The slagging of the intestine: the symptoms and methods of purification

The intestine represents the largest part of our digestive tract. This is a 7-10 metre long, flexible and compactly stowed in the abdominal region of the stomach, which makes the products in nutrients. And if the small intestine is the absorption of nutrients, fat is designed to display the undigested residues. Here can accumulate toxins that pollute and poison our internal environment.

Causes of slagging of the intestine

The body gets a lot of useful and relatively wholesome foods, the so-called refined foods that contain preservatives, colorings, flavorings, salts of heavy metals. And even eaten with appetite Apple does not guarantee the absence of nitrates. Part of unnecessary substances excreted, the other settles inside, causing slagging of the intestine.

We eat in fits and starts and in the course of" those convenience foods that don't need to cook, simply pour boiling water. Often swallow pieces of food, bad chewing it. I prefer Japanese, Italian or Russian food, but actually eat what comes to hand. Yes, you need to work, to earn, to do everything... But who can spare the body, which depends on our attitude toward it.

Why digestive organ begins to get clogged up waste of life? Reasons be the following factors:

  • food and starchy high-calorie, refined foods that lack vitamins, minerals and any other useful links;
  • eating foods that are subjected to continuous heat treatment;
  • insufficient amount of fluid and as a consequence – the shortage of water in the body;
  • sedentary, sedentary lifestyle;
  • uncontrolled medications that we prescribe themselves;
  • failures in biological rhythm when sleep is replaced with the work and the body is resting not enough;
  • constant nervous tension and stressful situations;
  • changing climatic conditions, frequent moves and travel.

The emptying of the gastrointestinal tract should be done regularly and daily. But if going to the toilet is delayed because of the cases, the stool in the intestine stagnate, thicken, and gradually formed fecal stones.

The stones accumulate in the folds of the colon, creating an additional burden and poisoning the body. The weight of the rocks that we "carry around" is 3 to 5 kg. the body is not their will, because the peristalsis of the intestine becomes weak.

How to determine the slagging of the intestine

When the accumulation of feces digestive organ is stretched and increased in size. Its walls are compressed, disturbing the blood circulation and poisoning the body with toxins. If certain plot sandwiched fecal stones, there are different pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract.

Symptoms of slagging of the intestine are expressed as follows:

  • the feeling of fatigue and indifference to what is happening around;
  • plaque: white on the tongue and dark on the lips;
  • foul putrid odour from the mouth;
  • the formation of edema and bags under the eyes;
  • poor sleep;
  • hyperhidrosis when a person sweats a lot;
  • the formation of cellulite or "orange peel" as a result of toxic poisoning of the body;
  • the increased size of the abdomen;
  • possible allergic skin rash.

All the signs do not appear simultaneously, but there are three main that you should pay attention: a large volume of the stomach, patches on the tongue and the teeth and bad odor from the mouth.

The consequences of the accumulation of toxins in the intestines

If the colon is impacted "food waste", then there are problems with absorption of water, nutrients, drugs. The accumulated faeces creates an alkaline environment that feels pathogenic microflora, causing the processes of fermentation, decay, development of dysbiosis, the formation of toxic compounds.

The lack of nutrients and the penetration of the decay products in the blood significantly reduces the immune barrier of the body. The accumulation of feces in 44% of cases provokes the development of cancer, as the mucous membrane degenerates and is not always possible to restore it. Full decomposition products on causes slagging of the organism as a whole.

The composition of the intestinal microflora depends on the food:

  1. The consumption of plant foods multiply beneficial bacteria. They inhibit the fermentation in the small and large digestive tract.
  2. When eating protein foods quickly putrefactive and fermentative processes, the results of which is the dysbiosis and intoxication.
  3. Complex carbohydrates normalize the microflora and help the intestine to function normally. Usually they are not digested and excreted, without causing additional problems.

What to do if the bowels are full of undigested remains of food

Naturally, the body need to clean and get rid of extra pounds, but to carry out these procedures properly. If signs of slagging of the intestine, to begin with it is advisable to soften the hardened mass, using special tools and only after that to start the cleaning process. Created a variety of techniques that not only cleanthe intestine, but also normalize the microflora:

  1. At the first stage of restoring balance to the colon.
  2. Next, normalize peristalsis and "repairing" walls, which were stretched stool.
  3. At the last stage controlled the colonization of the gastrointestinal tract with beneficial bacteria.

These treatments stimulate the immune system, reduced nutrient and thermal function of the colon. They hold both artificial and natural. As artificial methods used laxatives, enemas, the procedure of hidrokolonotherapy, which helps to separate the stool from the walls of the digestive tract.

Enema is not a universal method of purification. The clinic of acute abdomen, drug or alcohol addiction, surgery or exacerbation of chronic diseases enema is contraindicated.

Natural methods include regular "trips" to the toilet to empty the intestine, which has a time. Suggest a proper diet with the inclusion in the diet of rough food, complex carbohydrates (fiber) and drinking large amounts of fluid.

There are recipes that work as a broom, helping to cleanse the internal environment of stale feces. Here are some of them:

  1. Cook porridge according to a special recipe: take half a Cup of rice and as cereal. Pour 3 cups of water and cook until thick, adding the butter. Mess cook and eat in the morning and evening for 3 days.
  2. Buy at the pharmacy are ready bran. This fiber in its pure form, which can be added to soups, cereals, yogurt. It removes toxins and improves peristalsis. Just put on the table a jar of bran and don't forget to sneak them into food.
  3. Take cleansing teas. They contain herbs, which softens the contents of the intestine and have a mild laxative effect, but the taste is little different from ordinary tea.
  4. Will conduct fasting day on kefir. In the morning do an enema and during the day on request we will make the yogurt. During this time the intestine will be cleansed and rest.

These simple variants, combining cleaning and prevention, a lot. Pick the suitable technique and recipe that will help to keep your gut in order. With strong slagging of the internal environment independent action threat, need the help of a gastroenterologist and a number of procedures in a hospital environment.