How quickly to withdraw excess fluid from the body

The problem of excess fluid in the body is troubling many. In the beginning it may be invisible. Few people pay attention to the small weight gain and mild swelling in the morning. But with time the swelling becomes apparent, the person gains weight, there are problems with health. To prevent the emergence of serious complications, it is necessary to take measures. There are a few simple techniques, how to pull water from the body.

Why fluid builds up in the body

Before you start removing fluid from the body, it is necessary to find out the reasons of the occurred violations. Among them are:

  1. A wrong diet. The use of harmful products, as well as the lack of vitamins and minerals leads to metabolic disorders in the body, which in turn provokes the appearance of edema.
  2. Insufficient intake of pure water. If the day a person drinks less than six cups of water, the body is forced to make savings liquid. Moreover, the use of any beverages is not allowed to fill in the lack, and some of them, like coffee, only exacerbate the situation.
  3. The abuse of alcohol. Alcohol contributes to dehydration, so the body has to actively store the liquid.
  4. The use of funds with a diuretic effect. It can be as specialised drugs, which are taken without medical supervision, and excessive consumption of certain foods, e.g., soda or beer.
  5. Excess water in the body can accumulate and sleep disturbances.
  6. Consuming large amounts of salty foods. If you eat more than 15 grams of salt, cloth, trying to display her. Thus there is an active outflow of liquid. When this situation is repeated regularly, the cells begin to store moisture for future use.
  7. Lack of physical activity. This leads to the fact that fluid is harder to flow away through the lymph vessels.
  8. Disorders in the kidneys or heart.
  9. Varicose veins.
  10. Malfunctions in the hormonal system.

Only removing the factor that led to the emergence of the problem to solve it. As the swelling may be caused by serious diseases, it is best to consult that with your doctor.

Main recommendations that will help to withdraw fluid

In some cases, to withdraw the excess water will help a simple adjustment of lifestyle. Enough to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Drink a day not less than two liters of pure water. And this should be done in equal portions and in small SIPS.
  2. Refrain from eating a large number of savoury dishes. The day you can eat no more than 5 grams of salt.
  3. Try to minimize the use of beverages such as coffee, strong tea, beer, soda.
  4. Start every morning with physical exercises. At work be sure to take breaks for light exercise. Night practice Hiking.
  5. Take a contrast shower. It will help to strengthen the immune system and faster to get rid of puffiness.
  6. Don't neglect to visit the sauna or bath. Such procedures allow to expel water from the body quickly.
  7. Wear comfortable shoes that will not contribute to the development of varicose veins.
  8. While relaxing on the couch raise your legs above the level of the body. This will help to relieve swelling of the legs.

These simple tips will allow you not only to get rid of excess fluid in the body, but also to prevent their further accumulation.

Good effect gives use of the swimming pool, fitness and aerobics. If you can not exercise, try as much as possible to walk in the fresh air.

Diet to combat swelling

Quickly withdraw excess fluid from the body will help the proper nutrition. Specialists have developed a number of special programs that will help in a few days to deal with the problem:

  1. First the diet lasts for seven days. The first one can be eaten only five potatoes, boiled in water or baked. On the second day allowed no more than 100 grams chicken fillet, steamed and a little vegetable salad, dressed with olive oil. On the third day you can eat a little veal and a light vegetable salad. On the fourth day allowed to eat bananas, but no more than four, and for lunch 100 grams of boiled fish. On the fifth day of any permissible vegetables. On the sixth day only yogurt, but no more than two liters. Ends diet fast day, in which you can drink only mineral water.
  2. In the summer months, the perfect solution is a watermelon diet. It will not only help remove excess water from the body, but also to improve the functioning of the kidneys. Its essence is simple: for two or three days can not eat anything except watermelon. Longer stick to it, as for the normal operation of the body needs proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
  3. Protein diet. It implies use of products with a high content of protein. To adhere to such a diet can be up to six days. This period allowed the following foods: beans, eggs, dietary meat, especially chicken, dairy products with low fat content.
  4. Squash-cucumber diet. This food will help bring the swelling and remove excess weight. For several days eat Breakfast salad from fresh cucumbersand herbs that you can fill with lemon juice or fat-free sour cream. For lunch prepare stewed zucchini. Dinner is required at least three hours before bedtime. You can choose any diet products.

After such diets will only have to maintain the achieved results. To do this, from time to time to arrange a fasting day.

Fantastic result gives a fasting day on kefir. It allows you to expel excess water and lose weight.

Some foods will help to deal with the problem

If you stick to a strict diet you can't, try to use products that can strip water from the body. These include:

  1. Watermelon. Removes the water and accumulated toxins.
  2. Green tea. Has a slight diuretic effect.
  3. Birch juice.
  4. The rice porridge. It contains a lot of potassium, which helps flush salt from the body. With it often is the professional drying of the body of athletes.
  5. Parsley and celery.
  6. Buckwheat. A diet without salt or any spices.
  7. Raspberries, cherries. These berries are rich in fiber.
  8. Apricot and compote mixture of dried fruits
  9. Carrot juice. It's great when your kidneys are not withdrawn liquid.
  10. Citrus.
  11. Pineapple.
  12. Beet and cabbage juices.
  13. Ginger. Can help relieve renal colic and to restore the natural water-salt balance in the body.

Now you know what products are withdrawn liquid. Including them in your daily menu, you can quickly deal with the problem.

Prohibited products

If your body has accumulated too much fluid, then from the following products it is necessary to refuse:

  • any snacks and fast food dishes;
  • semi-industrial production;
  • mayonnaise;
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • smoked.

In addition, will have to give up and drinking black tea and coffee in large quantities. Contained in these drinks caffeine has a diuretic effect, which will lead to the fact that the body begins storing water. Allowed to drink only occasionally with no added sugar.


If the swelling is too strong and accompanied by health problems, we will have to resort to the intake of drugs. They help in the shortest time the intercellular fluid. Most often experts recommend the following tablets:

  • Diursan.
  • Diver.
  • Furosemide.
  • Bumetanide.
  • The torasemid.

To use such medications only after consulting with your doctor. They are not only withdrawing liquid, but also can lead to violations of metabolism. It is therefore necessary to carefully monitor the dosage of the drug.

Popular recipes

Treatment of edema can be carried out and the methods of traditional medicine. For this purpose, various medicinal herbs, has a mild diuretic action. Among the most effective recipes are:

  1. Three tablespoons of dried material of bearberry zaparte Cup of boiling water. After 20 minutes the infusion will be ready. It is necessary to take a tablespoon three times a day.
  2. The ability to remove the fluid with chamomile. To prepare healing means you need to pour four tablespoons of raw two cups of water. Diatomite will be about half an hour in a water bath. The cooled infusion take half a Cup before meals.
  3. Drain excess fluid from the body and restore the normal functioning of the digestive system will help the infusion of viburnum. Two tablespoons of fresh berries need to grind into a puree and pour boiling water (200 ml). Insist in a thermos for a couple of hours. Before drinking add a little honey. Take two times a day after eating.
  4. The weight loss and getting rid of excess fluid will provide the Hauran. This plant has a strong diuretic effect. To abuse this tool is dangerous, as it, among other things, contain toxic substances. For an infusion of one teaspoon of raw and steam it in a Cup of boiling water and insist a few hours. This remedy take a tablespoon three times a day after meals.
  5. Clean fluid will help birch leaves. They must grind and infuse in boiling water. One spoon of raw materials required a glass of water. After half an hour add the baking soda at the tip of the knife. This means you drink a teaspoon three times a day.
  6. A good way to get rid of problems – regularly drink a tea made from rose hips or dried cranberries.
  7. Known means, which displays a liquid – infusion of fennel seeds. To do this, a spoonful of the seeds and steam it in a Cup of boiling water.
  8. Safe and effective remedy is compote made of Apple peelings. This drink you can drink five cups a day.

Such tools are easy to prepare at home. While they are quite effective and help gently deal with the problem.

Before applying these recipes, you should consult with your doctor. In some cases they can cause manifestation of allergic reactions.

Removal of edema during pregnancy

The problem of accumulation of excess fluid in the body often worries new moms. The situation is complicated by the fact that during pregnancy should not be used for medication and manypeople's methods. Therefore, it is first necessary to adjust the diet and lifestyle. Consider the following guidelines:

  • In the diet should be present foods rich in vitamins, proteins and trace elements.
  • Sweets and confectionery should be abandoned.
  • Minimize intake of salty foods. It is not necessary to lean on salted fish, smoked and canned goods.
  • Do not eat fried foods. Replace them with products, steamed or baked. Do not use spices.
  • Give up tea and coffee. Drink plenty of pure water, berry compotes, fruit drinks.
  • If the swelling caused by varicose veins, the advice of a doctor to wear a special compression underwear. It not only will eliminate the swelling, but also reduce the burden on the vascular system.
  • Try to move more. Of course, serious exercise completely excluded. But the necessary fresh air, special gymnastics for pregnant women. Such exercises will help to restore circulation of blood and lymph.

Reception of medical preparations is possible only in very severe cases and only as directed by your doctor. To find out the cause of the problem will have to undergo a comprehensive medical examination. The use of herbs can also be dangerous for future baby. So, before you resort to popular recipes, you need to consult with a specialist.

To withdraw fluid from the body in various ways. To achieve maximum effect, it is better to use them in conjunction. After going through intensive therapy to try to prevent a relapse. To do this, try to move more, drink clean water and to adhere to proper diet.