Intestinal cleansing with salt water at home

Throughout life is the accumulation of various toxic components, waste in the intestine that cause serious health problems. So be sure to carry out regular cleaning of the body. Often applied in colon cleansing salt water. Due to this procedure is the excretion of all dirt, harmful components and improves activity of internal organs.

The essence of cleansing

The purging salt water – a method which came from yoga (called the shank prakshalana). This method of cleaning came to us quite a long time from the Indian yogis. During this therapy is the process of passing salt water through the body. But it is not absorbed and passes through him like through the sink. Invented this method of cleaning was an Indian yogi.

The essence of the method of purification lies in the fact that people should take on an empty stomach with saline solution. Salt enhances the process of passing water through the body, it comes to virtually all internal organs, and cleanses the intestines and the result comes out along with urine and other pathogenic elements. This procedure is often used for weight loss.

Indications for

Cleansing the body with salt water yoga is primarily used for complete removal of all harmful elements from the body.

Water with salt for bowel cleansing is used in the following indications:

  • in the period of weight loss. When removal of harmful substances, there is a decrease in body weight by a few pounds. This procedure provides improvement of the internal organs, digestive system, normalizes metabolism;
  • can be used for constipation. Purification of salt water improves the digestive organs, thereby minimize the occurrence of constipation;
  • it is recommended to drink if occurs after eating flatulence and bloating;
  • in disorders of the digestive organs;
  • to maintain the health of the stomach and intestines.

Peculiarities of preparation to the procedure

Gastric lavage with salt water should be done on an empty stomach. For this reason, it is recommended to perform this procedure in the morning right after sleep, before Breakfast.

It is worth considering that if you have never carried out this procedure, it could take about an hour. Therefore it is better to carry out cleansing on a day off.

Features of training:

  1. Before performing the cleansing, you need to prepare saline solution.
  2. For the class needs 12 cups of solution.
  3. In one liter of water is required to put about 1 tbsp of salt. Salt you can use table or sea.
  4. If the solution will be very salty, you can salt less.

How is the cleaning

To properly cleanse the bowel with salt solution, is to carry out all important recommendations. This will help to wash toxins from the body of harmful components and to normalize the activity of internal organs.

Intestinal cleansing with salt water at home is performed according to the following scheme:

  • to get started is to prepare a solution with salt. It should be warm;
  • drinking salt solution have on an empty stomach;
  • after drinking a glass solution, it is recommended to proceed immediately to perform the exercises;
  • this sequence is performed until, until you drinking 6 glasses.

As soon as drinking the sixth Cup of solution and done the exercises, you should immediately go to the toilet and wait for the first process of defecation.

Typically, the discharge of feces is observed almost immediately. First out solid fecal mass, then softer, and then there is liquid calories.

As soon as the first defecation, it is recommended to drink a glass of warm salt fluid. Then again are special exercises. Then you need to visit the toilet for a bowel movement. Observe the sequence of the solution, exercise, defecation, require until instead of a stool does not appear clear liquid.

After complete purification will be completed, may still arise urge to the toilet. It is better to refrain from taking liquid to the point, while not normally eat.

A set of exercises

Together with the intake of saline solution required to do the exercises for bowel cleansing. What exercises enhance the process of passing fluid through the body and produce active purging toxins from the body.

Every kind of exercise it is recommended to do 4 times for each side. To fulfill them in exact sequence. During this process muscles are supported and begin to actively withdraw from the body all harmful components.

Exercise # 1

When performing this exercise, there is a transition salt of fluid from the stomach to the region of the duodenum, and then into the small intestine.

The execution scheme:

  • you must stand up straight and supplying wide feet;
  • hands raised up, palms unfold, fingers intertwined;
  • in this position you need to jump on one place for a while;
  • you then need to do a quick tilt to the right and to the leftside.

Exercise # 2

Due to this, exercise improves the process of passing the solution through the small intestine.

Running exercise:

  • first you need to stand up straight;
  • one arm will straighten in parallel to the floor, the other hand is placed at the clavicle of hands;
  • the outstretched hand is moved as far as possible, the housing is rotated behind the hand;
  • during cornering of the pelvic part and legs remain in a stationary state;
  • next, accept the original state, change hands and repeat.

Exercise # 3

Is executed for the subsequent acceleration of the liquid:

  1. First you need to lie on her stomach.
  2. Hands and toes should rest against the floor surface.
  3. Further rises in the housing, and detach the thigh from the floor.
  4. In this position you need to rotate your upper body like you want to look back. Hips and body should be motionless.
  5. These movements need to do in turn, for each of the parties.

Exercise # 4

The final exercise provides the process of flushing the colon:

  1. First you need a little to place your feet and squat.
  2. Heel should be placed at the outer sides of the thighs.
  3. Palms placed on the knees.
  4. Next you need to lower the left knee, the head and torso turn to the right side.
  5. The right thigh is pressed against the surface of the abdomen with your hand so that it put pressure on the abdominal area.
  6. Exercise definitely need to start with the left hip, then it is necessary to repeat only to the right thigh.

Possible problems in cleaning

During bowel cleansing with salt water can cause some problems, so it is better to study them:

  • if suddenly after the receiving the sixth glass salt fluids will not be bowel movements, it is recommended to repeat the exercises without the acceptance of the solution. If the defecation is not, then do the enema with clean water. Usually after this starts an independent process of defecation, which in the future will happen automatically;
  • sometimes a bowel movement does not occur due to accumulations of gas in the intestines. To eliminate them you need to press your hands on your stomach and a bit of massaging. If this does not help, then you need to lie on your back on the floor, hands placed along the body and legs to make the head. In this state, you need to stay for 1 minute;
  • sometimes people have after taking 6 glasses of the solution, there is a feeling of fullness and nausea. These symptoms will indicate that the liquid does not passes into the intestine. To remedy this situation, it is recommended to stop intake of fluids and need to do exercises three times in a row. As soon as all over feeling of nausea, you are ready to continue cleansing;
  • if the feeling of nausea persists, you can induce vomiting. To call vomiting should be inserted two finger to the base of the small tongue. Of course, you can not do this procedure, then you need to stop clean and just endure nausea;
  • stool salt sometimes cause irritation of the anus. To eliminate the symptoms of irritation during defecation better not to use toilet paper, instead you can wash. After cleaning the anus it is recommended to apply vegetable oil or petroleum jelly. This will help to significantly reduce the irritation.

Diet after cleansing

After the procedure, bowel cleansing should only take less than 30 minutes, only after that period you can start eating. But not worth much to delay the adoption of food, a maximum of one hour, you can begin eating.

Definitely need to adhere to the following nutrition guidelines:

  1. In the morning you can eat boiled rice with melted butter.
  2. Porridge is not recommended to add salt or sugar.
  3. To improve taste you can add tomato paste.
  4. After cleaning it is not recommended to drink a minimum of two hours.
  5. Following the intake of food should be in three hours.
  6. On the day of atonement and the next day it is not recommended to eat products with animal origin (meat, fish), also should exclude from your menu sweets, fruit.
  7. During this period, it is best to prepare a variety of cereal, eat bread and cheese products.
  8. To a normal diet should be back in 24 hours.

The frequency of the procedure

The frequency of a cleaning process of the intestine depends on the degree of contamination of this body, from lifestyle and nutrition, the health of the body, from the purpose of the procedure. Usually this purification is carried out four times per year before the change of weather season. This will allow nature to enter into a new mode.

Cleaning is often recommended for people who suffer from constipation, but it is worth remembering that this procedure is not intended to eliminate this problem. The objective of this procedure is aimed at complete purification of body from toxins, toxins, the normalization of the activities of the internal organs. If, after regular cleaning with a hydrochloric solution constipation not disappear, and again, then you should pay attention to nutrition. Perhaps thisproblem cause any disease, so it is necessary to pass the examination.

For the treatment of diabetes may apply the procedure under the scheme a day or two. But at home it is not necessary to spend, it is better to perform the cleanse under the strict supervision of a specialist. Be sure to respect any special techniques.

If the gut is heavily clogged, you can clean every 2 weeks. The course of procedure in these cases is 3-4 months. If you wish, you can extend the cleaning, but be sure to observe proper diet and rest. Additionally, it is recommended to monitor the status of your health. Should not be abused by cleansing with frequent washings beneficial micro-organisms can not make it to form the body may be on the verge of exhaustion.


Salt water for digestion, of course, is helpful but it is worth considering that the purification of the brine may have some contraindications:

  • pathology oncologic nature;
  • the period of gestation of the child;
  • the period of menstruation;
  • increased body temperature;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • the presence of hypertension of the third degree;
  • high probability of heart attacks;
  • the period after surgery;
  • prolapse of the vagina;
  • the presence of various intestinal disorders.

Cleaning by the method Malakhov

Malakhov is performed according to the method of bowel cleansing with salt water with lemon. The purification is performed using an enema. It is necessary to make liquid with lemon juice and salt. In 2 liter of solution is added 1 big spoon of lemon juice.

How is cleaning:

  1. Ready solution with lemon juice to pour into a mug Esmarch and placed at the level of half a meter from the floor.
  2. The tip of the tube better lubricated, so he could easily enter the opening of the anus.
  3. People need to take the knee-elbow position, that the pelvis is above shoulders.
  4. Next, the tube is placed deep into the bowels of 25-50 cm
  5. Then enter the solution and the intestinal tract is cleaned.
  6. Carry out the procedure should, before bedtime after defecation.

Intestinal cleansing with salt solution has a beneficial effect on health. With this procedure it is possible to normalize the General condition, the internal organs and digestive system. Most importantly, you need to implement all the recommendations and proper cleaning.