How to clean pores on face at home

Enlarged pores on the face is a problem that knows most girls. The owner of this skin should be carefully and regularly to care for her, to maintain its purity and freshness. There are many tips on how to clear pores on face, and some of them deserve attention, as they give a good result.

Basic rules of care for the skin

A good daily skin care face is one of the important aspects which helps prevent rapid contamination of the pores and not so often to resort to cleaning. For this you need to follow some rules:

  1. Every day should start and finish the washing with cleansing gel or foam. It does not fit the first available tool from the nearest supermarket – it is better to use only certified medical cosmetics that can be purchased at the pharmacy.
  2. Special cosmetic facial wipes are designed to clean the skin during the day, make it matte and remove the Shine, which promotes the appearance of blackheads. Even if you use them constantly, make-up will remain the same bright wear any make-up after protyani don't have to.
  3. In the Sunny season it will not hurt to apply sunscreen. If the person is white, cream or emulsion with a degree of protection of at least SPF 50, if it saglabata, you can buy a tool with a smaller degree of protection – SPF 25-30. Regular application of this cream in the summer eliminates oily Shine and prevent clogging of pores.
  4. Ask the beautician to determine the type of skin, if you can't do it yourself. It is necessary to choose the right care products.
  5. Not make a rude and sudden movements, do not RUB the face too hard. Apply the gel requires gentle circular motions, apply the cream gently tapping the face with fingers.
  6. The face needs constant moisture. This is the perfect thermal water, which should be sprayed in the face several times a day. Makeup will not suffer, but rather longer – the main thing is not to pour yourself palakona, and cleanse and moisturize the face lightly sprinkle it.
  7. Under makeup you need to apply Foundation. This is a special creams that prevent the appearance of Shine and give the face a matte, so the black dots are formed much slower.
  8. Tonal cream is better to choose a light powder and in the summer use of these products as little as possible, since they are highly clog the pores.

Methods of cleaning the pores

What is cabin cleaning

Cleaning is then performed in the beauty salon, own at home. A good beautician performs a cleansing using only medical line of cosmetics, often Israeli or French. Specialist performs cleaning with special tools. The procedure is absolutely painless and even enjoyable. After it a feeling of lightness, as if a person "breathes".

Now popular is microdermabrasion. This procedure not only helps to clean and tighten pores, but also to get rid of dead skin cells.

How to prepare for a cleaning person in the home

Competent home care not inferior cabin cleaning, moreover, it is possible to save decently. Regular cleaning makes the face fresh and healthy. Before the procedure required to complete some preparatory manipulations, in order not to get infected:

  • it is good to wash your hands with antibacterial soap and to wipe them with alcohol;
  • apply sufficient amount of gel on the face and carefully wash it to grease left;
  • take a cotton ball, apply the tonic or camphor alcohol and wipe his face.

What types of cleansing are

Cleaning the pores on the face can be of two types: mechanical and cosmetic. Which of the two options is chosen depends on the degree of blockage of the pores. The first can be done up to three times per year, and the second is anytime, as needed. To carry out mechanical cleaning is required:

  1. To steam the face. For this, you can hold it over steam or use a special machine.
  2. Using two cotton swabs, you need to squeeze the skin, helping the pimples to go out. You should try not to damage the stations, so as not to leave traces.
  3. After cleaning you should wash with warm boiled water, without using any tools.
  4. After that you need to achieve pores. For this fit the RUB face with ice.
  5. Remains wet the face with clean cloth and leave it to dry off.

Simple recipes for effective cleansing at home

To clear pores, perfect, facial masks, cooked at home. The ingredients required for the mask, in almost every home and is always at hand.

Oatmeal exfoliation

Oatmeal is not only the main source of carbohydrates, but also a great cleansing and exfoliating tool. The pores on the face oat peeling occurs as follows:

  • need honey, a one percent yogurt and cereal;
  • next, you need to mix all the ingredients in equal parts depending on how many you will need for cleaning;
  • massage, apply peeling to the face andhold for 10 minutes;
  • wipe the mixture off the face matte wipes.

After the procedure, it is useful to apply a moisturizer a good fit and an ordinary children's cream. The face becomes noticeably cleaner and fresher.

The clay mask

To clean the pores of the face will help mask of clay. For maximum effect, you can mix several types of this natural mineral. Blue clay cleanses the face, the white makes it fresh and brightens, while green removes inflammation and smoothes scars. Enough to purchase at the pharmacy three bags of powdered clay in equal proportions to mix only in small amounts. One pack enough for a long time. How to prepare the mixture for the mask:

  • in a clean container pour half a teaspoon of each kind of clay;
  • add a little clean boiled water, until the mixture acquires the consistency of liquid sour cream;
  • mix well the blend before applying;
  • apply the mask to cleansed face using a special brush or hands avoiding eyes and grabbing the neck;
  • the mask should be on the face until it fully dries. It usually takes 15 minutes – then rinse.

After cleaning, one can immediately notice how the face turned white, and the pores narrowed. The skin becomes matte and smooth, the Shine goes away and any redness are barely noticeable.

Salt or coffee scrub

Another great tool for cleaning then is a salt scrub. For its preparation you will need a make-up removing milk and about one teaspoon of salt. Milk can replace the fatty sour cream, and salt instead of suitable ground coffee or sugar. The procedure is as follows:

  • mix the ingredients and apply the scrub on a good steaming wet face;
  • massage movements to RUB the mixture, paying special attention to the T-zone and avoiding the eye area and lips;
  • to hold the scrub on your face for a few minutes and wash it off with warm water.

This method of cleaning has contraindications. If the skin on the face very sensitive, prone to rashes or there is a lot of inflamed acne and pimples, this procedure cannot proceed.

Steaming the skin

Deep clean your pores at home, and the usual steaming. It is enough to dial of boiling water in a wide deep container and lean over her, after covering your head with a towel so that the steam does not come out. This is similar to inhalation and for the respiratory system also has its benefits. In the water you can add orange peel, decoction of calendula, chamomile, succession or fir essential oil, juniper etc. the Hot steam helps to release contamination, as the pores of the maximum reveals exactly when steaming.

Effective means for cleaning the face from the manufacturer

Electric toothbrush

Another innovative tool to clean pores on the face is an electric brush for the face. Its long bristles penetrate deep into the pores and clean them of particles of dirt. In addition, this device improves blood circulation and enhances the action of cosmetic products.

Cleansing strips

Most of black dots is formed on the nose and on the wings. The easiest and fastest way to clear pores is to use a special cleansing strips that can be purchased in any supermarket or cosmetics store.

The skin of the face requires a good wash and dry, since wet nose strip is not glued. Then the face needs a little sprinkle of water, it is good to stick the strip and hold for 5-10 min, and then abruptly tear it away. On a sticky surface is a lot of black dots and the nose and the area around it is slightly reddened, but the redness will quickly go. Of course, this procedure gives more effective results after a hot bath.

There are lots of means in order to clear pores at home, and not have to spend a lot of money or hire the services of specialists. Enough sometimes use one of these recipes, and the face will always Shine with cleanliness, beauty and health.