Cleaning of the blood of folk remedies at home

We all know that blood carries oxygen to every organ in the human body. Its role is irreplaceable, so no wonder our grandmothers were treated to this method as the cleaning of the blood folk remedies. Just due to the fact that the main function of blood – transport, along with the necessary items she carries and harmful substances that gradually contribute to the weakening of the immune system, undermining the work of the organs and chronic fatigue and General malaise. No need to search for a single culprit for this outcome, since they are usually a few, I can even say that the whole complex. Polluted blood system is and ecology, and lifestyle, and an unhealthy diet, or illnesses. When hazardous work man, too, receives its share of toxins, poisons the bloodstream. Fortunately, there are many technologies of cleaning the blood and they should read more detail to know how to clean the blood in different ways.

Functions of the circulatory system

The main composition of blood – plasma and corpuscles, such as leukocytes, erythrocytes, lymphocytes, platelets and Heart muscle etc., possessing remarkable strength and endurance, tirelessly pumps blood through the vascular system of the human body. The versatility of this vital liquid is truly unique. Functions of blood:

  • The transport or circulatory function. There are many sub-items. For example, respiratory function, because the blood gives the tissues and organs of the oxygen that enters the body through the lungs. Along with this, it is worth noting the supply function when the blood carries nutrients to organs and tissues. In addition, blood carries waste substances to the kidneys and tissues, to remove them from the body. Thermoregulation – is also its prerogative, as the flow of blood connects the different organs and systems.
  • The protective function. The blood creates a barrier from the ingestion of different kind of malicious and toxic substances from the environment or another organism.
  • The mechanical function. It makes bodies to be in good shape due to the constant inflow of arterial blood and outflow of venous.

To distinguish among these features, one seemingly wrong, because they all cause the body to work without crashing.

The main function of blood is transport. Composition of blood changes as the disease as it spreads across the body toxins, leading it to a weakened condition and during drug treatment.

If the therapy does not lead to the desired result, and the body is weakened and can't fight himself, doctors suggest the patient to cleanse the blood from toxins.

The hardware cleaning the blood

Hardware cleaning of blood in the body is performed in a hospital. Because this procedure is difficult, it is strictly in the hospital under constant supervision of medical staff.

Among hardware cleaning methods is to provide:

  1. Hemosorption. This is the most common hardware method of cleansing blood today. This method allows to replace the blood, cleansing it of harmful substances, such as cholesterol. I.e., the circulatory system removes a lot of toxic substances, causing the blood in perfect condition. First, from a vein of the patient take a small amount of blood and pass it through a special filter. After this purification, samples are sent again to the patient through the drip. If the patient has allergies to medications or asthma, this procedure is a godsend. In addition, this cleaning of the blood is indicated for severe intoxication and infections, skin diseases and even arthritis. Of course, if the body has cancer or a patient suffering from a constant low pressure, this procedure is contraindicated. In case of any bleeding (your menstrual period too) to apply this method is not possible;
  2. Plasmapheresis is also a relatively common procedure. So is the procedure to clean the blood injection method, which is to replace the liquid portion of blood – plasma. The patient from the vein is taken about a pint of blood, and then injected instead of saline. Samples are placed in a special device called a centrifuge, which breaks down the blood into plasma and cellular components. Is contaminated plasma to formed elements adds all of the same saline solution and again injected into a vein person. The effect of such a procedure is awesome, as strong immunity, which is restored by this procedure, able to stand guard over the body for a year, protecting it from different kinds of toxic substances. This method of cleaning the blood is offered to pregnant women suffering from morning sickness, also it will be useful in case of diabetes, hepatitis and even psoriasis. Is contraindicated this method of cleaning for people suffering from anemia and poor blood clotting.
  3. Autohaemotherapy. How to update the blood, urging forces of the body? That is resorting to this method. This method is applied, if the patient is a critical need to restore vitality after a struggle with severe debilitating disease. Cleaning blood in this way helps to get rid of boils. The essence of thisthe procedure that the patient take a small amount of venous blood and injected into muscle tissue. Due to this, the body mounts its own strength, the blood beginning to work, cleansing the circulatory system against infection and increasing immunity. Cleaning blood in this way does not happen in one day. Need to go about ten to fifteen treatments, which will gradually lead to the desired result. It should be noted that in case of serious diseases of kidneys that clean your blood invalid.
  4. Laser cleaning of the blood. This is a new method, which is recognized as very effective. Photons that clean the blood through the laser, affects her through a vein. That is, in the blood sample from the patient for this procedure, there is no need. The important thing is that, in addition to ridding the circulatory system of a large number of toxic substances, this procedure has a positive effect on the cardiovascular. This cleaning of the blood has a beneficial effect on the hormonal background, respiratory system, and can even increase lactation.

Laser cleaning technique has good statistics. In most patients, positive results are not forced to wait. The only what claims can come from the patient, so it is painful the introduction of a large needle into a vein.

Dropper to cleanse the blood

In addition to hardware treatment, using various drugs and medicines for blood purification. With the help of some of them is cleaning of the blood from a different kind of intoxication, e.g. alcohol. Dropper that apply in this case, forced to clean the body from breakdown products of ethanol. The patient is headache, tremor goes away, it leaves the nausea and dizziness. Heart rhythm is restored, and the liver and kidneys begin to actively work on the conclusion of alien harmful substances.

After holding the infusion-drip of detoxification in humans takes aggression and there is a healthy fatigue, which causes good sleep, as the droppers are sedative components.

Medicines which are present in the composition of the IVS may vary, however, unchanged drugs, cleansing the blood is still there and it is:

  • saline or five percent glucose solution;
  • antiemetic drugs;
  • tool to restore cerebral circulation;
  • drugs from seizures;
  • medicines that support the work of the heart;
  • tablets with the soporific effect;
  • sedatives;
  • potassium, magnesium and calcium.

Initially, this cleaning of the blood is aimed at restoring water-salt balance of the patient, it quickly and effectively relieves the body of toxins. In any case, certain components are selected strictly by a physician, which is based on the patient's health status, chronic diseases and severity of intoxication. For this reason the dialysis is not suitable for people with kidney failure and high blood pressure.

Folk remedies for blood purification

How to clean the blood at home? There are many options for performing this procedure at home. To go to traditional techniques – the easiest way. A few recipes does not hurt to know. After cleaning the blood needs not only to be cleansed of antibodies after infection or to get rid of toxins after alcoholic intoxication, but simply to strengthen the immune system and improve health. However, when using any of the following recipes need to consult with your doctor. The following ways to clean the blood of folk remedies the most effective:

  • The use of tincture of horse chestnut. Chestnuts maximally finely crushed, and then placed in packaging, which should occupy one third of its volume. Then they pour vodka, tightly covered and left to steep for three weeks. Upon expiration of the tincture is filtered and accepted throughout the month one tablespoon three times a day. During the reception definitely need to dilute the infusion with water or drink.
  • Cleaning of the blood infusion from the may honey with the addition of fennel and Valerian. You will need two glasses of honey in which you want to add chopped Valerian root and a glass of crushed seeds of fennel. All that you need to pour two liters of boiling water and insist night. After that, the tool is ready for use. Use a tablespoon of this infusion half an hour before meals for one month to cleanse the circulatory system is not worse than drug.
  • Every morning before eating throw in a glass of warm milk three cloves of garlic and add a spoonful of honey. Infused this healing cocktail for seven minutes and shall be made within weeks. However, the working population is not suitable, because such a household method of cleaning the blood contributes to the formation of unpleasant odors in the oral cavity due to the presence in the composition of this quantity of garlic.
  • Grated horseradish. This method of cleaning is not only simple but also enjoyable, as many people use the root of the horseradish in the food. Simply grate it and add to it the tomato and here is a perfect and spicy way to clean blood, which is to make friends with any meat dish.
  • Milk Thistle and agrimony for cleansing of the blood is not less thaneffective way. The recipe is very simple. Spoon herb repeshko pour boiling water and insist the whole night, after it should drain. It's enough for the day. Three times a day should eat one teaspoon of milk Thistle seeds and drink the third part of this infusion. Don't forget that milk Thistle is a strong choleretic drug. People allergic to herbs should refrain from such method of cleaning the blood.

Nothing is worth sometimes to take care of their health and undergo a course of cleansing the circulatory system or with the help of medication and injections, or by selecting the cleansing blood of folk remedies. The main thing to remember is that polluted blood system promotes rapid development of various diseases and can lead to very adverse consequences for the whole organism.