The child vomiting with fever and without treatment, first aid

All children love the sea and look forward to the nice summer days when you can go down South and plenty of napravilsya. But it often happens that upon arrival at the resort have baby's deteriorating health. The child of the sea vomiting without fever may arise for different reasons, but regardless of the root cause, this condition can ruin the entire vacation, both parents and child. What happens to the baby and which you can help him in this situation.

The reasons of emergence of vomiting at sea

Temperature and vomiting in a child on the sea most often develop on the background of complete well-being. It seems to be early in the morning the child was fit and healthy and begin to show the first symptoms of the disease. The primary task of adults is to ascertain the reasons for this state of the child. And the reasons for nausea and vomiting abound:

  • Poisoning is a very common cause of illness in a child on the sea. This occurs when there is a sudden change of diet and inclusion in the national menu of delicacies. In addition, on the beach, parents often allow the child to eat popcorn, chips, pizza, candy and drinking soda. A weak ventricle, which is simply not able to digest junk food, begins to operate erratically, which leads to disease.

Cause toxicity in a young child of the sea can be early berries, fruits and vegetables, which are sold in abundance the locals. Such plant products abundantly flavored fertilizers and various chemical substances to accelerate growth and aging.

  • Heat and sunstroke – this trouble often happens with children who are neglected hats. Overheating impaired thermoregulation that the body responds by fainting, nausea, vomiting and fever. The difference in overheating from poisoning that diarrhea almost never happens.
  • Intestinal infections are a common cause of the disease. Children swim in the sea, accidentally swallowing sea water, which has bacteria. Most often this phenomenon is observed in the extreme heat and in the period when in the water floats a lot of algae, dead fish and other debris. In rotavirus intestinal infection dehydration sets in very quickly in the body in order to prevent this dangerous condition, toddler hard otpaivat.

In case of any health problems the child should immediately consult the doctor. Only a qualified physician can correctly diagnose and prescribe adequate treatment.

Cause vomiting at sea could be acclimatization, which most parents remember at the last turn. Pediatricians do not advise you to go on vacation with a baby younger than two months, nothing but stress, this trip will bring.

How to help in cases of poisoning

If the child tasted the cakes or other food sold on the beach, and a few hours later he became ill, one can wonder about food poisoning. If the child is not yet three years old, you need to urgently look for the doctor, the older infant can assist their own:

  • Child well otpaivat small portions. After each attack of vomiting give to rinse the mouth and throat to reduce the aggressive action of hydrochloric acid on the mucosa.
  • Patient give adsorbents, suitable even for the classical activated carbon. The only thing it should be crushed to a fine powder before use.
  • If there is high temperature, you should give paracetamol or Nurofen in the age dosage.
  • The baby is put to bed, raising the upper torso up higher with pillows.

The child can be immediately served with water, juice or pharmacy regidron. For this purpose you can also use tea or a drink of lemon and honey. You can't give your baby dairy products, concentrated juices and sodas.

Before going to sea it is necessary to collect the first aid kit, which must include adsorbents and antipyretic drugs.

How to help with heat and sunstroke

Parents need to know what you can do when overheated in the sun. Help the child appears in the following sequence:

  • The victim was transferred to the shade or in a room where there is air conditioning. It is worth considering that air conditioning must run at minimum speed, as a sharp drop in ambient temperature is also not good.
  • Toddler stripped to his underwear, the limbs and the head moistened with cool water.
  • At the elbow, under the knees and in the groin area can put soaked in cool water cotton cloth. The same cloth is placed on the forehead.
  • If high fever, give antipyretics.
  • Give the patient plenty to drink, and the drink should be cool.

Treat solar and thermal shocks symptomatically. Mild overheating enough cool air and water, to bring the child back to life. If overheating is strong, then you might need heart medication.

Do not hesitate to call the doctor if the child is unconscious. In this case, it may be malfunction of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Help with rotavirus

If after swimmingthe child in the vast sea of Azov or the Black sea were the symptoms of intestinal infection, it is advisable to show the baby the doctor. However, if the condition is stable and satisfactory, you can try to cope with this problem independently.

The main objective of the rotavirus is considered to be falling sick. The child is given lots to drink, give fluid with fractional portions, but very often. Give antidiarrheal and antiemetic drugs immediately is not recommended, as this will keep pathogenic microbes in the body, due to which the recovery will be delayed.

A mandatory offer adsorbents – it can be enterosgel, POLYSORB or aluminium phosphate gel. Sorbent drugs given in therapeutic dosage, given the age and weight of the child. If after receiving the adsorbent again began to vomit, again given in the same dose.

After improvement, the patient shows a course to take probiotics. The most common is considered lineks and hilak Forte.

Strictly forbidden to give antibiotics without a doctor's prescription. This can lead to persistent infection.

Help with acclimatization

Vomiting and diarrhea in a child of the sea may be the result of acclimatization. In this state there is nothing terrible, just the body adapts to unusual conditions of existence. This condition usually develops 2-3 days after arrival at the resort, goes it alone.

Acclimatization is divided into several stages, each of which is characterized by the features:

  1. The initial stage takes place in the first days of stay at sea during this time period the child behaves as if nothing had happened.
  2. The reaction is the most difficult stage of getting used to the new terrain. During this period, vomiting, high temperature, headache and abnormal weakness. All the signs completely pass in a few days.
  3. Partial habituation at this time, the body gradually gets used to the new conditions.
  4. Full acclimatization arises if the accommodation is near the sea long.

Pediatricians say that the propensity of acclimatization depends on the genetic predisposition of the person, so to avoid her is unlikely to succeed. But to a child it is possible to help. For this you need to minimize all physical and mental stress, and the menu to make the menu so that the diet was only digestible foods. To go to sea it is not necessary until the child's condition is not normal.

The choice of transport for traveling with a baby is better to prefer a car or train, travel kids suffer badly.

How to prevent vomiting on the sea

To vomiting and high fever in a child after swimming in the sea is not overshadowed by the rest of the family, should adhere to the recommendations of the doctors:

  • To buy food only in centralized stores that are equipped with refrigerators. Always pay attention to date of manufacture.
  • The sea is doubly necessary to observe the rules of hygiene and frequently wash hands with soap and water.
  • It is advisable not to be under the sun from 11 to 15 hours, at this time the rays are especially aggressive.
  • Summer child must wear a hat;
  • If the family eats in the restaurant, it's better to do just one and the same place. It is not necessary to select a child a variety of exotic dishes.
  • It is not advisable to buy berries, fruits and vegetables, for which the time of ripening has not yet come. In such products, a lot of chemistry.
  • Drinking water is better to buy in bottles or special bottles.

If the baby is showing signs of acclimatization, you need to provide him a calm environment and a balanced diet. In any case, do not pull at this time the baby on the beach, it is better to read with him the book.

If your child is sick on the sea, do not immediately panic and pack their bags home. First we need to understand what has brought about this condition. It may well be that this is just acclimatization. If the child's condition worsens, you must consult the health care provider, which is in every hotel.