Cure the liver after alcohol at home

How to cure the liver after alcohol? Modern medicine offers a whole Arsenal of medicinal and folk remedies, they will help to get rid of toxins from alcohol. So there is a need to treat the liver, not necessarily in front of this daily and lots of drinking. After all, this body is further suffering from consuming fatty foods, toxins, stress, Smoking. But the more relevant this question is for those people who drink alcohol in large quantities. Many people wanted to be better on at home. This is possible if man is willing to recover and never returned to their former way of life.

What harm to the body brings ethanol

Alcoholism or excessive alcohol consumption inside the body penetrates ethyl alcohol. According to research scientists, even at low concentrations this substance is a serious toxic compound, adversely affecting the whole organism. For the removal of ethanol the liver will use all its available resources. When alcohol is consumed in large quantities, the cell structure can not cope with deducing of toxins. As a result, the cell membrane is constantly exposed to pathological changes and transformations.

Almost 100% of toxic compounds are metabolized in this organ. These reactions occur in several stages, one of which is the formation of acetaldehyde, according to its characteristics, this compound is equivalent to hydrocyanic acid. In the process of decomposition is so strong substances cause adverse effect on liver tissue, especially if they have to recycle frequently used substance. Of course, the liver can regenerate itself, but this process occurs only in the presence of positive conditions. Besides, it's too slow reaction.

Systematic alcohol intoxication is an unfavorable condition for regeneration of the organ. As a result of frequent use of alcohol-containing drugs are different dangerous States: fibrosis of tissues, hepatomegaly, hepatitis or cirrhosis. The overall impact on the body due to the weight, growth, tolerance to ethanol, susceptibility to it. Safe daily rate of consumption of ethanol for males is not more than 40 g, and for the female – not more than 20 g's if you take into account vodka. If to transfer these figures to the drinks, a glass of beer or half a glass of wine.

Negative manifestations that you should pay attention

With the constant drinking of alcohol can cause unpleasant symptoms. The systematic penetration of ethanol in the body may require treatment of the liver after alcohol. This therapy is needed when there are negative manifestations:

  • the appearance of fatigue;
  • sleep disorder;
  • the deterioration in libido in women or erectile dysfunction in men.
  • the appearance of yellow color of the skin.

Such signs indicate that the liver is affected negative toxic compounds. Therefore, the restoration of the authority must be in the shortest possible time. This assistants will be and folk remedies, and medicines. Just before you commence the therapy, consult a doctor, he just set the stage of organ, but also make the correct treatment regimen. Only a specialist can determine how to treat, what medicines should help in each situation.

What principles of restorative course

Cure the liver after alcohol. Regeneration of tissues after the harmful effects of alcohol is divided by doctors into the following stages:

  1. Regeneration of damaged tissues. Not all affected cells are killed immediately. Some of them even long after the negative effects have the ability to heal itself, to implement its core functions. The formation of new cells. Every dead cell is replaced by several new ones.
  2. This method of recovery is very long, it is small, since a very long time is the formation of new hepatocytes. We are not talking about months, but about years, and then only under condition of creation of favorable environment for the affected organ (shelf proper nutrition, absence of bad habits, stress). Only because of the new hepatocytes may complete recovery of the affected alcohol body, restoring all of the lost functions.
  3. The increase in the volume of existing cells. This mechanism is redundant, the liver uses this method of regeneration of its functionality when a substantial number of hepatocytes cannot fully recover in a timely manner, due to the formation of new hepatocytes.

Such a mechanism formed cells increase in size, replacing those that died. This mechanism is effective but temporary. Subject to such conditions damaged, the body is able to keep their health. But if conditions are favorable, cellswith the increased load with new, otherwise is the development of hepatitis alcoholic Genesis.

The last stage is the replacement of intensively affected hepatocytes by connective tissue cells in the affected organ. When the damaged organ in unfavourable conditions, no recovery occurs, the body loses its efficiency. Recovery deep systemic damage is virtually impossible. Resulting in complete degeneration of the tissue. Place the damaged cells and replaces connective tissue. But this tissue cannot perform the functions of the body. It is only irreversible replacement in the affected organ. With the further development of such negative processes is the development of a serious disease – cirrhosis.

It is important to understand that a full-fledged restoration and recovery of damaged hepatocytes in people who regularly drink, is only possible when you maintain a sober lifestyle, when not carried out a systematic flow of toxins in the body.

Choosing a remedy that can cure the affected organ, should take into account the degree of damage of cell structures of ethyl alcohol. Even if long and arduous the recovery process to completely cure the body does not always work. Only a specialist should choose the right treatment algorithm. It should be noted that a universal cure does not exist because of complications to the liver can be irreversible. If the case is chronic, the need for an integrated approach to the regeneration of work capacity of the cells. Only due to proper treatment is restoration of function.

Methods of recovery and treatment

To carry out recovery and in an outpatient setting. Mild intoxication radical options are required. If the poisoning is severe stage, are assigned a special medical diet and certain medicines, which aim to restore the body after consumption of alcohol. You can Supplement treatment of folk remedies. Only you decide whether to apply such methods need a specialist.

To start, apply medication, the main active ingredients are phospholipids. They are hepatoprotectors. Their positive impact is that they are able to neutralize the alcohol compounds in the liver, retain the membrane of cellular structures. Protect from exposure to detrimental factors that negatively affect the working capacity of the body.

It is obligatory observance of the appointed doctor for a proper diet. In parallel, you should regularly examine your blood fluid on the basis of the results of these surveys, there is a scheme of therapy. It is also important that when you create for hepatocytes favorable conditions, they can restore their function.

What drugs are used for regeneration

Such tools include:

  1. Restoring funds.
  2. Medications to stimulate recovery of cells.
  3. The drugs are designed to strengthen the membranes of cell structures.
  4. Medications that are designed to clean.

To restoring means include those which contain active substances called essential phospholipids. The most effective are the following tools: Essentiale, Essliver, Phosphogliv. Such drugs are introduced in a timely manner in the affected hepatocytes, stimulate their regeneration.

To activate the recovery processes, prescribe medicines, which include essential amino acids, folic acid, b vitamins, biologically active structures, with their help the regeneration and protection of cellular structures. Such drugs include "Gard nano".

Medications that are designed to strengthen the joints of cellular structures. By strengthening the cell membranes of the hepatocytes are able to withstand the increased load. In this case, the use of integrated medicines of special purpose – "cupers neo".

In parallel with the regeneration of hepatocytes after long-term consumption of drinks containing ethanol, we should strengthen the process of cleaning the affected organ to improve the functioning of the liver. For these purposes, prescribers, which include milk Thistle. Such drugs include: "Karsil", "Legalon", "Silimar", "Hepabene", "Heptral".

If different sections of the liver, scar tissue has formed, these places are almost impossible to recover. To eliminate the impact of these compounds after prolonged alcoholism is possible only with the help of healthy lifestyle and prolonged use of the drugs.

It is not recommended to choose any medications and assign yourself the duration of therapy and dosage. First, you need to cure alcohol dependence, otherwise the body will not be able to cope, even with full support with medication. Therapy alcohol dependence is carried out only by the doctor, you should not use questionable drugs.

Methods used in folk medicine

Another way of treatment is the use of those means whichoffers traditional medicine. To return to the previous state of the hepatocytes and to maintain the body in proper condition is applied such medicinal plants as St. John's wort, knotweed, Helichrysum, artichoke. Of these herbs prepare herbal teas or tinctures. Only dosage and use should be assigned a doctor. To help in the recovery of such funds – the creeping thyme, zolotisty, wormwood. The effect of their use occurs in a short time.

Another effective treatment option is kvass on the basis of beet. In beet kvass add sugar and salt. Thanks to this tool increases the concentration of sodium in the body. This treatment is easy to clean. It is also recommended that heating with poultices based on corn or flax seed extracts. But such procedures shall be administered only by a specialist and in the absence of contraindications.

It is important not to resort to self-medication, even if the stage of destruction of cells is negligible. It is not recommended to pick up a medication, focusing only on the presence of their symptoms, listening to the advertising or someone else's advice.