How to take POLYSORB for cleansing: instructions for use

Periodic cleansing of the body necessary for everyone. As living conditions and the quality of food is not ideal. POLYSORB – is a unique drug that can be used for full body cleansing. It will not cause any harm to health, but to rid the body of slagging and diseases associated with it, will help. To cleansing to be effective, you must know how to take POLYSORB for cleansing the body.

Characteristics of the drug

POLYSORB sorbent refers to the means that are used as emergency treatment for intoxication, and in the complex treatment of many diseases. The active component acts as colloidal silicon dioxide.

The human intestines are riddled with blood vessels. Toxic substances and allergens, which penetrate into the human body, are absorbed into the bloodstream and then settle on the mucous membrane of the intestine where re-absorption. To this endless process to suspend, it is necessary to periodically cleanse the body polisorba.

Colon cleanse occurs due to the passage of POLYSORB through the intestine and bind all toxic substances, they are then gently removed from the body in a natural way. Although the drug starts to work only in the gut, and cleared the bloodstream with the lymphatic system. They cease to act from a contaminated body of harmful substances. The blood purified goes through all the vital organs and systems, which also delayed toxic substances, then they are eliminated by natural means.

The pharmaceutical industry produces POLYSORB in plastic jars and bags. The latter is particularly easy to use, you need to pour the contents into a glass of water, stir and drink.

Sold by the adsorbent in the pharmacy network without a prescription. After each receiving a bottle of medication twist tightly and store in a cool place.

When you need to cleanse the body

The main purpose of sorbent is output from the body toxins, allergens, bacteria and their degradation products. Make POLYSORB for purification of the body and bowel is necessary in such cases:

  • With the weakening of the immune system – gut with the restored microflora enhances immunity.
  • In case of viral and infectious diseases in the chronic stage, the sorbent helps to clean the places of concentration of pathogenic microorganisms in the digestive organs.
  • In alcoholic, drug and food intoxication. Sorbent helps bind and bring harmful substances naturally.
  • In allergic reactions, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis – can be drunk orally, and lubricate damaged skin.
  • You can drink POLYSORB for the liver in chronic hepatitis and acute hepatic failure.
  • In various disorders in the digestive organs.
  • After a lengthy treatment with drugs and especially antibiotics.

Some people drink POLYSORB for preventive purposes several times a year, if you live in polluted areas or work at large industrial enterprises.

The drug possesses good adsorbing properties, it gently breaks down and removes toxins, helps to restore intestinal flora, absorbed into the bloodstream or stored in the body.

Rules of admission POLYSORB

Make Polysorbate for the cleaning of the home only after consultation with your doctor and strictly following the prescribed dosage. To cleansing to be effective, adhere to a set of rules:

  1. Powder diluted in water immediately before use. Opened paper bags with sorbent can be stored for a short time, then the efficiency of the sorbent decreases.
  2. According to the instructions for use, the medicament diluted the pure cool water at the rate of 1 gram of powder per 10 kg of body weight. The required amount of powder metered from and divided into several stages. Each serving of the medication is diluted in 100ml of water and drink one hour before or after a meal.
  3. Daily dose of a sorbent for an adult should not be more than 20 grams to determine the dose for a child is required baby's weight divided by 10. So the calculated dose for a child, give it a day to 4 times.
  4. In children body cleansing polisorba possible only by the physician and under constant surveillance. Treatment of children with this drug should not be more than 10 days.
  5. People who live in polluted areas or work in hazardous occupations, can take POLYSORB prevention. Drink the sorbent immediately before receiving food, the rate is up to two weeks. Carry out cleaning several times a year.

Is strictly forbidden to use POLYSORB dry. This powder is fine, so is easily inhaled and settles in the respiratory organs. The dry medication causes irritation of the digestive organs and inflammation of the upper respiratory tract.

Contraindications to the drug

Polisorb has a high cleansing ability, but also good, can bring harm. Before taking it is necessary to study contraindications, whichinclude:

  • Peptic ulcer in the acute stage.
  • Suspected bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Suspected intestinal obstruction.

POLYSORB reduces or entirely neutralizes the effects of medicines. If the person is being treated, POLYSORB drink an hour before taking other medicines.

Make the adsorbent more than two weeks is not worth it. This leads to addiction. Quite often patients complain of persistent constipation after discontinuation of this drug. Very rare complaints of patients at individual intolerance to the drug, in this case, treatment is adjusted.

Advantages POLYSORB

Have POLYSORB there are a lot of advantages over similar drugs. He has excellent adsorbent characteristics that are more than a hundred times exceed the action Lactofiltrum, and enterosgel, smecta.

This adsorbent is not absorbed into the bloodstream, no harmful elements, it does not damage the intestinal flora. With the right drink this medicine is effectively cleansing the entire body.

POLYSORB allowed to treat patients of any age group. It is administered to infants, pregnant women and nursing mothers, and people with weak immune systems.

Features of reception of POLYSORB in various ailments

POLYSORB helps in cases of poisoning and many other diseases because of its cleansing properties to selectively act in the body.

Cleansing the body from allergens

To effectively clean the body from the allergens, you need to carefully wash out the stomach and intestines. To do this, use not only the oral intake of the sorbent, but also a cleansing enema with a solution of the drug. Sorbent is delivered directly into the intestine, binds and eliminates harmful substances and toxins. For preparation of suspension for enema diluted with 10 grams of the drug in 1 liter of lukewarm water.

After washing the stomach and intestines is recommended to drink 6 grams of sorbent 3 times a day. The treatment lasts up to 10 days, while allergies will not be fully docked. POLYSORB allows you to quickly eliminate allergic rhinitis, angioedema. Make it start at the first symptoms of the disease.

Aqueous suspension of the sorbent can moisten a cotton cloth and apply to affected places. It will reduce itching and will speed up the regeneration of skin cells.

Acne treatment

Quite often dermatologists with abundant acne recommend a course of purification adsorbents. In the body all of people a lot of harmful substances with poor food, and polluted air. Skin diseases start due to pollution intestinal toxins and slags. From there, the toxic substances enter the bloodstream and spread throughout the body, poisoning it. Natural cleansing of the body takes place slowly and during this time manages to receive new dose of toxins, thus poisoning the body is constantly.

To clear the face of acne, you need to drink POLYSORB least two weeks. Single dose for adults is 1 tablespoon, dissolved in 100 ml of water, take three times a day.

With this rate of purification will disappear not only acne, but also will strengthen the immune system. We can say that the drug affects the body holistically.

Treatment of alcoholic intoxication

Alcohol intoxication occurs due to excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks, drinking low-quality alcohol and mixing different alcoholic beverages. Poisoning can occur because of individual intolerance of alcoholic beverages.

To prevent alcohol poisoning, you can take Polisorb as prevention. To do this, before meal 2 tablespoons of the adsorbent is dissolved in water and immediately take. After drinking alcoholic beverages this procedure is repeated.

If hangover POLYSORB drink every 30 minutes until the normalization of condition. In severe cases, treatment is continued for about a week.

Using this adsorbent person can be derived from a long binge. For this POLYSORB take 10 days for 5-6 doses per day.

Body cleansing of parasites

If the person is treated for worms, the decay products of parasites much poison his body. To prevent intoxication, beginning with the admission of the adsorbent. POLYSORB like a magnet attracts to itself toxins and decomposition products, and then outputs them naturally without harm to health.

Sorbent helps the liver, due to this normal work of all organs and systems of the body. For pest control powder drink one hour before a meal. Adult patients at a time, give one tablespoon, diluted in 100 ml of water, take up to 4 times per day.

Young children effective drug dosage calculate the doctor, and he determines the course of treatment. The dose is calculated based on the weight and age of the little patient, and the severity of the disease.

Cleansing of the body for hepatitis

Any type of hepatitis suffer the liver, and elevated levels of bilirubinintoxicating effect on all the cells in the body. To quickly bring the toxic element, assign the adsorbents. Used Polisorb in complex treatment of hepatitis, the rate is usually about 10 days.

Polisorb in the fight against excess weight

This adsorbent is widely used not only for cleansing but also for weight loss. The reviews of people about this method of weight loss. If you take Polisorb before eating, it swells in the stomach and gives a feeling of satiety. This stuff has no calories, and the feeling of fullness is present, then eat a lot of food will not work. Therefore, weight loss occurs quickly and without stress for the person.

To combat excess weight drug drink before meals for half an hour. The dosage is 1 gram per 10 kg of body weight.

Is it possible to poison polisorba

Any medication can bring both benefit and harm, it all depends on the dosage. The excessive consumption of the adsorbent may be the overdose symptoms that occur such unpleasant conditions:

  • headache;
  • dryness of mucous membranes;
  • constipation;
  • General weakness.

Overdose is a consequence of incorrectly calculated therapeutic dose or the human desire to quickly achieve results. Accidental poisoning the sorbent may be in a child if the drug had been carelessly left adults and a child ate it.

POLYSORB must be hidden away from children. A child unknowingly can sniff the drug and then the fine particles of powder are deposited on the Airways that can trigger inflammatory disease.

Cleansing the body may need at any age. This is due to the use of substandard products, inhalation of contaminated air and a bouquet of chronic diseases. Using POLYSORB possible not only to clean the intestines and blood flow, and strengthen the immune system. In addition, the medication will help you quickly and easily lose weight.