Cleansing the body with baking soda at home for Neumyvakina

The body, which is full of slags is an excellent medium for pathogenic microorganisms must therefore be cleaned periodically. One of the most effective ways of cleansing is considered to be sodium bicarbonate, which gently cleanses the organs and contributes to the rapid withdrawal of toxic substances. So that you can properly cleansing the body with baking soda at home, you need to know all the details of this procedure.

The advantage of the soda before other methods of cleaning the body

Baking soda easy to buy in any store, it is used not only in everyday life, as effective medications. The beneficial effects of this substance on the human body has long been known, even in ancient times doctors used bicarbonate to treat sore throat, burns and stomach problems. Soda consider a unique chemical that has a lot of advantages:

  • Due to its alkaline properties of bicarbonate normalizes the acidity in the stomach and urine to help prevent gastritis and acidosis.
  • Has good antibacterial qualities, prevents reproduction of pathogenic microbes in extensive wounds and mucous membranes.
  • Has analgesic properties, can neutralize lactic acid, which is formed in excess in muscle tissues after strenuous physical exercise. In this case, soda is used externally as compresses.
  • Antimicrobial characteristics allow to act on the bacteria in the internal and external use and also in making therapeutic baths.
  • Sodium bicarbonate has good cleansing qualities.
  • Using soda can to produce quality cleaning the skin at home. The skin becomes elastic and silky, disappearing rashes, pores well narrowed.
  • Using soda solution can be cured in the initial stages of some diseases that are caused, according to doctors, by fungi of the Candida group. Soda regulates the acid-alkaline balance, and thus, eliminates the cause of the disease.

Toxic substances penetrate into the human organism in case of poisoning with poor-quality products, drugs, when infected by infections and parasites, and also under bad environmental conditions. In all of these cases will help body cleansing baking soda. This substance quickly depresses an acidic environment, which promotes the growth of pathogens.

Cleansing soda

If the right to drink soda to cleanse the body, the result can be seen already after a few tricks. The state of health of the person who takes the soda, markedly improved after only a couple of days:

  • Blood pressure come to normal.
  • Breathing becomes more even.
  • Normalized bowel function.
  • Getting better vision.
  • Toned entire body.
  • Improves the blood.
  • Thanks to the cleaning vessel baking soda improves blood circulation, blood is better oxygenated.

Methods of cleansing the body with baking soda can not only positively affect the body, but also to have a negative impact. Most often this occurs if the procedure is performed incorrectly. Side effect can be considered the high content of alkali in the body, leading to persistent diarrhea and increased secretion of gastric enzyme.

Not recommended for a long time to clean soda. It can cause alkalosis, a disorder characterized by excessive amount of alkali in the body. This disease responds poorly to medical treatment.

Contraindications to cleansing soda

Before you begin the procedure of cleansing the body you need to carefully study a number of contraindications, in which drinking soda is not recommended by doctors. Such conditions include:

  1. Chronic hypertension – soda raises blood pressure and thins the blood well, but the total amount of calcium in the body decreases.
  2. You can not drink soda people who have serious disease of the digestive tract.
  3. Pregnancy is also impossible to use the bicarbonate in order to cleanse. This substance acts not only on the body of the mother but also the baby.

With great care, you can clean the body and people who suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Before performing a body cleanse, you should consult with your doctor who will determine the feasibility of such a procedure.

Body cleansing methodology Neumyvakina

Renowned Professor I. P. by Neumyvakin have developed a range of methods by which you can be treated at home from various diseases. He believes that if we clean the body with the help of pills and other pharmacy means, it will bring health more harm than good, so better go to folk ways.

The main doctor's advice Neumyvakina for a full body cleanse include a number of such recommendations:

  • For 7-10 days before starting treatment, you should follow a vegetarian diet. From the menu need to completely exclude protein foods. In this case, the table must have enough fresh fruit, vegetables and cereals.
  • Further there itselfthe method of cleansing according Neumyvakina, which lasts only three days. To do this three times a day, definitely on an empty stomach, drink a glass of fresh milk by adding ¼ teaspoon of baking soda, 15 minutes after taking milk. The amount of sodium bicarbonate is slowly increasing. On the second day you can add half a teaspoon of the substance, and on the third day add a spoon.
  • After a three-day course of consumption of soda three days to drink Apple cider or lemon juice and take vegetable oil, better olive oil. Intestinal cleansing for Neumyvakina involves daily application of cleansing enemas which can be done as a clean room temperature water and a weak solution of bicarbonate.

After a course of cleansing the body within a week need to drink a decoction of rose hips and to give up fatty, smoked and spicy food.

If the purging soda performed correctly, in compliance with all recommendations, possible mild pain in the abdomen. This is a consequence of the softening and release toxins that have gathered in the intestine.

Features of cleansing the body with baking soda

To effectively clean vessels and intestines soda, you need to observe some rules:

  • Soda to dissolve in warm, slightly warmed milk or water.
  • Start the procedure with a smaller dose of the substance, if the reaction of the stomach normal, the amount of sodium bicarbonate is gradually increased.
  • In the period of purification in the diet is introduced lots of fresh herbs and vegetables, which provide the body with essential minerals and vitamins.
  • During the cleaning of the intestine and blood vessels is not recommended to use pastry and sugar.

In addition, the need to increase physical activity, drink a day not less than 2 liters of pure water and avoid stressful situations.

If you use soda for cleaning the body's deteriorated condition, the procedure is stopped.

As still use soda to clean the body

For cleansing soda is not only used inside, but used externally. To maintain a good immune system, it is recommended each day to rinse your mouth with sodium bicarbonate solution. To do this, take half a teaspoon of the substance and stir in a Cup of warm water until dissolved. This method though simple, but quite effective. Bicarbonate enters the body through the salivary glands.

Well established enema with soda solution. They contribute to quality colon cleanse with the removal of pathogenic microorganisms and toxins. To prepare the solution, you should take two teaspoons of baking soda without slides, and stir in a liter of water at room.

Completely clean and relieve stress will help bath with sea salt and baking soda. Gaining the hot water, it is diluted with 50 grams of salt and a half Cup of sodium bicarbonate. The duration of the bath should not last more than an hour. This procedure should be done twice a week.

Two hours before making soda baths are recommended to have a drink of lemon juice with honey, which is diluted in a glass of water.

Sodium bicarbonate is cheap, but its scope is very wide. Such a substance can be used not only for confectionery and for domestic use. If you want to completely clear the organism from slags and toxic substances, come to the aid of the familiar baking soda.