Medicines and folk remedies for vomiting for kids

Vomiting is a natural reflex of the body (expulsion of stomach contents) through a gag cavity, pharynx from the esophagus. In this complex process are used simultaneously: muscles of the stomach, esophageal sphincter (top), the abdominal muscles, the diaphragm and the vomiting center (medulla oblongata). Remedy for vomiting for children aimed at relief of the vomiting process. But not always his method is justified and appropriate. For example, in case of poisoning or acute intestinal diseases caused by the infection, it only hurts.

Detectors vomiting include pallor, dynamic salivation, dizziness, weakness, shortness of breath and palpitations. The key task of the parents, if the vomiting has come to call an ambulance and before their arrival to give to drink a rehydration solution. To prescribe medication should only doctor, it is impossible to determine what exactly is allowed to give the baby and why.

The danger of vomiting is that the body is seriously dehydrated. In children loss of water occurs much faster than adults. The second danger is the possibility of getting vomit in the respiratory tract. Therefore vomiting should be set to stop.

The causes that trigger vomiting

Cause can be of different etiology. If any vomiting child's body is dehydrated, so to help you need immediately.


Intoxication is always accompanied by vomiting. Poisoning can cause:

  • stale food;
  • accidentally taken medications;
  • intolerance to some component in the dish.

Before the arrival of the doctor it is necessary to remember that the child before it is eaten.


Self-diagnose that the disease is impossible, it set the doctors. The signs on the suspicion of meningitis the following:

  1. Severe pain in the neck when the child's attempt to tilt the head forward.
  2. The child can not because of the pain (intestinal torpor), to get the knee to the chin.

In this case, to stop vomiting on their own not need to immediately call an ambulance and hospitalize the patient to the hospital.

In meningitis to stall for time, for it is a disease has a large percentage of deaths.


If nausea repeated (more than 5 times) and is accompanied by diarrhea, it may be symptoms of gastroenteritis. The symptoms of gastroenteritis in many ways reminiscent of appendicitis in the acute stage. Only in the second case, there are more and abdominal cramps.


In contact with this infection vomit is considered a secondary sign. She never shows up on the first stage and if, before emptying the last baby was sluggish and the temperature is increased, then it can be a rotavirus infection.

First aid vomiting

The first action on the part of parents – call an ambulance. Before their arrival the baby should be calm and to stay calm.

After helping, if doctors do not deem it necessary to hospitalize him, you can give a little to eat:

  • crackers (white);
  • boiled (water) cereal, better than rice;
  • Apple (not sweet).

Sugar strongly recommended to give after vomiting. It contributes to bloating and fermentation in the stomach, and it is highly undesirable in this state. It is good to give to drink a decoction of chamomile or St. John's wort – this will reduce inflammation in the intestine.

It is impossible to give to drink a lot at once – it can cause repeated vomiting. Drugs with vomiting in a child to give only those that are prescribed by physicians. You can't change their analogues (in their composition can be very different components).

Role of homeopathic medicines in the disorders of the digestive system

Homeopathy has many medicines aimed at the recovery of the body of the child after vomiting, stop vomiting and dehydration.

  1. "Air-Sea". May be taken as antiemetic medicine for frequent attacks. If the child is often swayed in transport, shall be appointed as a prophylactic. Available in the form of pills, they need not be swallowed but to dissolve in the mouth. Have anti-nausea and calming effect.
  2. "Arsenicum album" (oxide of arsenic). Treatment of vomiting this medication should be strictly monitored by your doctor or homeopath. Can enter the therapeutic course of gastric disease, including poisoning, accompanied by frequent vomiting.
  3. "Britonia". Used in diseases of the lungs, severe coughing, causing vomiting, asthma. The main objective of the drug to stop the vomiting process of any etiology. The dose and course of treatment is assigned a physician.
  4. "Ipecac" (ipecac). Administered to children who have problems in the form of vomiting during disturbances in the gastrointestinal tract, with diarrhea with nausea, cough with vomiting.

Homeopathic medicines can help to improve the health of the child, if them correctly and consistently to take. Therefore, self-treatment can be given. To prescribe drugs of this group have the pediatrician or a qualified homeopath.

Medication vomiting

Vomiting in children curing medications to be very careful. Each age group has its own requirements, your list and your number of contraindications. Since the range of antiemetic drugs is huge, you have to choosecorrect, without harming the health of your baby, it is very difficult. To avoid mistakes, one should rely on the experience and expertise of doctors and not to self-medicate.

Antiemetic medicines for children up to 1 year

Drugs for this age group should be gentle. The body is still very weak, potent drugs threat. Parents often use the medicine that was prescribed by a physician for older children. To do this, the child's body is different, and each case is special. Year-old child can vomit for different reasons, to establish the etiology and the treatment should not the mother and the pediatrician.


Produced in Russia and India in the form of powder, suppository, and tablet. Has protivorvotnoe effect. Candles from vomiting for children is prescribed in cases when the baby is unable to take medication by mouth or vomiting is a recurring character.


The drug has antiemetic effect, reduces flatulence and pain. Shown to the children. Syrup – for very small, pill – for older children.

Medications from vomiting for children 2 years

Children under 2 years can swallow, drink and eat. This age allows the physician to assign not only syrups, but pills against nausea. It is fine those drugs, as described above. Cure vomiting for children from one year, which can even be prescribed by a doctor:

  1. Reglan. Granted, if retching are not of vestibular or psychogenic. In severe attacks shown in the form of injections.
  2. Motilium. Analogue domperon, produced in suspension or tablets. The latter need not swallow and dissolve. The drug reduces the strength of nausea, to treat the process. The drug should be monitored by a physician.

Anti vomiting for children 3 years

At this age the child knows that he is sick and needs help. More often than not interferes and helps her mother in the treatment. The child's body in 3 years, though not fully grown, but already more than a year, so a cure for vomiting to children at this age is assigned to the stronger. What to tell the doctor, their list must include:

  • activated carbon;
  • smectite;
  • regidron.

Sorbents with vomiting help to improve the health of the child, to reduce physical suffering, to withdraw toxins from the body.

Should not be abused chelators, change them or cancel on their own. Need to full recovery to strictly adhere to recommendations of physicians.

Cure nausea for children 5 years

To 5 years the formation of the digestive system is completed. If vomiting the child had no associated complications, the doctor may prescribe a complex treatment aimed at preventing dehydration. During this period, the child is shown to bed and receiving regidrona as medication, reducing water exchange. In addition, you can assign:

  1. Hilak Forte from dysbiosis. It includes useful for digestion and intestinal lactobacilli.
  2. Linex to normalize the functions of gastrointestinal tract, and against vomiting.
  3. Activated charcoal for investment overall health with vomiting and disturbances in the gastrointestinal tract.

Treatment of vomiting.

Drugs constitute the main treatment and folk remedy for vomiting in children – these are additional funds to help improve the condition. Medication folk medicine and justified as preventive measures:

  1. Dill water is indicated for children with severe vomiting or urge to her. Can be given to children since the first days.
  2. Tincture of peppermint leaves. Helps with vomiting, associated with the secretion of bile. Characterized as a good choleretic and antispasmodic.
  3. Tincture of lemon balm. Enjoys no less popular in preventing vomiting in children of different age categories.
  4. A decoction of Valerian. Shown to children from 3 years. Stops vomiting, and, therefore, dehydration.
  5. A decoction of tansy and wormwood. Allowed to give to children unless they have allergies. The broth helps to stop the urge to vomit. Besides, it destroys disease-causing infections and bacteria, since it is considered an effective anti-inflammatory agent.

Diet for vomiting in children

To stop vomiting in children need, but not enough. Unpleasant phenomenon may occur again, if you do not follow what the baby eats during this period. The diet should be sparing, fractional, especially in the early days. The menu should consist of natural products. Prohibited fried and smoked foods, and one in which there are spices. For parents special attention should be paid to the contents:

  • Proteins. They should be in the right quantity, they are very important in the recovery process of the liver. It is desirable to include in the diet meals from lean fish and meat.
  • Fat. They create an additional burden on the liver, and in children's digestive system amount of enzymes for proper and timely processing is not enough. Accordingly, their time should be excluded from the diet.
  • Quick carbohydrates. They are contained in sweets: cakes, candy, cookies. These products contribute to the fermentation, so they too should be removed from the menu. Welcome boiled water gruel.
  • Fresh vegetables andfruit. They contain a coarse fiber. She is entering the stomach, irritate. This leads to bloating. Altogether from vegetables and fruits is not necessary. They are allowed to give children boiled. Completely excluded from the diet need to beans and cabbage. Be sure to add the apples (baked), they have a lot of pectin, and it is very useful for the digestive system and intestinal motility, metabolism, restoration of the microflora. In addition, they have a shielding effect, are considered the natural sorbent.
  • - Made dairy products. Fresh milk should be excluded from the diet. Milk products is useful for restoring the intestinal microflora. It should be included in the diet if the child took antibiotics in the treatment of intestinal diseases caused by the infection.

In addition to diet, a child, your doctor may prescribe enzymes, vitamins.

Any treatment of vomiting cannot begin without knowing the reasons for its origin. Accurate diagnosis is a key step in therapy and warning against unwanted and sometimes very dangerous consequences. Therefore, even if the vomiting stopped and the child looks quite healthy, it should be shown to the doctor.