Yellow diarrhea in children: causes, first aid, treatment

The changing nature of the chair the child is always alarming to parents. But to help the kid, not knowing the true causes of the appearance of symptoms is extremely difficult. In fact, diarrhea is a protective response to a stimulus. After contact with pathogenic microflora in the digestive tract, the body tries to get rid of it. Classic and traditional recipes for fastening the chair can only worsen the condition of the crumbs. Try to understand what can cause yellow diarrhea in a child and what measures should be taken by the parents.

When not to worry

Normal light yellow color stool is observed in infants. This can be explained by the fact that the nutrition of children in this age based on the consumption of large quantities of milk (breast or cow). And since food is consumed in liquid form, the feces has a mushy consistency, which is easily confused with diarrhea. Moreover, the younger the age of the crumbs, the thinner his bowel movements.

Another reason – the imperfection of the digestive system.

At one year of age, the pancreas secretes enough enzymes to digest food, the liver does not produces the amount of bile needed for staining stool in brown. So in the absence of other symptoms of intestinal infection or other pathologies liquid and pale stools are the norm.

To dispel all doubts can consult with your district pediatrician.

Threat causes light diarrhea

In medical practice there are four major causes of diarrhea pale or bright yellow:

  1. Intestinal infection. In this disease yellow diarrhea in a child is often accompanied by vomiting, pain in the abdomen and fever. In some cases, the stool can be detected admixture of blood or mucous content.
  2. Rotavirus infection. The main difference of this condition from an intestinal infection, the absence of pain and persistent fever beyond the normalization of antipyretic drugs. Yellow diarrhea in a child is characteristic of acute beginning of the disease, followed by watery stool gray. Copious bowel movements can cause dehydration little body.
  3. Food Allergy. The most common allergens are chocolate, strawberry, oranges, eggs, and cow's milk. In addition to the high degree of allergenicity, these products have a laxative effect. And the active substances contained in their composition, irritate the intestinal mucosa, causing their rapid removal together with feces.
  4. Whipple's.. This is a dangerous disease characterized by long periods of light yellow diarrhea with fever at the initial stage of the disease. To date, the main cause of the pathology is unknown. It is assumed that disease is a disturbance of lipid metabolism, but this is not the only cause of infection. In the absence of serious hospital treatment, the disease leads to dehydration, weight loss, lose cells of the nervous system, loss of vision, disruption of the heart and other organs.

Wipe disease predominantly affects men from 40 to 50 years. But to exclude its manifestation in patients of other age categories is impossible. So, in medical practice known repeated episodes of diseases among children aged three years.

Key recommendations: action plan for parents

Don't panic. Light diarrhea in a child is not always indicative of any pathology. And even if so, you complain a little than will help your child. You need to act.

The first thing you have to assess the situation. Your task is to help the child, but not hysteria about alleged diagnoses. First, you need to measure the temperature of the baby. With its increase to 380 and above call your doctor. If the baby refuses food and water, and the diarrhea associated vomiting, do not wait until the pediatrician, and immediately call an ambulance. Prolonged persistence of these symptoms in a child can begin the dehydration that will lead to the development of serious complications.

If the child has yellow diarrhea without fever, do not change the color of urine and overall little feels good, likely to cause changes in the character of the chair lies in the diet. So read the diet, having reviewed the menu items and their preparation methods.

Correction of child's diet helps to normalize the hue of feces within two days. During this period, you need to carefully monitor the status of crumbs, in order to detect any changes in his behavior and health.

The child's diet with a liquid yellow stool

At any disease it is necessary to observe sparing diet. And for digestive disorders especially. If the infection is not detected, and after a medical examination, you were diagnosed with "food Allergy" or newsweekall any products, review the diet of the young patient.

  • The feces of infants of light color is a consequence of the high fat content in the diet. Nursing moms should be excluded from the diet all fatty foods and possible allergens for the child.
  • After that, normalization of stool,increase the number of feedingsreducing the duration of each of them. By modern standards it is recommended that babies be breastfed on demand, here and stick to those rules. Dehydration you now to anything.
  • Observe the drinking regime. If the child has diarrhea yellow in color, regardless of cause and age, water is essential to the normalization condition. Lack of fluids in the body can lead to irreversible consequences.
  • For older children it is necessary to reduce the volume of portions, keeping the overall calorie content and nutritional value of the daily ration, dividing it into five or six receptions. With a smaller volume of food will be easier absorbed by the body.
  • All food must be cooked cooking method or two. They should be served in powdered form, preferably by passing through a blender to ease the process of digestion.
  • The food temperature should be comfortable for the body. Hot or cold food is poorly processed by the body, its digestion will take more time.
  • At the time of diarrhea and the period of recovery to completely eliminate from the child's diet of fresh vegetables and fruits, fried and fatty foods, milk. Re-enter in the diet gradually and in small quantities.

To avoid a possible recurrence of episodes of diarrhea, do not forget about a healthy child's diet at any age.


With drug therapy, at its discretion, it is better not to get involved even for an adult. And especially when it comes to the health of the child. Therefore, before you purchase medications be sure to consult your pediatrician. Not all modern development of the pharmaceutical firms are permitted to receive in childhood. And he will help you choose the most effective and gentle products, eliminating possible contraindications and risks.

Most often, when yellow diarrhea non-infectious origin are shown treatment with these drugs:

  • Of sorbent for the binding and excretion of toxins, decay products, and undigested food residues. This smectite, Polisorb, enterosgel or conventional activated carbon.
  • Prebiotics and probiotics to normalize the intestinal microflora. Laktiale, lacidofil, Bifidumbacterin and others.
  • Antihistamine drugs of the latest generation with diarrhea due to food allergies. For example, cethrin, zodak, alarsin.
  • Enzyme preparations with yellow watery stool caused by the enzyme defect. Panzinorm, CREON, Pancreatin. This class of medication may be administered only on the advice of the attending physician.

Treatment intestinal infection is with antibiotics active against bacteria that caused the disorder. The hospital is a prerequisite of safety and efficacy of the therapy.

Medicines antidiarrheal effect and binding traditional recipes, children are not assigned. They prevent the elimination of toxins and germs naturally.

And remember that diarrhea in a child always requires attention. No matter what color a chair, his character, his consistency should alert you. Especially if even when you follow the above tips for two days not observed normalization of the crumbs.