How to do an enema to a child at home with pear and without

It happens that there is a need to put a cleansing enema the baby. This procedure, though unpleasant, but effective, if the child tormented by constipation. Especially in the first year of life, when the gut flora of the baby has not yet settled all the necessary bacteria, may have to return to this method of getting rid of bloating and colic, caused by constipation. Faced with this, probably every parent has wondered how to do an enema to a child is the most gently and painlessly without damaging the intestinal mucosa of the baby?

Of course, if the child regularly cannot defecate and suffer from digestive problems, to constantly put the enema is not a panacea and can only do worse. In such cases it is necessary to examine the bowel, to analyze the composition of the microflora and to find out the cause. Enema for children should be used only when nothing else has worked, and the baby continues to act up, because they felt uncomfortable from constipation.

Types of enemas

Procedure klishirovannyh is the treatment or diagnosis of all of the intestine through the rectal introduction into it of the fluid. Enemas are classified into several types:

  1. Cleaning. Its mission is excretion from the bowel of feces and gases of fermentation products. Basically put in the long absence of natural peristalsis.The amount of fluid depends on the age. For newborns, its amount should not exceed 25 ml, if the child is 1 month he is injected not more than 40 ml, in six months the volume required may reach 100 ml, and one-year-old child can introduce about 150 ml. In the period from one to two years, the kid is allowed to enter up to 250 ml cleaning solution, with 2 to 5 years enema can be a volume of 300 ml, in the period five to nine years the amount of water can be increased to 400 ml, and ten you can type half a liter of fluid. The temperature of the injected fluid can vary from 28-38 degrees.
  2. Medicinal. It is strictly prescribed by the medical doctor for medication effects on intestinal microflora. When a child is plagued by gases, usually he administered a decoction of chamomile. To remove the cramps will help two-percent solution of chloral hydrate. Antibiotics can also be administered via enema, which did not lessen their effect and does not require passing them through the gastrointestinal tract. They dissolve in oil medicinal plants such as rosehip or sea buckthorn or mixed with fish oil and entered inside. The temperature of the enema fluid should be in the range 40-41 degrees, before a therapeutic enema in preparation is cleaning.
  3. Nutritious. Its use is appropriate when persistent vomiting when the body does not receive the nutrients necessary for the implementation of a full life. To restore the balance of nutrients and give you energy, help solutions of glucose and salts.
  4. Oil. A small child put it in order to obtain a laxative effect. Sometimes such a procedure is prescribed for the detection of inflammation in the intestine. Laxative enema at home is done by heating sunflower-seed or linseed oil to body temperature and introducing it into the rectum at night, so as a result it is observed only in a few hours.

All the above types of enemas used for medicinal purposes. There is the so-called diagnostic enema, rectal through which introduced a special structure for the implementation of x-ray studies of the intestine.

The procedure for cleaning the intestines of the child by enema

To the procedure went more smoothly and safely, the baby made enema syringe with a soft tip. In addition, when klishirovannyh infants can buy a special enema syringe 50 ml. Children after 5 years apply for this procedure a pear or Esmarch rubber cylinders with a bone tip.

If after the enema the child went to the toilet, you should not panic. After a time, the procedure can be done again, it may not adversely affect the health of the baby.

Enema to child under one year

To do an enema to a child up to 1 year you must perform the following recommendations:

  • wash hands thoroughly;
  • wash and boil the rubber syringe;
  • at home it is best to cleanse the bowel of the usual boiled water without medicinal additives and impurities, except that you can wash the baby's gut weak decoction of chamomile;
  • in a rubber "pear" need to gain the required amount of water, depending on the age of the child;
  • on the changing table to spread the oilcloth and cover it with a soft top, preferably Baikova diaper;
  • then, you should put the baby on his back in front of him and bend his legs at the knees;
  • after this, the buttock of the child to gently dissolve and enter into the rectum the enema tip, before releasing the air out of it. If the tip is soft, he is introduced into the rectum completely, and if it is more solid, you can simply enter it to 4 cm Before the procedure, the enema tip is lubricated with oil or vaseline. You can do without pears, replacing it with a special enema syringe;
  • the liquid should be introduced slowly, gradually pushing on the balloon and watching the child's reaction.If the child cries and resists, it is better to stay and wait, and then continue;
  • it is important to know that after the introduction into the intestine of the child the right amount of liquid, the enema should be withdrawn, clenched;
  • after that we need to bring the buttocks of the baby and to hold them at least a minute to the effect of the procedure was more effective;
  • toddler can turn from side to side in order that the liquid as distributed across all sections of the intestine;
  • if the child is only a few months and it is impossible to perch on the pot, it is better to use moisture-curing diaper;
  • after bowel movements of a baby to wash away and lubricate his anus baby cream and a pear and a tip, wash, boil and dry.

Many infants suffer from colic and malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract, and this is not surprising. The intestines of the child at birth does not differ from the intestines of an adult with its length of 12 m. Therefore, it is difficult to determine the true cause of the constipation in such a young child. In children under the age of eight months, especially after the introduction of complementary foods, cause constipation can be volvulus. In addition, appendicitis, hernia and other serious illness can also be accompanied by constipation. Why enema for children under the age is made only on the recommendation of a physician.

Enema child from 1 to 3 years

Kid to three years you can put an enema yourself at a high temperature, if it is known that it is caused by food poisoning.

Normal water enema without the addition of sorbents will not give the desired effect if your child has a fever, because water at high temperature is absorbed by the intestines, freeing it from harmful substances.

If the child is more than 2 years, to make the enema more difficult in terms of what he already understands a lot and have to be persuaded to undertake this procedure. In General, we must act in the same way as when klishirovannyh baby. The only difference is that in this age, the child is able to sit on the potty and it is better to empty the bowel that is difficult to do for the baby in the supine position. At this age, is enema bag with a thin plastic tip, but softer and less painful to klishirovannyh is a cylinder with a soft nozzle. Mug Esmarch for this use is still impossible, it is recommended to wait at least until the child was 4 years old.

Klishirovannyh children older

Children 6 years and require the introduction of larger quantities of liquid to wash the intestines, so the pear 200 ml will not help. For this there is a pear Esmarch. This fixture holds up to two liters of fluid, making it suitable for klishirovannyh both children and adults. Mug Esmarch is a plastic or silicone rubber capacity, reminiscent of the warmer. With a soft six-foot tube that attaches to the tank, and various attachments, this unit is suitable to take an enema, and douching. In fact, this device can be used even when the child has 3 years, but only if it normally carries such a procedure.

Laxatives enemas for children from five years and older are more than cool water, almost room – 20-22 degrees. To properly do an enema, the child is placed on his left side, coat the tip and gently insert it into the intestine. With the introduction of the need to move towards the navel, and then to direct the tip parallel to the coccyx and to deepen it on 5-10 see Breather pipe equipped with a valve for regulating the intensity of the flow of fluid in the body. Once the capacity is devastated, the child needs to wait for ten minutes and lie down on the left, then the right side. You can then let him empty the bowel.

When the enema is contraindicated

To make an enema bag or with a mug Esmarch child can not be if discovered or suspected serious medical problems such as:

  • volvulus or obstruction;
  • acute appendicitis;
  • bleeding in the digestive tract;
  • inflammation of any of the divisions of the intestines;
  • rectal prolapse.

In addition, in the first days after abdominal surgery enema can be carried out only with the permission of the doctor and with great care.

Alternatives enema

There are many laxatives that are able to cleanse the bowel no worse enema. However, it should be understood that children under two years of most drugs are contraindicated, so a colon cleanse at this age is best done by means of an enema. But, what is better: enema or laxative if a child is 5 years, depends on how the child tolerates enema. Some children are categorically not to make them an enema, and forced to do impossible. Therefore, it is easier to choose a gentle way laxative with a minimum of side effects, which does not destroy the microflora.

If there is pear, then a good alternative to the usual enema, which is just the same salvation, can be considered the glycerol microclysters. Their number in the tube does not exceed 10 ml, and they are introduced very easily and gently clean the intestines.

Anyway, to do an enema to a child only inisolated cases. Frequent use of this procedure, the intestine ceases to operate normally, it becomes lazy and lethargic. Therefore, abuse of enemas – the last thing. If the problem with the gut is not going away, you need to find the root cause of constipation, not to remove symptoms thus.