Vomiting in a child in 2 years: causes, treatment, first aid

Reasons why vomiting may occur in a child of 2 years, abound. Most often this pathology is associated with errors in the diet. To provoke retching can overeating, eating poor quality or poorly cooked, or unhealthy foods, like chips and soda. If vomiting occurs, the child once or a few times, but the General condition of the child deteriorates, it is possible to do on their own and to provide assistance in the home. When the uncontrollable vomiting and the child is getting worse with every minute, it is urgent to call a doctor.

Causes of vomiting in toddlers

Reasons why vomiting occurs in a child of 2 years old, quite a lot, sometimes even an experienced physician can be difficult to establish the true cause of this pathology without taking a series of tests. The main causes of this condition include changes in the body:

  • Infectious diseases of the digestive tract.
  • Poisoning food, medicine and vegetable.
  • Disorders of the nervous system, for example, concussion of the brain.
  • Allergic reactions of different origin.
  • Persistent overeating.

Vomiting 2-year-old child can carry a psychological nature. It's pretty rare, but occurs. Retching occur in toddlers when you change the environment, when leaving from home or the appearance of a stranger. Some children are afraid of animals, whereby there may be such attacks.

Parents need to constantly observe the baby, if it is something frightening and frustrating, it is necessary to eliminate this phenomenon, in order to avoid serious psychological problems.

Infection of the digestive organs

If retching in a child 2 years high fever, there is diarrhoea and General weakness, it is possible to suspect an intestinal infection. It could be rotavirus, shigellosis or salmonellosis. When rotavirus algorithm of helping your child looks like this:

  • Give rinse mouth and throat after each vomiting attack to the acidic environment is not eroded mucous membranes.
  • The crumbs give the adsorbent in a therapeutic dosage, which corresponds to the age.
  • The child is given to drink frequently in small portions.

Dysentery and salmonellosis were most often treated in hospital. If the baby does not get easier after given first aid, then you need to go to the hospitalto prevent deterioration.

You need to remember that in children under two years of very light weight, so life-threatening dehydration will occur in the short term.


If the child two years of age poisoning is observed, the algorithm of using the same as in infectious diseases of the digestive tract. When there is food poisoning, the main task is considered to be rich the falling of a sick child. This allows you to quickly remove toxins from the body.

In case of poisoning by toxic plants or medicines should immediately call an ambulance. In these cases, you may need antidotes and intensive care. Before the arrival of the doctor need to keep some vomit, as well as medication or vegetation, which caused the poisoning.

Neurological disorders

If the baby fell and hit her head, and then came the nausea, and occasionally there retching, it is possible to suspect a concussion. Mild concussions be treated at home, while moderate and severe toddler definitely hospitalitynet. Treatment with intravenous and intramuscular injection, in addition, prescribe pills, which improve cerebral blood circulation and improves the supply of oxygen to the brain.

When properly organized treatment of all symptoms after a concussion are in two weeks. In case of advanced disease, the treatment can last for more than six months.

Allergic reactions

If retching the child is accompanied by skin rashes and itching, we can talk about allergies. In this case, the child is given anti-Allergy drugs and adsorbents, and the time interval between administration of these two drugs should not be less than an hour. Baby necessarily good otpaivat in order to release the allergen from the body. Usually on the second or third day the child becomes much easier, the rash pales and itching is reduced.

Sometimes, especially after medication penicillin or insect bites, from two years-old child develops a severe allergic reaction that requires urgent assistance of a doctor.

Violation of the diet

Vomiting in a toddler may occur due to overeating. This often happens due to the fact that compassionate mothers and grandmothers think that kid is too skinny and pale, so the food is obviously being exceeded. In this case, the retching can occur immediately after a meal or later.

To tear child can start also due to the fact that the food offered to the baby, too greasy and heavy. Not fully formed digestive system cannot digest a large amount of food, which exceeded the fat content. Moreover, such food does not benefit from itsuffering from liver and pancreas. Frequent abuse of fatty, fried or smoked products may result in failure of the pancreas and diabetes.

Strictly forbidden to give a small child a semi-finished products and any fast food. They will not benefit the baby and will cause only digestive upset.

Psychological problems

It so happens that the child starts vomiting at the kindergarten or the hospital. This is a problem of a psychological nature, little afraid of something new and incomprehensible. In this case, the child needs to talk and calm him down. If he categorically does not want to go to kindergarten, which is manifested by hysteria, it is better to miss a couple of days. Sometimes there are children who are very difficult to adapt to the children's collective, in this case, the kindergarten is better to postpone for a couple of years and go for developmental activities that take place in the presence of parents.

Vomiting in a toddler always scares parents. Do not panic, you first need to understand what could cause such attacks. In many cases the reason is obvious and easily eliminated.