The bowel cleanse and the entire body apples

The benefits of apples is known to all from early childhood. These fruits are considered to be not only the most affordable but also useful. In juicy pulp contains many vitamins, minerals and iron. Apples is able to bring the body of toxins, toxins and salts of heavy metals. These fruits are often recommended to eat during illness and recovery period. There are a lot of Apple diets, which in a short time allow you to throw up to 7 kg of weight. Recently gaining popularity of body cleansing apples. To conduct such purification preferably in late summer or early fall.

Cleansing properties of apples

Apples is a great tool for the treatment and prevention of many diseases, which the gifts of nature. But in our region it is the most popular fruit.

Cleansing the body apples possible due to the unique composition of this product. Apples contain a lot of special fiber, including pectin jelly. This substance called a natural cleaner, for its ability to rid the body of harmful compounds. Once in the intestine, pectin strongly swells and absorbs all the harmful substances which include:

  • excess cholesterol;
  • salts of heavy metals;
  • pathogenic microorganisms and their metabolic products;
  • radioactive elements;
  • other harmful components of natural and artificial origin.

In addition, pectin helps to improve digestion, normalizes metabolism, absolutely without disrupting intestinal flora. Due to the stimulation of the intestinal wall, entering into the composition of Apple fiber and pectin help to eliminate constipation.

I must say that the amount of pectin and fiber may vary slightly depending on the variety of apples, the conditions and duration of storage, as well as the growing region of Apple trees.

Since ancient times, apples are considered a symbol of youth, good health and vitality.

Methods of cleansing the body apples

Practice Apple diet or clean the body of these fruits preferably in late summer or early autumn. It was at this time the fruits ripen EN masse and are quite inexpensive. In addition, in early autumn, the chemical composition of fruits is considered the most optimal and cleansing properties pronounced.

Choose apples need very carefully, it will depend on the result of the cleansing of the body. Large, shiny fruit, is completely odorless, which are in many supermarkets, to clean definitely not intended. It is better to buy plain, homemade apples from the hostesses from the private sector.

Apple cleaning is a one-day

To quickly clean the body of toxins, you can resort to one-day procedure. For cleaning better to take sour or sour - sweet variety is best suited Antonovka, Semerenko or White filling. People who suffer from high acidity of gastric juice, should give preference to sweet varieties. The main rule is eating apples should be fun.

Is the purging of apples on this simple algorithm:

  • Take 2 kg of apples, which taste like, and divide them into 8 equal piles.
  • Starting from 8 in the morning you need to eat one piece of fruit every 2 hours. To ten o'clock the whole volume of apples should be eaten.
  • To Supplement the diet can freshly squeezed carrot juice. Herbal teas and clean water. To drink per day to less than 2 liters of fluid.

Eat apples need to peel and it contains most of the fiber. But this cannot be considered a prerequisite, even if the fruit is peeled, the effect of cleaning will be less. Apples do not cause a rapid laxative effect, so you can work quietly and enjoy the ripe fruit.

Day cleaning is nothing like a fasting day. It is useful to arrange a couple of times a month for the normalization of the digestive tract.

Cleaning, monthly

Effective, but pretty hard colon cleanse apples, which is designed for a month. This procedure is optimal for those people who want not only improve your health and cleanse the body, but cause your weight to normal. This method can be applied as a preparatory step prior to liver cleansing.

The procedure of cleaning lasts the whole month and requires great willpower. Very few people bring such clarification to its logical end. Cleaning is carried out in several successive stages.

  • In the first week eat Breakfast all the time apples and for lunch and dinner serving vegetarian dishes. After waking up to eat two medium apples. All meals during the first week should be vegetable.
  • The second week, eat apples for Breakfast and dinner and for lunch eat another plant foods. If you really want to eat, allowed a couple times a day to eat one little piece of bran bread.
  • Third week is the most difficult, because you can eat only apples. Eat them several times a day, drinking herbal teas or green tea. It is permissible to bake the fruit with a little honey.
  • During the fourth week you need to gradually pull out of the diet.

When you exit the diet first clean the apples with dining menu, leaving them only in the morning andin the evening. Next, the apples left for Breakfast only, rest go to normal food, eliminating a harmful food.

When Apple cleansing you must give up all harmful products. Diet won't make an effect, if the morning to eat fruits, and at dinner pasta with meat.

Liver cleansing apples

This recipe has survived from the ancient healers. Before applying to consult a doctor.

Before liver cleansing, you need to conduct fasting day on apples. The next day you need to drink in a few receptions and a half liters of pure Apple juice. In the evening, at 19.00 in the region of the liver put a warm heating pad while I drink small SIPS 100 ml of olive oil and as much lemon juice. These two components need to be alternated by the throat.

It is strictly forbidden to clean the liver in this way those people who have stones in the bile ducts!

Colon cleanse

It is no secret that the intestine is the dirtiest place in the body. Here are shaped stool, part of which is constantly delayed on the wall of the organ. For bowel cleansing you do not need to exert much effort. A day is enough to eat 1-2 apples. To achieve the best cleaning effect can be prepared fruit salad. For it should be Apple, banana, Mandarin, kiwi and some pomegranate seeds. This salad fasting nourishes the body with vitamins and effectively disinfects the cavity of the intestine.

If you eat a fruit salad regularly you can get rid of constipation and normalize digestion.


A cleanse apples can be carried out not for all people. There are a number of contraindications to this procedure. Use apples in large amounts not people who get sick:

  • gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer;
  • gastritis;
  • allergies.

It is not necessary to practice any mono pregnant and lactating women. The big effect they give, but cause harm to many.

If during the cleaning appeared weak and unwell, it is necessary to abandon this procedure!

Due to the fiber, which is in apples, it is possible to effectively clean the body of toxins. Such cleaning may last from one day to one month. Do not forget that the procedure has contraindications. And before starting the purification it is better to consult a doctor.