What is the food poisoning baby

Children are more susceptible to food poisoning than adults. Their treatment should be taken seriously, consult a doctor. Proper diet is the mainstay of treatment of any poisoning, this helps the body to recover and heal. In the article we reviewed that you can have the child for poisoning, as the right to choose and to cook for him food, what products you should protect the baby at the time of recovery from the disease.

The basic rules of the diet

Diet in cases of poisoning in children should be administered by the attending physician. Only the doctor, knowing the characteristics of the body of your baby will be able to form the correct menus and tips for cooking diet dishes for him. Some children have allergies and intolerance to specific foods. These individual characteristics must be considered.

Please note that this article is for informational purposes only. All the details of food after food poisoning the child you should discuss with your pediatrician.

Below are the rules of diet in children with food poisoning.

  • Feed your baby often. Breaks between meals food should not exceed 2-2. 5 hours. Such an eating regimen that provides start-up of intestinal motility and the regulation of the entire digestive system.
  • A single portion should be small, it should not exceed the size of the palm of the child.
  • Observe a fractional power. For one meal you should never give your baby a few dishes.
  • If the child is there – don't force it. But water it needs regardless of the wishes. Fluid is necessary to restore fluid and electrolyte balance of acidity and to reduce residual toxicity, which remained after the poisoning.
  • Under the new protocols, to feed your baby you can start from the first day of poisoning. It used to be that the first few days need to starve. According to recent studies, choosing the right food improves digestion, maintains the necessary intestinal motility.
  • Diet should be varied. The same food will not saturate the body with necessary trace minerals and nutrients.

Remember that food after food poisoning must be complete and meet the age requirements of the child's body. It should be a sufficient amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates.

How to choose and buy food for the child with poisoning

The quality of the ingredients used in cooking depends on the safety and usefulness of food. Even useful and beautiful product when properly stored can cause recurrent poisoning and failure in the digestive system. We have gathered for you the recommendations that will help in buying products for the child.

  • Purchase goods only in the official licensed retail outlets. It could be supermarkets or urban food markets. So product is at least some verification, and quality controlled. Buying products from people with hands or in natural markets, you risk getting a defective product.
  • Check the shelf life of products. It is always indicated on the package. When buying meat, sniff it. Fresh meat products have no noticeable smell.
  • Do not take fruits or vegetables with damaged skins. They can be wound pathogenic bacteria.

What foods you can eat after poisoning

A list of foods that you can eat the child for poisoning is limited. It also depends on the age of the baby. Up to 1 year preference should be given breastmilk or formula.

Please note that food in case of poisoning must be known to the child. During this period, you should not give him foods that he never ate.

In cases of poisoning and vomiting on the first day you can eat only dried white bread, mucosa rice. Children older than three years you can give the app a cookie.

Starting from the second day, the list of allowed foods that you can eat after poisoning, is greatly extended. If the child is under 3 years, enter a day not more than 1-2 new products. So you can monitor his reaction to them.

The following is a list of foods that you can eat the child after the poisoning.

  • Boiled lean chicken meat or Turkey. It is best to give the baby part of the loin, it is considered the most useful and dietary. Give the child meat in the twisted form, it is faster and easier to assimilate by the body.
  • Chicken broth, cooked without spices, only salt. You can add some rice and washed carrots.
  • Buckwheat, rice or oatmeal, cooked in milk.
  • Dried white bread, cookies app.
  • Oven-baked apples.
  • Bananas.
  • Dairy products (kefir, fermented baked milk, yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese).
  • Boiled or steamed vegetables (beets, carrots, tomatoes, zucchini). With 4-5 days you can give potatoes. Can cook vegetable soup and add a little vegetable oil and salt.
  • Boiled eggs or steamed eggs.
  • Lean marine fish.

The list of prohibited products

In cases of poisoning and vomiting need to give up foods that are hard to digestcause increased flatulence, can harm the gastric mucosa. For the period of diet, should be entirely excluded from the diet the following foods and products:

  • sausages, frankfurters, wieners, meat by-products;
  • store semi-finished products;
  • mushroom dishes;
  • chocolate, marmalade, muffins;
  • fatty meats and fish;
  • barley, millet and barley porridge;
  • beans, cabbage, onion, garlic;
  • fresh fruit (except bananas);
  • nuts;
  • milk, fat sour, cream;
  • hard cheese;
  • seafood (shrimp, mussels, seaweed);
  • canned foods;
  • salted crackers, chips.

Features drinking regime

While dieting, it is very important to adhere to proper nutrition. The child's body after poisoning needs in the liquid. In cases of poisoning, the vomiting, the diarrhea, he loses a large amount of fluid, electrolytes.

Remember that the volume of fluid for the baby is calculated by weight. Ask the pediatrician how much you need to drink a day for your child.

You can drink the following beverages:

  • non-carbonated mineral alkaline water, for example, "Borjomi";
  • drinking water;
  • sweet black tea;
  • compotes.

In the first days after poisoning can give the baby rehydron. This drug developed for the treatment of dehydration and intoxication syndrome. In case of poisoning mild they replace dropper. One packet regidrona is diluted with one liter of plain water and vpaivaetsja baby.

Give your child to drink if poisoning need liquid at room temperature. Hot and cold drink will provoke irritation of the mucous membrane of the stomach will cause nausea, vomiting and heartburn.

At the time of dieting, you must give up all carbonated beverages, store-bought or freshly squeezed juices, coffee, cocoa, strong tea.

Sample menu for the day

For your convenience, we made up an approximate menu for the day for 6 meals. On it you can navigate when planning a diet for a child who suffered poisoning.

The name of the meal Products
  • Rice porridge
  • Sweet tea
Second Breakfast
  • Banana
  • Mineral water
Afternoon tea
  • App cookies
  • Compote
  • Chicken broth
  • A piece of dried white bread
  • Boiled chicken fillet
  • Yogurt
  • Baked apples

Features of cooking for a child with poisoning

Cooking should make the food more digestible. A baby's digestive system needs to rest and recover, heavy and coarse food hurt. When cooking, follow these guidelines:

  • Prepare meals in the steamer or boil them. Grilled and smoked is contraindicated during the recovery period after the poisoning. Starting with 4-5 days food to simmer or cook in the oven.
  • When cooking, do not use butter or lard. In cases of poisoning and vomiting in the food you can only add a small amount of vegetable vegetable oil.
  • Do not use spices while cooking. Allowed to add a bit of salt and sugar.
  • Try to use only seasonal products such as summer use for the preparation of compotes, fresh berries, and in autumn the apples and pears.
  • Cook food on your own. Buying ready meals in supermarkets or in restaurants, you can't know what was used in their preparation, and the quality of the products they include are clean hands to cook.
  • Before cooking, wash your hands thoroughly and products, control the clean dishes.
  • Spend sufficient heat processing of food. For example, chicken meat with longer cooking becomes easily digestible for the body.
  • Do not prepare in reserve. Meals more useful.
  • Do not use frozen food. In sub-zero temperatures for meat and vegetable proteins are destroyed, there is loss of nutrients. The exceptions are frozen berries and fruits. Prepare them in the summer and put in the freezer, they can be used to prepare useful fortified fruit drinks.
  • Blend food in the blender for the first 3-5 days after poisoning. Meat and vegetables can be grind in a blender. In this form they are easier to digest.

Diet for poisoning plays an important role in restoring the digestive system and body. A list of permitted and prohibited foods should be discussed with your pediatrician. In compiling the diet should take into account individual characteristics of the child's body, do not give him foods that he never ate. To cook better on their own. Special attention should be given to the purchase and selection of products for baby. The duration of the diet is discussed with the treating doctor, on average it is 1-2 weeks.