How to withdraw fluid from the lungs of folk remedies

Fluid in the lungs is formed as a result of certain diseases, especially cirrhosis of the liver and severe renal failure. To eliminate this pathology it is necessary to immediately go to the hospital, only a doctor can properly diagnose and prescribe the right treatment. To alleviate the patient's condition, you need to know how to withdraw the fluid from his lungs folk remedies. Many prescriptions from folk healers quite simple, but very effective.

What danger carries fluid in the lungs

After the detected fluid in the lungs, it is necessary to determine what was the cause of this phenomenon. When pleurisy develops respiratory failure, and improper or not in time treatment begins pulmonary edema.

There are four forms of pleurisy – fulminant, acute, subacute and chronic. Each of these forms has its own symptoms:

  1. In subacute stage of the disease the patient's condition is deteriorating rapidly. There is pain in the sternum, especially when the person is moving, the heartbeat quickens, the skin turning blue, and with frequent cough sputum departs.
  2. In acute stage of the disease in humans is quite loud and ragged breathing, he has trouble breathing. The patient becomes nervous, the heart is severely disturbed. Sleep is completely disrupted, the person may lose consciousness. Arterial pressure steadily falls, and the pulse barely perceptible.
  3. In the chronic form of pleurisy, the patient is difficult and noisy breathing, he is concerned about shortness of breath. During exercise there is pain in the chest.
  4. Fulminant form of pleurisy is the most dangerous stage of the disease. In just a few hours from significantly deteriorating, the symptoms resemble malignant tumor of the lungs. If medical assistance is urgently not to provide, the result will be fatal.

If it became difficult to breathe, and there were other signs of fluid in the lungs, you should immediately contact a doctor. Only a specialist after a thorough examination will be able to say exactly why in his lungs began to accumulate fluid and will prescribe the right treatment.

In some cases in the lungs, in addition to fluid accumulates pus and blood. This pathology very quickly degrades the human condition and without treatment can lead to death.

Diagnosis and treatment

For a start, the person with the complaint goes to a therapist, if needed, sends it to the lung, ultrasound and x-rays. Make the diagnosis fast enough, but in some cases you also have to pass tests to see which fluid accumulates in the tissues.

Compulsorily pass full blood count and check the condition of the heart and kidneys. This is especially indicated for those people who do not consist on the account and on the work of these bodies did not complain.

In acute course of the disease from person hospitalitynet prescribed diuretics and antibiotics in case the cause of fluid in the lungs became infected.

If the cause of this condition was renal failure, it shows the dialysis. When the patient's condition, with severely impaired respiratory function, it is connected to the ventilator. In parallel with these actions, the doctors determine the cause of the pathological condition and prescribe treatment.

When the cause of fluid accumulation in the lungs was cancer, to remove it use different medicines. Surgical intervention in such cases is usually not assigned.

If the pleurisy has passed in a malignant form, you may need surgery under local anesthesia, to remove excess fluid.

Traditional medicine in the fight against pleurisy

After the diagnosis and purpose of treatment you can resort to the advice of traditional medicine, to remove fluid from the lungs. But before using any of the recipes you need to remember these things:

  • Any traditional recipes will have effect only if their application is approved by your doctor. An experienced specialist should pick up the ingredients based on the data about the patient's health.
  • Traditional recipes can help remove the fluid from his lungs only when taken regularly. Within a few days of treatment, nothing will change, the patient may need weeks or months to get rid of the dangerous disease.
  • If a folk remedy at least a little did not improve the condition within a couple of weeks, he should refuse.

Traditional recipes for removing fluid from the lungs are considered to be effective and affordable. In addition to traditional medicine, there are few ways to treat this kind of disease.

A decoction of the leaves of fresh parsley

This remedy helps to eliminate excess fluids from the entire body and from the lungs including. For cooking and medicinal take a decoction of the following ingredients:

  • 800 grams fresh parsley;
  • 1 liter fresh milk (cow).

Parsley thoroughly washed and milled. Lay in pan and pour milk. Put on a slow fire and boil away until the volume of liquid is reduced by half.

Take this healing decoction of a spoonful every hour for two weeks, although on doctor's orders, treatment can be extended. Store broth in a cool place 3 days.

It is a tool for removinglung is well tolerated and does not cause side effects.

The film's rap peel

Well brings the water from the lungs and the film's rap peel, which contains many nutrients and vitamins. This folk remedy helps to get rid of the liquid without the use of drugs in mild disease. Preparing a medicament:

  • one turnip thoroughly washed under running water with a brush;
  • cut from fruit peel and crushed;
  • put the raw material into a pan and pour three liters of cold water;
  • bring to a near boil on the stove, then remove and place in the oven to languish;
  • a container of broth keep in the oven for 2 hours, uparima fluid twice.

After complete cooling the decoction, it is taken 3 times a day a glass.

For preparing this medicine need to take dishes that will withstand the high heat in the oven.

Onion juice

Onion juice is detrimental effect on pathogens and helps to eliminate excess fluid from the body. To prepare the remedy, you need to take one large onion. Vegetable cleanse and a couple of times I scroll in a meat grinder. Then through several layers of gauze and squeeze out the pulp juice.

Onion juice poured into a glass jar and add sugar. The resulting tool, take a tablespoon early in the morning on an empty stomach.

Not recommended this recipe to people with chronic diseases of the stomach.

Mushroom viburnum

If the lungs are accidentally exposed to water, bring it will help snowball the fungus. To prepare this remedy, you need to take ripe berries of viburnum, which are collected after the first frost. Wash them well and dry on cotton cloth. Then take a 3-liter glass jar, poured back the three cups of viburnum berries, add a Cup of sugar and fill the jar up to the neck with boiled water. After that neck tie clean gauze and put on ten days in a cool dark place.

Formed after the mushroom clot, poured from a jar half of liquid, and the rest is used for the treatment. Mushroom take out and wash with water then return it to the jar and add a little more sugar.

Viburnum fungus continues to grow, and the water in which it is located, take for removing excess fluid from the lungs. Usually take a glass of this potion per day, but the volume can be controlled by the attending physician.

To make this healing tool, you can not take sugar, and honey in the same proportion.

Pine jelly

This method helps even in chronic pleurisy. It can also apply heavy smokers, to cleanse the lungs. The medicine is prepared according to the scheme:

  • Take a piece of resin the size of a coin in 5 roubles, and two fresh pine cones.
  • Bumps well washed under running water and lay together with the resin in 0.5 liters of milk, which is first boiled.
  • I insist the composition of about 4 hours, then strain through a few layers of gauze.

The medicinal composition take a glass of morning and evening. The treatment can last up to two months. Pine milk allows you to remove from easy even an old, stagnant phlegm.

Jam made from pine cones

A sweet treat with a specific taste will help to not only get rid of water in the lungs, but also of toxins with toxins. Collect pine cones, wash them well, and then poured into a container for boiling and pour cold water. The fluid level should be 20 cm above the level of plant material.

Put the saucepan on a slow fire and boiled the part for about 8 hours. Periodically remove the white foam on the surface. After that, the pot is removed from heat, cooled and filtered. Fall asleep sugar in the ratio 1:1 and boil for another hour. Ready pour the jam in glass jars.

Take this medicine on an empty stomach 2 tbsp. But it is necessary to monitor their well-being. If fasting the body does not accept this potion, you can take it after meals.

This jam no pronounced pine smell and taste, we can say that it is something it tastes like raspberry jam. This medicine with pleasure drink even children.

Collecting cones for jam, you need to prefer fruit that have a whitish resin plaque.

Other people's recipes

There are other interesting recipes of traditional medicine, for withdrawal of fluid from the lungs that are time tested:

  • Watermelon – watermelon special diet helps to remove excess water from the body. Special performance can be achieved if at the same time there are baked apples green varieties.
  • Carrot seeds with honey to make the medicine, take 100 grams of seeds and a glass of liquid honey, mix thoroughly and take a teaspoon 3 times a day.
  • A decoction of oat milk. This cereal is characterized by good cleaning action and rapidly removes fluid from the body. A glass of washed oats pour a half Cup of milk and cook on low heat for about 20 minutes. After that, strain and drink a tablespoon before eating.

Folkmethods allow you to quickly withdraw fluid from the lungs without harm to health. But despite the relative safety of these products, the necessary preliminary consultation of the doctor. It is not recommended to use any popular recipes only on the advice of friends or relatives.