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Как очистить легкие от никотина: восстановление легких после курения

"Blow" light experience during each inhalation. The inhalation through the trachea and bronchi in the respiratory system is beginning to penetrate the smoke, saturated with tar, toxins, nicotine. And so year after year, decade after decade. How to clean your lungs from nicotine?

Our body is breathing itself is a problem can not handle. The lungs accumulate mucus, formed the foci of inflammation and a person begins to constantly chase the cough. He's annoying, becoming suffocating, reduces motor activity. And then the smoker a thought: maybe try to quit?

What happens in the lungs during Smoking

If you compare the lungs before and after Smoking, you will see and feel the difference. The difference is visible on the lungs after years of Smoking:

  1. Reduced oxygen carrying capacity of the walls of the alveoli, leading to shortness of breath.
  2. Lungs are poorly ventilated due to the high content of resins.
  3. Perhaps the emergence of foci of inflammation in lung tissue.
  4. The elasticity of the body decreases, which leads to stagnation (for example, accumulation of phlegm).
  5. Shallow breathing, cough, hoarse voice.
  6. More frequent diseases associated with lungs: bronchitis, pneumonia, acute respiratory infections.

If you smoke one cigarette, then life will be reduced by 5.5 minutes If the day a person needs to smoke 14-18 times, given the General experience of the smoker, the life will be reduced by approximately 14 years (Center for control and prevention of diseases of the USA).

How much do you need to smoke to blackened lungs? It is enough for 10 years of regular Smoking to the respiratory system of flexible, light body, turned into a dense brown mass.

You quit Smoking: reaction

Already 2 hours after you last smoked cigarettes displayed nicotine, and carbon monoxide. 2 days later leave the body the breakdown products of nicotine, the better you feel the taste of food, felt stronger and brighter smells. Breathing becomes cleaner. Skin of hands and face gradually cleared.

After 3 weeks physical activity and strength increase, as in the lungs gets more oxygen in every cell of the body does not experience oxygen starvation. To work easier, without making much effort.

It may take 2-3 months and the blood will better flow to the limbs, improve blood circulation. Cilia in the bronchi will start to recover, getting rid of mucus. She will go out with a cough, brown from resin. The work of the lungs becomes full, so it's easy to run up a flight of stairs or to catch up with the bus.

A year later the risk of cardiovascular disease is reduced by half, and after 15 years is reduced to zero. Quitting Smoking significantly reduces the likelihood of cancer.

Recommendations for the restoration of the lungs

To recover lungs after Smoking from 1 to 3 months. And it's not that much, considering the large experience of some smokers. Of course, you can do nothing at all, and the lungs will gradually "normalize" themselves, but it will take a year or more. The body is a self – restoring system. But what time will suit you?

So you gave up Smoking. Further recovery will go faster if you stick to the following rules:

  • If you decided to quit Smoking, no of cigarettes per day. You completely give up this habit, otherwise, talk about clean breath is useless.
  • When Smoking the main "impact" are easy, but suffer other organs: blood, kidneys, tissues of internal organs. Bring harmful substances will help liquid: 2l water a day.
  • Don't go to places where smokers. Passive Smoking is no less harmful, because the body gets the same smoke, just a little smaller amounts. So avoid beer, bars, Smoking-rooms.
  • Important parameters such as humidity and temperature that surround you. The temperature should be between +20 C and humidity: 55-70%.

Until you normalize these indicators, to talk about further recovery problematic.

To create such conditions requires regular airing, the use of a household humidifier, wet cleaning. Buy a hygrometer - a device that determines the humidity of the air.

If you work in an office, organize your work area away from equipment emitting positive ions (almost all office equipment). It is quite difficult, because the developments it is necessary to use regularly. So at lunchtime be sure to take a walk in the Park or near a pond, a fountain, in order to reduce this negative impact.

Cleaning light will depend on the number of years how much you smoked. Strength will return gradually, and the cough and the mucus can be another 8-10 months.

The increase in locomotor activity

Breathing exercises help to clear the lungs of toxins. The best treatment is to force the lungs to work. During operation, blood is actively supplying the lungs with nutrients. With the blood washed out the toxins and accumulated impurities.

Help to recover almost all types of sports, would wish: running, swimming, fast walking, Cyclingwalking, fitness classes. It would distract from the "favourite habit", get rid of stress will allow you to recover the breath after long-term Smoking. You need to enter into your life breathing exercises:

  • The best lungs are cleared through breathing exercises. If the word "exercise" makes you negative, it is enough 2 times a day, do 30 deep breaths in through the nose and sharp, with the force of the exhalations through the mouth. Due to this, increases lung capacity and sputum departs quickly. These exercises do in a well ventilated area.
  • You can run the "full yoga breath". These are the three kinds of breathing: lower, middle and upper. They ventilate lung tissue, prevent the risk of cardiovascular disease. Reduce stress on the background of the abolition of the risk of heart disease.
  • Developed a set of breathing exercises Strelnikova breathing simulator Frolov. You can try and find for themselves the best option.

The respiratory activity is an important element of rehabilitation. Do not neglect it. It's your wand, which will eliminate the effects of Smoking and help you to recover faster.

Many people believe that quitting will be difficult. It is not so. First, it is a habit that can develop over the years. It's like an acquired reflex, to get rid of which need strong-willed efforts. Secondly, it is a form of drug addiction. But millions of people manage to quit Smoking.

Traditional medicine in the Arsenal of former smokers

To clean the lungs from nicotine will help folk medicine. In its Arsenal there will always be funds from all sorts of ailments. Bath is a reliable ally of the former smoker. It is good for clearing the lungs of mucus. Bath treatments take place once a week (better to go to the sauna on the waning moon). Broom need to make herbs with expectorant effect. Herbal better to change.

A good inhalation of herbs. Inhalation for cleaning is carried out using charges of the herbs, which include: black-currant leaves, chamomile, sage, oak leaves, pine needles, fir and juniper, cedar. Do not have to use all the herbs at once. It is possible to combine them using expectorant and anti-inflammatory properties. At the pharmacy you will be offered ready pharmacy fees.

Prepared the collection sealed. It needs to breathe, covered with a towel. The procedure time is 10-15min. It is desirable to conduct inhalation for 2 weeks.

The most unpleasant component of tobacco smoke is nicotine. The poison, which is agriculturally used as an insecticide. After the smoke got into the lungs, nicotine attacks the brain in 7 seconds. Once in the blood, it increases the amount of heart rhythms, blood sugar levels, increases the excitability of the cerebral cortex, relaxes peripheral muscles.

Than clearing the lungs, people knew since those times when in Russia there were tobacco. Already used some simple and effective recipes:

  • A decoction of oats: take 2 tbsp of oats, wash, fill with boiling water, double-boil and insist hour. Taken 4 times a day half a Cup for 3 weeks.
  • Tincture of oats: use 2 tbsp oat grass and insist on vodka (250 g) 2 weeks. Take a teaspoon 2 times a day before meals.
  • Infusion of peppermint: take 1 tablespoon of dried leaves per Cup of boiling water. Insist 10 minutes, strain and drink. This tool restores the tonus of the organism, normalizes the process of digestion.
  • The infusion of mint and sweet flag: use 1 teaspoon of chopped calamus root and 2 tsp. of dried mint leaves. Pour the mixture 250 g of boiling water. Insist in a thermos and use, if there is a desire to smoke.
  • A mixture of honey and lemon: honey mixed with lemon, passed through a meat grinder. Throughout the month take 1st. l before meal. This mixture will speed up the recovery, as phlegm will go faster.

When the lungs need to clear quickly

There are so-called Express-methods by which the lungs are cleared in 3 days. It's important for people who decide to quit Smoking, but lack the willpower to consistently pass all stages of purification. Espress-method "has two targets": it helps to get rid of bad habits and struggling with its consequences. It allows you to quickly clean your lungs after years of Smoking.

How is the procedure?

  1. Two days before the start of the cleanse do not eat dairy products.
  2. The day before the procedure – no emotional stress and as a drink perfect green tea.
  3. Over the next 3 days:
    • before Breakfast, drink lemon juice (2 lemons 300 ml water). Juice contains antioxidants and cleans the lungs;
    • before dinner take 400ml of carrot juice, which is well podslushivaet blood;
    • in the afternoon you can drink compote of dried fruits or yogurt with organic dried apricots and prunes. They contain potassium, hold the body in shape;
    • before bedtime will have to make another sour drink of cranberry juice in the volume of 400 ml. Is necessary to rid the lungs from infection;
    • daily take a bath with warm water. Will fit bath or sauna. Task – remove toxins through the skin;
    • breathing apparatus will work fine after inhalation. Cover the head and hold it over the hot water where you have added 15 drops of eucalyptus or other oils forthe expectoration and excretion of sputum.

In three days you will notice the difference: cheerfulness, light breathing and the lack of strong urge to smoke.

Clearing lung medicines

To the lungs will help and medication. If you decide to go that route, then consult your doctor. He podkorrektirovatj treatment and help with medication withdraw from the respiratory tract of harmful substances. In this period the important vitamins.

Cleansing lungs after quitting Smoking effectively with the following medications:

  1. Potassium orotate mineral Supplement that is able to restore body tissues and strengthen blood.
  2. Vitamin-mineral complexes, which are desirable selenium and zinc. They support the organism in a difficult period and will help to avoid stressful situations during the withdrawal from nicotine.
  3. Chlorophyllin: is used as inhalation to disinfect the respiratory tract. Needs daily inhalations throughout the week.

If there is no time or desire to consult with a specialist, do not self-medicate, and pay attention to folk treatments, and sport activities.

Smoking is a harmful habit that is able to get to everyone. But you have not experienced a lot of stress, because the habit is ingrained and has accompanied you for years, use proven and safe methods that will lead you to health.