How to take honey, lemon and olive oil on an empty stomach

Honey, lemon, and olive oil have many beneficial properties. For healing the body these ingredients can be used separately or cook them on the basis of the miraculous mixture. Most importantly, choose the right recipe and follow it precisely.

The beneficial properties of honey, lemon and olive oil

The lemon becomes a storehouse of vitamin C. Its use helps to restore metabolism and protective functions of the body. In addition, it has excellent antioxidant effect.

The composition of honey consists of about 400 valuable for human health components. It differs for its antiseptic, calming and antibacterial properties, stimulate the immune system. Regular use of this product restores the metabolism and helps eliminate toxins from the body.

Olive oil – source of essential to the health of unsaturated fatty acids. These substances play a key role in the process of metabolism. Consumption of olive oil helps to slow the aging process of the body's cells.

Special benefits for the body is different a mixture of these three components. Lemon juice, honey, olive oil in combination have the following useful properties:

  1. Improve condition of the skin. This is especially noticeable on the face. It acquires precise contours, the skin becomes smooth and taut.
  2. Make the hair strong and well maintained. They get a nice Shine.
  3. Strengthen nails, prevents their splitting and brittleness.
  4. The mixture has a cleansing effect. After eating it go out of body all the accumulated toxins. It positively affects the work of all internal organs. Blood vessels are elastic, establish normal blood flow, stimulates the liver and kidneys, cleaned the upper respiratory tract.
  5. Components give vitality. This mixture can be called a vitamin cocktail that gives you energy for the whole day.
  6. Promotes weight loss. This property of composition is especially important for those who want to become the owner of a slender figure. The components of the mixture accelerate the process of metabolism and restore digestion. It must necessarily be in the diet of all who are on a diet.

Honey lemon and olive oil helps not only heal, but also rejuvenate the body. Using remedies based on these components, you will feel energetic and cheerful all day.

How to prepare a medicinal drug

Proven and effective tool for cleansing becomes a mix of honey lemon and olive oil. Cook it simply and quickly. To do this:

  • In small container pour 50 ml of olive oil. It is better to take the product cold-pressed.
  • Add 200 ml of honey. Healing properties has only natural product made by bees. Do not buy honey in questionable places, as it may be counterfeit.
  • Press the juice from ripe lemons. Ensure that it does not fall of the bone. 100 ml of juice, please send in a container to other components.
  • Mix well all the ingredients. Use the mixture in the morning before Breakfast. For the times you need to eat a tablespoon. The rest of the tool store in the refrigerator.

This treatment is olive oil, honey and lemon should be carried out in a period of two months. After a single course, you will noticeably look younger and feel better.

As the mixture has a unique vitamin composition, the courses of purification, its use is best done in the spring and autumn months.

Who is forbidden to consume a mixture of lemon, honey and butter

Sometimes olives with lemon and honey provoke different health problems. Among the main contraindications to the use of such means there are:

  1. Individual intolerance to the components.
  2. Gastrointestinal diseases in the acute stage.
  3. Hypertension.
  4. The cholecystitis.
  5. Diabetes.

Overdose olive oil, lemon and honey is fraught with aggravation of chronic diseases. Remember that any tool is of benefit only when the prescribed dosage.

Body cleansing olive oil

There are many discussions about is it good to drink olive oil in the morning on an empty stomach. In fact, if you decided to clear your body of toxins, this method can be called one of the most effective and relatively safe. To enhance the effect, it adds lemon juice.

To carry out such a cleaning procedure is to mix 20 ml of olive oil with a teaspoon of lemon juice. Such a composition should drink in the morning before Breakfast.

Olive oil with lemon on an empty stomach will help cleanse the liver from toxic substances. But this procedure is completely harmless to not be named. So, before you start the sessions, be sure to consult your doctor. A week prior to the cleanse, you can go to diet regimen. Strictly prohibited any fatty, fried, smoked dishes, sweets and pastries. The emphasis is on fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink plenty of clean water. Only after this training you can move on to the procedure.

Liver cleanse olive oil is carried out according to the following scheme:

  1. The day of the scheduled procedureprepare everything you need: fresh lemon, olive oil, clean water, warmer. During the procedure, you may experience pain, so have on hand any analgesic drug. Cleaning is best done in the evening. Breakfast and lunch on this day should be as easy.
  2. Heat olive oil to a temperature of about 36 degrees. Press the juice from the lemon.
  3. Located conveniently lying on its side. To the area. apply a heating pad. This warm compress will stimulate the flow of bile.
  4. Drink a tablespoon of oil, then spoon lemon juice. If you start to feel ill, wash down with plenty of clean water.
  5. After 15 minutes, drink another tablespoon of butter and juice. Repeat this process every 15 minutes until all of the harvested oil will not end.

During the session, the warmer should always be in a hot state. The therapeutic effect is achieved immediately.

After this cleaning to go to the full diet it is necessary gradually. So the body will slowly come out of a stressful situation.

Contraindications to cleaning oil

Olive oil for the liver to take you can not everyone. There are the following contraindications to the cleaning process:

  1. Allergic reaction.
  2. The excess body weight.
  3. A serious disease of the gastrointestinal tract.
  4. The cholecystitis.
  5. Disorder of the intestine.

Olive oil benefits and harms to the liver which is well-studied, useful product, but sometimes can play with your health a cruel joke. Therefore, before cleaning, consult your doctor. This will help to avoid negative health effects.

Cleansing honey

Intestinal cleansing of toxins can be carried out with the help of honey with the addition of various natural ingredients. Among the most effective recipes are the following:

  1. Honey + lemon juice. This composition will help remove toxins, restore the normal state of the vascular system, to get rid of excess weight. For its preparation stir in a glass of warm water a teaspoon of honey and two tablespoons of lemon juice. To make such a tool must in the morning before Breakfast. The stomach must be empty. You can apply a different scheme: the glass half means on an empty stomach before Breakfast, and the rest of the day 20 minutes before meals.
  2. Honey + cinnamon. In half Cup warm water dissolve a tablespoon of honey. Stir in a teaspoon of cinnamon. Mix well all the ingredients. Drinking is necessary before each use of food. It will not only cleanse the body but also to get rid of extra pounds.
  3. Honey + rose. Put it in a thermos half Cup dried rose hips. Pour a liter of water and leave to napar all night. In the morning, the prepared infusion use two teaspoons of honey. Take half a Cup before meals. The duration of purification – not less than 7 days and not more than two weeks.
  4. Honey + dried fruit + yogurt. Grind using a blender a handful of dates and dried apricots. The resulting slurry enter in 250 ml of kefir. Add a tablespoon of honey. Mix well all the ingredients. Drink the mixture before Breakfast on an empty stomach.

Using these tools, you can not only cleanse the body but also to treat the disease. They are a great help with problems with digestion, dysbiosis, high blood pressure, problems with the immune system and skin.

Cleansing the body with lemon

Excrete toxins, and using the lemon. This citrus promotes regeneration of damaged cells. This contains substances that help cleanse the body of salts of heavy metals. It is also considered a natural antiseptic.

Lemon juice is recommended for use in pure form. Do not add any foreign components. To take it 30 minutes before a meal. One course of treatment will need about 200 lemons. Take the juice according to the following scheme:

  1. On the first day, you must drink one glass of lemon juice in equal portions.
  2. On the second day, take two glasses of juice.
  3. The third day will need three cups.
  4. On the fourth day – four glasses.
  5. On the fifth day prepare five glasses of juice.
  6. On the sixth, seventh and eighth day again need five lemons.
  7. On the ninth day consume four cups.
  8. For the tenth day you should drink three glasses of juice.
  9. On the eleventh day you will need two cups of juice.
  10. To complete the course of treatment should be one Cup.

A daily dose of juice is divided into equal portions and drink six to ten times during the day. During this cleansing, try to avoid stressful situations, do not overload the digestive system with heavy meals.

For the preparation of medicinal juice, choose ripe fruit with a thin skin. To prepare the juice in advance is not necessary, as it oxidizes rapidly in air. Squeeze its easier just using the electric juicer. Since the consumption of juice may appear tiresome, it is better to drink it with a straw for cocktails.

Contraindications to cleaning with lemon juice

In some cases, the application of lemon juice can harm the body. Among the main contraindications are:

  1. Gastritis, peptic ulcer and other gastrointestinal diseases.
  2. Hepatitis.
  3. Diskinesia biliaryways.
  4. Cholelithiasis.

In this situation, you should choose another method of cleansing the body. Before applying lemon juice, you must consult with your doctor.

The cleansing of toxins with lemon, olive oil and honey is an effective and simple procedure. Before using it consult a doctor.