How to get rid of excess fluid in the body causes water retention

The accumulation of fluid in the body can occur for various reasons, but excess water causes serious health complications. First and foremost, it negatively affects the weight, people starts to rapidly gain weight, he may experience severe swelling of feet, hands. Needless to say, the difficulties being experienced by people with these characteristics. For this reason, you need to know how to get rid of excess fluid in the body. If if suddenly you began to notice at persistent swelling, you should immediately consult a doctor who will be able to conduct examination and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

The reasons for the accumulation of water in the body

Fluid retention in the body can occur for many different reasons. But any of them will cause a strong swelling of the tissues.

The reasons for the delay fluid in the body can be the following:

  • the presence of pathologies of kidneys and the cardiovascular system;
  • appearance of hormonal imbalance;
  • features of the menstrual cycle in women;
  • inadequate fluid intake;
  • increased consumption of beverages with a diuretic effect;
  • the use of large amounts of salt;
  • slow metabolism, which is associated with the insufficient activity;
  • the working conditions in which you have to constantly be in a sitting position.

Excess fluid in the body usually occurs due to the presence of health problems. For this reason, it is not recommended to begin to withdraw yourself, it is best to start to find out the root cause of her delay. The excretion of water is recommended after identification of the underlying disease, leading to its accumulation, and to perform the process should be according to the recommendations of a physician.

Independently withdraw water from the body can only healthy people. If the main problem lies in the wrong diet or lack of physical preparation.

What hormones cause accumulation of water

Hormone-dependent fluid retention in the body is the occurrence of excess water due to violations of the menstrual cycle. There has been a violation of hormonal background, which is accompanied by increasing body mass and the formation of edema.

In the menstrual cycle the fluid in the body is delayed, because there is a conflict between the hormone progesterone, which ensures the removal of excess water and salts, and aldosterone and adiuretinom are hormones that prevent dehydration.

Often this condition occurs in the period of carrying a child:

  • in the kidneys there is a process of retention of sodium and the blood vessels unable to escape from the liquid. In the end, it penetrates into the intercellular space;
  • this process occurs from the top down, so the main impact is on the area of the foot.

Hormone-dependent fluid retention in the body can occur in women during the period of use of hormonal contraceptives together with drugs containing the hormone estrogen.

Sometimes water retention in the body occurs during menopause. The main reason for this process in this period may be the presence of high levels of sodium ions. During therapy it is necessary to adjust the condition of a hormonal background using therapeutic treatment, is also assigned the use of vitamin preparations.

What to do is not recommended

If suddenly in the body of excess fluid, many immediately begin to take urgent action and just stop to use the liquid, which is strictly not recommendedbecause it can greatly worsen the condition. To make such a decision in any case impossible, all actions should be negotiated with your doctor.

Some with the appearance of swelling immediately begin to apply the tools with a diuretic. These actions are often undertaken without the knowledge of the expert that can harm the health.

The use of drugs causes a fluid deficit because they can display not only excess water but also useful.

How to recognize the disease in the appearance of edema

Understand that the body plenty of water can be characteristic features. The main indication that the body may be the presence of excess fluid, is the appearance of severe swelling in a specific part of the body, people can experience severe discomfort, fatigue.

And how do we determine why there is excess water in the body? Typically, this condition indicates serious disorders in the body. How to determine the type of the disease for edema yourself? The table below shows locations of edema for each form of the disease.

The form of edema Symptoms
Different pathology of kidney The presence of puffy eyelids and bags under the eyes. Usually these symptoms occur in the morning and disappear by evening.
Disorders of the cardiovascular system There is a swelling of the feet towards evening, frequent palpitations, shortness of breath.
Allergy In this condition, there is a noticeable swelling of a certain area of the body. In the swelling may be visible blanching of the skin. Also occurs anxiety andthe shortness of breath. To the touch the swelling has an elastic structure.
Diseases of the endocrine system The presence of edema of tongue, shoulder. Fatigue, lack of energy, weight gain.
Varicose veins Condition of heaviness in the legs. Veins severe inflammation, dilate, there is a feeling of itching and cramps.

Top tips to combat the excess fluid

Excess fluid can cause a lot of problems, so it is important to know how can get rid of it without harm for health. But it can be done in cases, when its increase is not caused by serious diseases:

  1. It is necessary to limit the consumption of beverages with alcohol content.
  2. You must adhere to a balanced diet. Should exclude from your menu foods with a high salt content, as well as fried, smoked, fatty, high carbohydrate meals. You should consult your doctor, he may prescribe the observance of fasting days.
  3. In the menu it is recommended to include products that normalize the water balance in the body. These products include watermelon, nettle, sorrel, celery. But the watermelon is not to eat every day, because this berry has a pronounced diuretic effect. It can be eaten in fasting days, and also for cleaning the body of toxins in a short period.
  4. A day need to drink about 1.5-2 liters of water. At night, about 3 hours before bedtime, limit intake of water. Gradually the body to readjust to normal mode and ceases to store liquid.
  5. Definitely need to move. Even if the work takes place in a seated position, it is necessary to make breaks of 15 minutes, during which it is recommended to perform the workout.
  6. The contrast shower will accelerate the process of removing excess fluid from the body. Alternate water change will accelerate blood circulation and enhance the immune system. To eliminate swelling of the legs often use contrast baths.
  7. Receiving a salt bath. The tub should be filled with water with a temperature of 38 degrees, then it is filled with 200 grams of salt and baking soda. Taking a bath should be for 20 minutes. After that it is recommended to cover with a warm blanket for 30 minutes. Then take a shower. Definitely two hours prior to procedure nothing to eat.
  8. We recommend that you regularly visit the saunas and baths. In the saunas and baths active excretion of excess fluid, strengthen the cardiovascular system.
  9. Should wear comfortable shoes. Tight shoes and high heels cause the development of varicose veins.
  10. Good way active removal of fluids from the body is the application menu which is used in fasting days. Within 1-2 days you can use a discharge system which will help to get rid of edema for a long period. Well help the juice from the pumpkin, milk tea, oatmeal, boiled in water, kefir with low fat content.
  11. The use of vitamin complexes. Lack of vitamin b and magnesium, leading to increased accumulation of fluid in the body. For this reason, it is necessary to increase the level of these vitamins.
  12. The use of massages. These procedures improve the process of blood circulation, have a relaxing effect and reduce the concentration of stress hormones in the body that cause fluid accumulation in the body.

Products for the removal of liquids

If not easily excreted fluid from the body, it is recommended to use special products, which cause an active excretion of water:

  • watermelon. This berry has a diuretic and cleansing effect on the body. It can also be replaced by cucumber, melon. These components can be used once a week fasting days. This will help to cleanse the kidneys and excrete excess water;
  • birch juice. This natural drink is able to bring not only water but also various harmful components;
  • be sure to drink green tea. This drink contributes to the active cleaning the body of toxins, and it is necessary for liquid retention;
  • rice and oatmeal. These types of cereals causes rapid excretion of excess fluid from the body. For example, the composition of rice included elevated levels of potassium, which causes the active excretion of water. For this reason, this product is used by many athletes during drying before the competition;
  • the fruits and vegetables. It is recommended to eat them fresh. Fresh fruits and vegetables contribute to the rapid recovery salt balance in the body;
  • zucchini and cabbage. They have a diuretic impact, but also actively removes fluid from the body. These ingredients restore the required level of such elements as copper, potassium, iron;
  • should drink plenty of carrot and beet juices. These drinks will not only bring the excess water, but make up for in the body the essential vitamins and strengthen the immune system.

How to eliminate swelling during pregnancy

Women during pregnancy often have swelling, especially they occur in the feet. It is the result of active adjustment of the organism, which causes fluid retention. Nothing dangerous there, but often the swelling can provoke unpleasant sensations, discomfort, and sometimes may negatively affect the child's development.

In order to reduce orto completely eliminate the swelling, we recommend the following:

  1. First and foremost, it is recommended to normalize your diet. It is necessary to limit the consumption of salt, canned, pickled, and smoked products. It is advisable to eat fresh fruits and vegetables.
  2. It is recommended to eat citrus fruits, but in moderation. In day to drink 1 glass of fresh orange juice or eat 1-2 oranges.
  3. Can be used diuretics, but not drugs. Pregnant shown to enter in your diet products with natural diuretic – apples, carrots, strawberries, zucchini and more.
  4. Sometimes you can drink infusions based on herbs, but before they apply, you should consult with your doctor. The fact is that some herbs have contraindications and may cause side effects.

The use of folk remedies

What if there swelling? First need to identify the root cause of these symptoms. If this condition is not caused by serious violations, you can use herbal remedies homemade. But it is better to consult with your doctor because some herbs have contraindications.

The water balance can be corrected by following the recipes from herbs:

  • A decoction of chamomile. Daisy has a high level of beneficial properties and also removes excess fluid from the body. For broth you will need 50-70 grams of leaves of chamomile, which are filled with 500 ml of water. The mixture should be kept in a water bath for about 30 minutes. After the broth has cooled, you need to drink ½ Cup before meals.
  • The leaves and berries of cranberries. In a glass filled with 50 grams of the mixture and pour hot water. Leave to stand for about an hour. Recommended to drink 1 tablespoon after a meal.
  • A decoction of birch leaves. 2 tablespoons of leaves pour a glass of hot water. The broth infused for about an hour. Next, the broth is filtered and to it is added a pinch of baking soda. Should take 1 teaspoon 2-3 times a day.

To get rid of excess fluid in the body can be yourself, but only if its accumulation is not caused by serious pathologies. Most importantly, you need to follow all the recommendations and consume the right food. But it is better to pass the examination, because a large amount of water can be due to serious diseasesthat can be cured only by a specialist.