakina

The liver is one of the most important organs in the human body, which runs through a huge number of harmful substances. Supporting his work, it is possible to preserve the health and well-being. Currently there are many programs on cleaning of toxins and impurities. Liver cleansing for Neumyvakina involves complete abstinence from drugs and using home remedies.

When you need a liver cleanse

Professor Neumyvakin – doctor of Sciences, have developed many proprietary methodologies for elimination from the body of accumulated toxic substances. Purification hepatic tissue provides a scientist to carry out complex, with simultaneous recovery of the intestine, kidney, pancreas.

Modern lifestyle, poor nutrition, bad habits often lead to contamination of the liver, which loses its ability to cleanse itself. Clean should be on those who abuse:

  • products containing preservatives;
  • canned;
  • fried and fatty foods;
  • sweets;
  • pickled and smoked food.

In addition, great harm to the digestive system represents the bite "on the run", and also the habit to drink water immediately after a meal. All this can hinder the process of digestion, dilutes the gastric juice, poisons the bloodstream.

The main reasons for disorders of the liver, according to Professor Neumyvakina, are the accumulation in it of toxins and waste products and disturbance of acid-alkaline balance in the body. Specially developed cleaning program aimed at removing the sources of the problem.

All methods of purification known scientist has developed independently and tested myself.

Purification by the method Neumyvakina

Regular cleansing of the liver is vital for its normal functioning. The Professor has developed several effective methods for healing the body.

Method 1: using rose hips

Liver cleansing rosehip for Neumyvakina will help flush the bile, toxic substances and waste, eliminate the cholesterol plaques and to resume fully the performance of the authority.

Liver cleanse for Neumyvakina calls for the gradual deliverance of the body from the accumulated harmful substances. The technique consists of several stages that must be implemented consistently.

First stage: prepare

To help the body to tune in to the cleansing procedure, you should prepare everything in advance. For 3-4 days before cleaning is needed to comply with the following rules:

  • excluded from the diet products containing animal fats. The basis of the diet should be vegetables, fruits, cereals;
  • eat as many sour apples and Apple juice;
  • daily lavage of the gastrointestinal system with the help of an enema.

To carry out colon cleansing by enema should even those patients who do not have constipation and other digestive problems.

Second step: purification

Is the cleansing of the liver and kidney of a wild rose. This requires the fruit of the plant to dry and grind in a coffee grinder. 7 tablespoons of the resulting powder pour 600 g of boiling water and insist overnight:

  • In the morning cleans the intestine with the help of magnesium sulfate. For this, 250 g of water dissolve one packet of powder and drink half the liquid. The remainder of the solution should be to finish in the evening, before bedtime. The tool has a strong laxative effect and will help to relieve the intestine.
  • The next day, dogrose infusion is filtered and mixed with two tablespoons of sorbitol.
  • Glass received means drink up and go to bed, by placing a warm heating pad to the area of the right hypochondrium.
  • An hour later, drink 200 g of rose hips and once again apply a hot water bottle.
  • After one hour repeat the procedure: finish drinking the solution and go to bed.

Over the next day to discover the result: the body will be actively cleansed from toxins and fecal stones.

Third stage: completion of program

To quit is to gradually, including diet light food. On the first day the diet should consist of boiled rice, vegetables and fruits. Gradually foods are introduced to other foods.

Neumyvakin suggest to carry out cleaning procedures 3 months in a row, then repeat once a year.

Before starting cleaning procedures, it is necessary to visit a specialist and undergo diagnosis of the organism to avoid negative consequences.

Method 2: olive oil and lemon juice

Another recipe for cleansing the liver involves adherence to a vegetarian diet for 1 week:

  • In the last three days drinking only fresh juice from apples, and also carry out a cleansing enema.
  • On the last day of the week in the evening apply a heating pad to the area of the right hypochondrium. In advance, prepare 250 g olive oil 250 g of lemon juice.
  • Every quarter of an hour should be consumed 45 g of olive oil, washed down with three tablespoons of lemon juice, as long as both will not end.
  • After that, wash out the stomach with an enema.
  • The next morning the procedure is performedagain.

Such manipulations must be made 4 days in a row. Throughout cleaning, it is necessary to drink herbal infusions of rose, immortelle, corn silk.

Method 3: tincture of vegetable juice

Another method, proposed by Neumyvakin, it's an infusion of vegetable juices on the basis of alcohol. Data remedy is possible not only to clean but also rejuvenate the body: juices help to restore the destroyed hepatocytes and activate the growth of healthy cells.

To prepare you need:

  • 1 liter vodka;
  • carrots;
  • lemon;
  • radish;
  • beets;
  • 200 g of honey.

From vegetables to wring out the liquid. 200 ml of each juice was mixed with vodka, add honey, thoroughly mix the composition. Container tightly close the lid, clean in a dark place for 72 hours. Take tincture need 3 times a day on 50 for 1 month.

The proposed cleanup can have some contraindications. Therefore, before using either technique, you should consult with your doctor.

Like many of the popular ways of cleansing the body, the methodology Neumyvakina there are both supporters and opponents. Whether to follow data recovery schemes to solve the man himself. Reviews many patients testify to the effectiveness of the system Neumyvakina not only the liver but the whole body.