How to withdraw toxins from the body at home

We often complain about headache, skin diseases, unstable nervous system. These symptoms are not necessarily associated with specific organs, so it can react in the body when it accumulates a lot of "waste": waste, toxins, harmful degradation products. Need to get rid of unnecessary ballast, but how?

How the body excretes waste products decay

Ideally, the body itself controls the process of purification. And until civilization has done it with this function very successfully. But today we are surrounded by chemicals: dirty air, cleaning products and detergents, dyes and preservatives. And the question is how to flush toxins from the body at home?

All chemical compounds obtained by a person, perceived by the body as foreign substances. He, figuratively speaking, "don't know how to be with them". Display yourself some connections he could do. Need help the person, otherwise it will be intoxication – poisoning their own toxins.

When the body is operating normally, lymph collects toxins. While circulating throughout the body, it is capable to unwanted substances to the certain authorities responsible for their exit from our body. But to cope with the abundance of "chemistry" they can not.

Elimination of toxins from the body controlled by the following bodies:

  1. In the liver there are many biochemical processes. It is able to neutralize the toxins, taking them or into the intestine with bile, or blood, to subsequently bring them out through the kidneys.
  2. The kidneys are capable of filter the blood and remove harmful decomposition products, leaving necessary and useful.
  3. The intestine is the organ of great length, where the constant absorption and excretion of substances. If it is contaminated with decomposition products, is not able to perform its functions fully. Scored stool, it poisons the whole body.
  4. Many of the products of metabolism out through the sweat glands, so they have an important role. For help to come the skin, because the pores do not breathe, they also work on the release of harmful substances. If the skin can no longer cope with the load, it begins to "hurt":
    • arise skin disorders
    • the face becomes grayish hue,
    • observed sagging skin,
    • with blackheads and acne,
    • no sweating during exercise.

Through the skin leaves a large percentage of the decay products, it is therefore important that it "worked". Bath and sauna, exercise, movement, all that leads to sweating is useful for our body. But it is important to maintain the water balance. Because of the body with the toxins excreted and liquid.

To the water balance were normal, a day to drink 2 liters of water. Tea, juice and milk is not water. Their consumption should be kept to a minimum. Only pure drinking water washes the body.

Methods of detoxification in a short time

Fast to remove toxins from the body will help bath. It is an old and proven method: in ancient times it was believed that it is a reliable way from any illness. In the bath, the skin steams, begins active secretion of sweat. And the more you propitiate (hot air opens the pores), the more toxins will leave your body. On the eve of visiting the baths or saunas you'll do the peeling, the toxins will be more active.

People who "jump" the pressure to this method should be treated with caution. This applies to both hypertensive and hypotensive. Sudden increases in temperature, hot steam can cause a rise in pressure. For people with this condition preferably dry steam.

The following rapid method of detoxification is a mud wrap that

  • has a powerful cleansing effect,
  • opens the pores and reduces inflammation,
  • has a bactericidal effect.

Useful substances contained in the composition of the dirt, make the skin more smooth, youthful and radiant. Do not neglect this natural remedy for healing the body.

A useful way of cleansing the body massage. In the sedentary lifestyle interferes with the circulation of blood, it is stagnation, resulting in slow metabolism and then there is the accumulation of toxins. If there is no time or desire to go to the gym, will refer to this method.

Massage has the "effect of awakening". The mechanical effect on the skin accelerates the blood that starts to circulate faster. This leads to a rapid leaching of unwanted compounds. Massage has many other positive effects on our body.

There are more radical and less pleasant way of dealing with the toxins, gastric lavage. With poor digestion, the toxins can accumulate in the stomach, and this leads to poor performance of the digestive tract.

The procedure is complicated and lasts for three hours. The patient for some time drinking slightly salty water, and then through certain techniques and breathing exercises drives her through the entire digestive tract. This procedure is performed under the supervision of a physician.

Benefits of contrast shower in the morning and evening, massage the body hard sponge, dousing cool water. Helps cleanse the body, breathing exercises and sport activities.

What foods can remove slag

Therea list of products that if consumed frequently deduce harmful substances. It is desirable to make the menu with this "food basket":

  • adsorbent properties have rice and potatoes;
  • useful carrots and beets;
  • all products containing coarse fiber, porridge made from various cereals (especially oatmeal);
  • dried fruits;
  • citrus.

Green tea – a strong tool for the removal of antioxidants. Besides a Cup of green tea with lemon will give you energy and strength. The use in nutrition of ginger and garlic helps the body to produce enzymes needed for the elimination of toxins.

The medication

There are medicines or so-called detox drugs that help fight the accumulation of harmful substances. All medications, capable to deduce toxins, have one or several of three functions:

  • absorbent,
  • laxatives
  • diuretic pills.

Excrete toxic substances drugs chemical nature is not the right solution. They can cause allergies. Besides, aren't useful for people with liver disease, stomach or intestine. There is a strange situation: the harmful substances we take no less harmful substances. Pills toxins are not using one.

But if you decide to choose this method of cleansing drugs, then we can recommend the following tools:

  1. Activated charcoal is a great adsorbent. Unfortunately, it displays the body of everything: toxins, vitamins, mineral salts, therefore, be attracted to him for a long time is not necessary.
  2. Polifepan: drug, capable of absorbing all that surrounds it. Therefore, treatment with short: up to 14 days.
  3. Enterosgel: well removes toxins, helpful for kidney and liver. The course of treatment prescribed by a doctor. Usually 1-2 weeks.
  4. Smectite has excellent adsorbent properties. First of all, it is used for heartburn, after the poisoning, diarrhea. Medication safe, suitable for different age groups. Positive effect on metabolic processes. It relieves hangover.
  5. The patch is a package, one end of which is Velcro, and on the other porous material. Inside contains herbal minerals, fiber. Paste it on the soles of the feet, the patch on each. Through the pores it enters the body, nutrients and removes waste products of metabolism. The patch "works" if after using is covered with mucus and unpleasant smells. But reviews about it are very contradictory.

The drugs that eliminate toxins from the body, are not the ideal method of recovery. It is better to use various herbal teas, dietary Supplements, special creams and ointments, natural dirt. They are all natural and safe for the body. For how many days can remove toxins? This is a regular process that is performed in stages and annually.

Properties of detoxification (neutralization of harmful substances) have many herbs and herbal preparations. For example, cowberry leaves, mother and stepmother, help to enhance the movement of lymph fluid, which in turn accumulates from the cells of waste substances derived from metabolic processes.

Help intestines

A body cleansing should start with the bowel. There is accumulated the bulk of the decay products, it is the state of the intestine affects our health and mood. The toxins coming from the liver to the "dirty" intestines, will settle on its walls, leading to greater intoxication.

What procedures can help? Will use traditional tools and learn how to remove toxins and toxins from the body folk remedies:

  1. Enema is the most effective remedy that can remove years of "food reserves" from the gut. For procedures use boiled water, add lemon juice or vinegar. Perform the procedure once in 10 days.
  2. Oats and bran are also a good "broom" which will sweep all the toxins. Oats is in the form of decoction or jelly, a bran – 4-5 - tablespoons before Breakfast. You can replace just the Herculean porridge for Breakfast, which clears the villi of the intestine.
  3. To get rid of accumulated sediment will help the intestines 3 apples eaten on an empty stomach. After eating apples 2-3 hours do not eat.

Liver: AIDS in the elimination of toxins

Removing from the intestines of long-fallow, adhering to plant food throughout the week, you can begin to excretion from the liver.

To detox at home should be approached with caution, pay attention to how you feel. If you have a chronic disease, the stones in the bile ducts, high acidity, clean body needs under the supervision of a physician or not conduct at all.

There are strict cleaning methods: Malakhov and Moritz. They are painful and require certain skills. Better not to use them independently. We will start with the softer, folk ways.

  1. Young leaves of black currant have a positive effect on the liver and can clean vessels. The recipe is simple: 2-3 tablespoons of the leaves in a divided state steamed 0.5 Cup of boiling water, allow to infuse for 2-3 hours and take 1⁄2 Cup 3 times a day.
  2. Take beets of medium size and boil until tender. A boiled root vegetablegrate and continue to boil in the same water 20 min. the resulting solution was filtered, divided into 4 parts and drink every 4 hours. You need to clean in a relaxed state, put it on the region of the liver warmer. So salt and toxins will be excreted faster.

How to clean kidneys

Before turning to popular recipes, it is good to remember that in the day you should drink on average 2 liters of water. It is a diuretic that helps to remove all the excess and unnecessary:

  • Spruce and pine needles – is another remedy. 5 tbsp. crushed needles pour 0.5 liters of water and cook 10 min, infuse for 12 hours, heated to body temperature and placed in a thermos. Drink small portions throughout the day.
  • Will assist mother and stepmother. Take 2st. L. leaves per Cup of boiling water, infuse hour, drink a spoonful every 2 hours. The duration of treatment is 2 weeks. As cleanses the kidneys, can be traced by color and impurities in the urine.

Ways to remove toxins from the body quite diverse. But applying them at home, you need to monitor their condition. Cleaning nuzzled consistently: intestine – liver – kidneys. Always start with gentle methods, because nobody knows how to behave in your body. If you feel not very well, clean in stages. Regular performance of simple recommendations will make the body clean, and your condition – fresh and energetic.