Can enterosgel pregnant: instructions for use in pregnancy

During pregnancy a woman should exercise special care in the treatment of any medication. In fact any substances that enter the body of the future mom, be sure to affect fetal development. But, unfortunately, even in such a wonderful period, because of pregnancy, absolutely without medicines not to manage. In women, the situation can be poisoning, poor quality food, severe allergic reaction or toxicity. In all these States, doctors recommend taking sorbents. And then the question arises whether it is possible enterosgel pregnant and will not affect whether it is on the future child?

Can I drink enterosgel in the first trimester

This drug is quite popular among the population. This is due to its safety and ability to take at different ages and in any condition. Enterosgel may be used by pregnant even in the first trimester, when other drugs are strictly contraindicated because of the negative effects on the fetus.

This adsorbent is necessary in any home medicine Cabinet. It can be taken not only to pregnant women at all stages, but also during lactation. In addition, the sorbent is used in the complex treatment of many diseases.

Thanks enterosgelyu a few days can get rid of toxicity. This sorbent gently removes endotoxins that are released when the carrying a child.

How to take enterosgel for pregnant women

A hydrogel is an absorbent substance that is very similar to a homogeneous gel or a paste. The active substance of the drug performs metalquimia acid. Enterosgel adsorbs and gently removes toxins, pathogens, allergens, drugs and other harmful substances that are intoxicating effect on the body. Thanks to a thorough cleansing of all organs and systems begin to function better.

Instructions for use of enterosgel during pregnancy prescribes the use of the adsorbent in such cases:

  • In case of nausea, which often occurs in the first trimester of pregnancy and other diseases that are accompanied by nausea.
  • Diarrhea and various poisonings. The adsorbent contributes to the rapid cessation of vomiting, diarrhoea and excretion of toxic substances from the body, thereby quickly returning to normal body temperature.
  • In diseases of the digestive tract the mucous gel that protects the bodies from the pathogenic effects of toxic substances, improves bowel motility and stimulates the process of digestion. It is absolutely not disturbed intestinal microflora, she even restored. Therefore, the adsorbent is recommended for the treatment of dysbacteriosis, flatulence and intestinal colic.
  • In diseases of an infectious nature decreases General intoxication, which occurs when excessive growth of viruses and pathogenic bacteria.
  • Liver disease, including steatosis pregnant. Improves the function of the liver through gentle cleansing of her cells.
  • In acute renal failure, as well as in complex treatment of cystitis, pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis in pregnant women. In addition, the hydrogel is indicated for edema and other phenomena of the late gestosis.
  • In case of allergic reactions, regardless of the type of allergen that enterosgel helps the body cope with intoxication and reduce the symptoms of the disease. The particular effect observed in food and medication allergies.
  • In a number of skin diseases, urticaria, dermatosis, dermatitis and eczema. Relieves painful itching and cutaneous manifestations.

The adsorbent is quite often appointed after a course of antibiotics, if you burn different diseases and suppuration. An important feature of enterosgel is that it is not absorbed into the bloodstream, works only locally and excreted from the body unchanged, taking with them toxins and other harmful substances.

Enterosgel should be taken an hour before or an hour after food and other medicines. All substances which are ingested simultaneously with the adsorbent, it is quickly removed.

How to drink the adsorbent during pregnancy

It should be remembered that even the most seemingly harmless medication during pregnancy should be prescribed by a qualified doctor. If the doctor has not appointed another, the adsorbent take on a classic scheme of 3 times a day between meals and other medications. Ideally between food intake and Enterosgel should be about one and a half hours.

When toxicosis enterosgel is recommended to take in the morning on an empty stomach, usually eat two spoons of the paste immediately after waking up. Single dose for many diseases is 15 grams, equivalent to one tablespoon, and 45 grams daily.

Hydrogel with sufficient amount of clean water, allowed to dissolve a gel or a paste in a small amount of liquid, and then drink. Duration of therapy depends on the severity of the condition. In acute poisoning the treatment lasts no more than 5 days, in chronic intoxication therapy stretched to 2 weeks, but on the recommendation of the attending physician may be more.

It is worth remembering that pregnant women can take only a pure remedy, without any additives.

The administration of enterosgel inallergies

To quickly get rid of allergies to foods, vegetation or other allergenic substances, should make the hydrogel in therapeutic dosage, until then, until all unpleasant symptoms. In addition, you need to follow these rules:

  • To protect a pregnant woman from walking in places where there are allergenic plants.
  • To protect the woman in a position of unpleasant odors, and products.
  • To the house often to spend damp cleaning, particularly if there is animal.

Even if to pregnancy the woman did not complain of allergies, this condition may develop due to hormonal changes in the body. The remedy in this case will be indispensable.

During the day the rooms need to spray the air, spray with plain water. This will help precipitate the particles allergens and reduce Allergy symptoms.

The rules of admission during pregnancy

This drug has only a few minor contraindications, which necessarily take into account when assigning the adsorbent. These include the following diseases and conditions:

  • Intolerance to the components that are included in the hydrogel.
  • Acute intestinal obstruction.

Side effects of enterosgel too little. In the early days of receiving pregnant may be concerned about constipation or constipation, more often such effects occur in the later stages of pregnancy, when the greatly enlarged uterus compresses the intestine and breaks his motor skills.

Occasionally there are complaints of women in the position that after receiving the adsorbent causes nausea and skin rashes appear. But this is the exception rather in most cases the drug is well tolerated and helps to get rid of toxicity both early and late pregnancy.

If symptoms of toxicity appeared in the later stages of pregnancy, you must consult a doctor to rule out dangerous pathology of eclampsia.

As doctors and future moms unanimous in the opinion that the remedy is harmless sorbent agent for the prevention and treatment of many diseases. It is successfully taken for morning sickness, preeclampsia, and various intoxications at all stages of pregnancy. But despite the apparent safety of the adsorbent, before taking it you need to consult with your doctor, especially if there is a persistent tendency to constipation.