Body detox – how to cleanse the body at home

All people at least once in life faced with the poisoning, right after the intake of certain substances or by inhalation of the chemical compounds they became ill. Such intoxication is usually acute, and timely assistance depends not only health but also human life. To be able to provide first aid to yourself or your family, you need to know how is the detoxification of the body. This procedure includes different methods, all of which are aimed at the speedy conclusion of toxic compounds from the body.

The concept and methods of detoxification

Detoxification is the diagnosis and elimination from the human body, prone to intoxication harmful and hazardous substances, wastes and harmful toxins from the physical, chemical and biological methods of purification. Such methods are intended to accelerate the natural process of detoxification in chronic and acute poisoning.

The purpose of detoxification is to:

  • full or partial purification of the patient from the harmful and dangerous substances in the form of waste, toxins and poisons;
  • normalization of metabolism;
  • establishing the functions of internal organs;
  • the restoration and strengthening of immunity;
  • alignment of the Central nervous system.

Methods of purification of the body characterized by extensive classification. All of them can be summarized in:

  1. Natural detoxification, more commonly called the natural.
  2. Artificial detoxification.

Artificial methods of purification are divided:

  • physical methods of detoxification;
  • chemical methods of detoxification;
  • biological methods of detoxification.

In addition, each of the methods of purification is divided into:

  • medical detoxification with the use of medicines: antioxidants, sorbents and antidotes;
  • drug-free detoxification, such as plasmapheresis and hemodialysis;
  • combined detox – a combination of the above methods.

Depending on the conditions of the purification techniques are divided into:

  • body detox at home;
  • organism detoxication in hospital hospital.

All these kinds of purification of effective, but doctors often applied them comprehensively.

Natural body detox

The processes of natural detoxification of the body occur constantly, non-stop and daily. During these processes toxic substances are determined by internal systems of the person, are bound and excreted.

There are some types of natural purification:

  • Zitohromoksidasy barrier – natural cleansing and protection of her liver enzymes. Such cleaning enhances the process of splitting malicious drugs, spicy, fatty and spoiled food.
  • Definition, enclosure and the excretion of bacteria, viruses and other dangerous components of the cells of the immune system;
  • The natural excretory detoxification of the body, which is the integrated functioning of internal organs and systems simultaneously.

Natural detoxification of the body, as can be understood from the above, is carried out in the usual conditions, for the entire life of a person.

Reasons for a home detox

Homemade cleansing the body is held in the following cases:

  1. The consequences of poisoning, which are eliminated with the removal of toxins from the patient's body.
  2. The effects of diseases, after receiving a large number of drugs, especially antibiotics.
  3. Hangover, after regular daily intake of alcohol, as the human condition will be very painful for poisoning organism big amount of toxic substances.
  4. Increased weight, which is the fight through a variety of diets for weight loss.
  5. Allergies that require definition and elimination of food allergen.

Before you begin a course of detoxification at home each person must choose for themselves the method, then you should consult with your physicianto determine the individual characteristics of the patient, to determine the timing and program of detoxification of the body.

Artificial detoxification of the body

For the artificial detoxification with the use of special medicines, washing the bodies and filtration techniques the patient was placed in a hospital medical institutions.

In the hospital, prescribe a course of detoxification, which includes the individual program of body detoxification.

Physical cleaning methods

Every adult should know how to cleanse the body at home. Because sometimes you want to provide first aid to yourself or a loved one. Before arrival of doctors poisoned person carried out such remedial measures:

  • Washing with clean water or a weak salt solution mucous membranes of the eyes and skin.
  • Conscious poisoned person is urgently required to clear the stomach a large volume of water with a challenge to the gag reflex. To do this at home requires you to drink 3 to 5 litres of warm fluids, in conditions of medical institutions is introduced through the probe 12 to 15 liters of warm water.
  • Whenpoisoning inhalation treatments detoxification therapy is an urgent withdrawal of the poisoned patient to fresh air. After the victim must be placed on a flat surface, unbutton a shirt or blouse, take off my tie, that is, to give freedom to the respiratory tract. Upon arrival of the ambulance, the paramedics will do if necessary, incision of the neck in the area of the trachea and enters the tube to prevent strangulation by severe laryngeal edema, can also conduct oxygen inhalation.

In the case when the victim is unconscious, care should be provided by health care providers. Within the walls of medical institutions can also do an enema to wash the intestines.


Plasmapheresis is a common, highly effective method of blood purification. During such treatment the blood is taken and using special medical apparatus is separated into plasma and shaped particles. After separation of blood cells is injected back into the body, and the plasma is replaced by FireStore. Thus, you can replace half to two liters of plasma are separated.


The method of disposal of blood with application of apparatus "artificial kidney" is called hemodialysis. This method is carried out detoxification of the body as in acute intoxication, and renal failure.

The patient is placed horizontally and connected to the apparatus "artificial kidney" with the use of the two systems. A person's blood enters the system in the machine is cleaned through a special membrane, after which all harmful elements are retained in the dialyzer and the purified blood back to the human body according to the second system, connected to the machine.


In terms of medical institutions, such a method for the removal of toxic substances is carried out at a rapid pace. This method of detox at home is impossible. This method is indicated for serious poisoning. For this purpose, the wall of the abdomen attach a fistula-a tube to enter a special solution, due to which the abdominal cavity introduces purified (dialysis fluid) fluid.


This method repeats hemodialysis, but the difference is that your blood is purified in detoxifiers but that is a unique column. Such columns are filled with a filler in the form of activated carbon or other sorbent that attracts harmful substances. Hemoperfusion is still called detoxification hemosorption.

Biological treatment

Disinfection of the human body is done using such substances:

  • vaccines;
  • of blood serum.

With a biological detoxification process of cleansing the body participates biologically active material.


As a preventive for most infectious diseases vaccination is used. Intoxication in the patient's body is allowed to enter the weakened vaccine to enhance immunity.


The serum is like blood plasma without the protein fibrinogen is used:

  • after a traumatic bites of reptiles (polyvalent anti-typhoid serum);
  • to neutralize the botulinum toxin.

This method of purification is through being active within the bloodstream and lymph circulation of substances that are part of the introduced serum or vaccine.

Chemical cleaning methods

The excretion of toxic compounds with the use of antidotes, so-called detoxification of drugs, refers to the chemical ways of cleansing the body.

Destination Protocol antidotes doctor:

  1. Determination of the degree of exposure to toxic substances on the organism of the patient.
  2. When you assign an antidote against the toxin necessary to conduct accurate diagnosis of the toxic substance, trapped in human skin or inside, otherwise the antidote can be a toxic element.

The course of such treatment more effective at the initial stage of poisoning, with a small amount of toxic substances in the body of the patient.

Varieties of antidotes and toxic substances, to which they are assigned:

  • Activated charcoal, available at any pharmacy. This drug adsorbs hypnotics and potent drugs.
  • A solution of atropine at a concentration of 0.1% to cope with poisoning mushrooms, pilocarpine, and cardiac glycosides.
  • Unitiol administered to combat toxic toxins of iron, lithium, copper, methanol, lead, heavy metals, zinc, as well as with cardiac glycosides and cardiotoxic compounds.
  • Glucagon and glucose are used with a strong overdose of antidiabetic drugs.
  • Ascorbic acid helps to fight against bites of reptiles.
  • Methionine and cysteine inactivate paracetamol;
  • A solution of thiamin in a concentration of 5% is administered after intoxication with ethyl alcohol.

The above list of drugs is the most common toxic drugs. In any pharmacy you can find activated charcoal, glucose and ascorbic acid.

If you cannot diagnose the cause of intoxication, should immediately seek help from a qualified physician.

During normal operation, all internal systems of toxic substances and waste products are excreted through the liver. This organ of the digestive system detoxifies harmful substances and excretes through sweat, urine and feces through the intestines. This cleansing takes place naturally, but when a person has poor health, then uses the acceleration of this process by using artificial ways to detoxify the body. Before undergoing this treatment you need to consult a specialist.