How to clean the blood in the hospital, ozone, ultraviolet

Composition of blood directly affects the health and functionality of all its systems. Bad habits, unhealthy food and poor environmental condition lead to daily contamination of the transporting bodies to the oxygen of the liquid. Modern rhythm of life does not always give enough time to your health and to identify the cause of lethargy and sleepiness, which often lies in changing the natural composition of the blood. Anyone who has information on the subject of how to clean the blood in the hospital and what methods are used, can appreciate the convenience and usefulness of the proposed procedures is appreciated.

What happens after blood purification

Upon completion of the course sessions by one of the methods for the purification of the blood in the body the following changes occur:

  • increases immunity and improves resistance to infections;
  • lost constant fatigue and felt energetic;
  • reduces the number of skin rashes;
  • if you have a chronic illness, is improving;
  • the body is cleansed of accumulated toxins.

Methods of purification of blood in the hospital

It is known that even the procedure of donation is useful for everyone who is allowed, as it starts the process of developing the blood and promotes replacement of the withdrawn fluid to a new. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to save someone's life. Donated blood in the hospital being checked for the presence of bacteria and viruses and cleaned by different methods. The same sessions are conducted people intoxicated in order to clean the blood from the decay products of poisons, and to improve health. After studying the methods listed below, it becomes clear how is the cleaning of blood in the hospital.


Plasmapheresis – today it is one of the safest ways to clean blood in hospitals that are shown to almost everyone. Its essence lies in the fact that samples are placed in special apparatus, where with the help of the centrifuge it is separated into plasma and other components (erythrocytes, platelets, leukocytes, lymphocytes, etc.). The purpose of the procedure is the replacement of plasma with saline, as there are the most harmful substances and toxins that interfere with normal functioning. After replacing the cellular constituents are re-connected with substituted fluid and then updated the blood is administered to a patient.

In some cases

Several such procedures are almost completely clear the body of toxins, even in severe poisoning and viral infections as well as chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, bronchial asthma, dermatitis, hepatitis, etc.


Each method of treatment has contraindications and plasmapheresis is not an exception. Course cleaning this method cannot be suffering from anemia and poor blood clotting.


Hemosorption is a method of updating the blood, which is to purify it with chelators. The patient is inserted into the vein for two catheters. One of them is blood, after which it is passed through a special filter with sorbent. Purified fluid is then returned through the second catheter. It turns out that the vital fluid continuously circulates from one vein to another, passing the filtering. As a sorbent in hospitals often use ordinary activated carbon.

In some cases

Cleansing the blood in the hospital using hemosorption is carried out in acute poisoning with poisons and medicines in case of strong allergic reactions and frequent bronchial asthma attacks to quickly get rid of dangerous toxins and antigens.


Such a method for the purification of blood in the hospital should be abandoned, if there are severe injuries of the brain, malignant tumors, acute respiratory infections, bleeding (including menstruation).


Cleaning of the blood with ultraviolet light is also one of the very popular practically no contraindications methods. Light radiation equal in intensity of sunlight that is able to update the composition of the red liquid is not less effective than the previous methods. In a vein of the patient is inserted a needle which gets a small amount of vital fluid. After it is passed through a single optical fiber. The effect is felt after 2-3 treatments, and standard treatment course is 10 sessions.

In some cases

Of UBI is indicated for people with reduced immunity, diseases of the vascular system and the heart, diabetes, the presence of inflammatory processes and allergic reactions, ulcers.


To carry out this procedure of cleaning is impossible, if a person has seen the response to solar radiation in the form of urticaria, in pregnancy and with any form of porphyria, and pellagra.

Laser cleaning of the blood

This is probably the most advanced method and it is hard not to agree. This purification is carried out in two ways: intravenous and transcutaneous. In the first case, as in all of the above, the session requires sterility, as the patient is injected into a vein the needle is equipped with a light guide. As the blood circulates through the body very quickly, the method is characterized by highefficiency. Thus, the fence is not possible, but clarification takes place directly in Vienna. The second option is more progressive, as it requires no puncture.

To conduct nazvannogo method requires a special apparatus for purification of blood, resembling a flashlight. Specialist sends infrared rays into the patient's vein. Update the vital fluid to its natural composition occurs through the skin and is no less effective, absolutely painless, but quite expensive.

In some cases

The rate of cleaning at the hospital by this method is shown in diseases of the heart, gastrointestinal tract, endocrine system, enhance the body resistance to infections and lower cholesterol.


Laser cleaning is contraindicated in children, pregnant, diabetics, Oncology, epilepsy, and in the presence of ISO.


The method consists in intravenous phytorestore, pre-enriched with ozone. The amount of fluid injected is in the range of 200-400 g. cleaning the blood with ozone requires the use of a special device – ozonizer and is performed only in a hospital, as ozonized saline solution retains the properties only for 20 minutes.

In some cases

The course is designed to enhance immunity, elimination of inflammatory foci in the skin, pneumonia, and increased fatigue.


Conduct the ozone cleaning can be with heart disease, pancreas and thyroid gland, bleeding, disruption of blood circulation.

It should be noted that any procedure is safe provided the feasibility of its implementation in a particular case. Health has no price, and blood purification – no joke, therefore, can be trusted only to professionals. All major and minor instruments must be opened in the hospital shortly before the session in front of the patient and be used once, and then be subject to immediate disposal.

If acute needs cleaning no blood, just a desire to get rid of toxins, experts recommend to pre-improve the condition of the intestinal microflora. While the toxins and the poisons remain in the human digestive system, none of the above treatments do not give long term results. Blood constantly circulates throughout the body and transportorul substances from one organ to another, so that pathogenic organisms living in the digestive tract, very soon will spread everywhere through the bloodstream.