Apple and cinnamon to cleanse the body

Apple and cinnamon detox help to remove toxins and toxic substances and also to normalize weight. In the composition of these products have many nutrients and trace elements. They not only gently clean the body, but fill it with necessary vitamins. Apples and cinnamon, you can prepare a refreshing drink and a tasty salad with these products you can safely experiment to find your perfect taste. There are only a few restrictions on when to use this method of purification is not recommended.

When you need to cleanse the body

That the body needs to help clean up, say a change in health status. Cheerleaders have these symptoms:

  • unexplained fatigue;
  • skin rash allergic and purulent character;
  • frequent constipation;
  • breath;
  • frequent pain in the abdomen;
  • decreased performance;
  • dull hair and brittle nails;
  • dyspepsia;
  • regular migraines.

Cleansing the body with apples and cinnamon will suit those people who want to make a few days of fasting. Eat some apples and dishes based on them is not worth more than 3 days. In the fruit is important nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fiber and pectin. But apples do not contain proteins required by the body to build new cells and stable functioning.

When cleaning the apples and cinnamon it is necessary to observe the normal drinking regime. You need to drink at least 2 litres of water a day.

The benefits of apples

All from childhood known how nutritious apples. These fruits doctors recommend to eat weak people and children who are constantly sick. In the composition of the apples contains a lot of iron, minerals and different vitamins. Depending on variety of high-quality composition can vary slightly. It is believed that the most useful Apple green, and this is the truth.

Apples possess many beneficial properties, so they are often used in the treatment of various diseases.

  • Enrich the body with iron and vitamins. This is especially useful in anemia and in the recovery period after infectious diseases.
  • Normalize peristalsis. With these fruits you can get rid of constipation and improve digestion.
  • Fruits help to strengthen the heart muscle. They are very useful in different cardiac pathologies.
  • When combining apples with yogurt the body quickly gets rid of toxins.
  • Fruit helps to eliminate excess liquids and harmful substances from the body.

Apples are considered the most beneficial and most affordable fruit. This product is afford people with any income. These fruits can be used not only in pure form, but also to prepare delicious desserts and drinks.

Baked apples first introduced into the human diet after the intoxication. This product stabilizes the digestive tract.

The benefits of cinnamon

Cinnamon is a spice which is often used to flavour pastries. Can be used this seasoning when cooking dishes. Cinnamon has strong anti-inflammatory and antifungal activity, it is unique effect on the human body. Useful properties of spices, you can highlight this list:

  • Reduces blood sugar level, which is why the seasoning is often recommended for patients with diabetes.
  • Drink made of water and cinnamon, will help flush the excess cholesterol from the body.
  • Seasoning promotes vasodilation and activates the brain.
  • The spice cleanses the cells of the liver and clean intestines.

Cinnamon is very useful for human health. Experts believe that this spice improves blood circulation and has warming effect. Thanks to the spices it is possible to decontaminate the body and significantly improve immune system. To consume cinnamon in its pure form is problematic, so it is often added to salads, pastries and drinks.

Cinnamon has strong fat burning properties, so it is actively used for weight loss.


Often use apples, cinnamon and water to cleanse the body. These products perfectly combine to give a powerful cleansing effect. Recipes for cleansing a lot, so everyone can find a suitable.

Drink Apple cinnamon

To cleanse the body of toxins and diet of apples and cinnamon often serves a variety of drinks. Cold drinks well refreshing in the summer, and hot – well warm in winter.

For the preparation of tonic drink, take a liter of purified water, medium Apple and a tablespoon of cinnamon powder. Apples are washed, cleaned of seeds and finely chop. Then the product mix with cinnamon and pour cold water. To drink this drink you need during the day.

Apple water reduces appetite, improves digestion and effectively eliminates swelling.

Apple tea

This drink is more suitable for the cold season. This is the usual tea, supplemented by other components. To prepare Apple tea, you need to prepare the following products:

  • black tea – teaspoon;
  • dry Apple slices – 1 tablespoon;
  • ginger – half a teaspoon;
  • cinnamon powder – half teaspoonspoons;
  • boiling water – 0.5 liters.

All components are poured into custard teapot and pour boiling water. Insist 10 minutes, add some honey and drink.

Drinking Apple tea preferably overnight, and then is to bundle up with a blanket and go to sleep at once.

Smoothies made from apples

To cook a delicious and healthy drink, you need to take one medium Apple, a glass of low-fat yogurt and rug-teaspoon of cinnamon. Fruit peel and seeds, cut into slices and placed along with the yogurt and cinnamon in the bowl of a blender, whisk for 5 minutes and drink.

Apple dessert

Take one large green Apple, washed, cleaned and cut into slices. Spread on a plate, sprinkle with half a teaspoon cinnamon and send for a couple of minutes in the microwave. If no microwave, you can bake fruit in the oven, it will take about 15 minutes.

After the pieces of fruit decayed and became homogeneous, dish, flavored with a little honey and eat for Breakfast or dinner.


For detoxification you can prepare an easy fruit salad. Take one large Apple, a tablespoon of light raisins, a teaspoon of honey, half a teaspoon of ground cinnamon and a little lemon juice. Raisins are pre-filled with hot water, mix with all other ingredients and eat.

Cinnamon with apples is a great combination that is perfect for those who want to cleanse the body or lose weight. But for a long time to eat only these products are not worth it, they better complement the dishes for the main diet. Good to use these products in the diet, to maintain weight at the same level. You need to understand that a strict diet no effect is given and the weight quickly returns to its place.