A nursing mother diarrhea: what to do than to treat

Diarrhea when breastfeeding delivers not only physical discomfort to the woman, but also a lot of experiences. Mommy is going through, so don't get a baby, so quite often in this situation, breast feeding just stopped. What to do if a nursing mother diarrhea whether or not to stop breastfeeding and how to be treated, all these questions are sure to arise in women.

Causes of diarrhea and methods of treatment

Diarrhea during lactation occurs not so rarely. The reasons can be a lot sometimes a woman realizes that triggered this condition. But there are cases when the diagnosis cannot be accurately put to the full survey.

Irritable bowel syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome – most often this happens because of constant stress. A woman can understand, she is constantly worried about the health of the baby, affect the regular lack of sleep, fatigue and natural hormonal failure after the birth. Under this condition, there is no nausea, vomiting, and fever. In addition, the stool does not happen of mucus and blood.

A feature of the irritable bowel syndrome is that the diarrhea does not Wake the woman at night. At this time the intestine is completely relaxes and desires on the bottom do not occur.

Quite often to get rid of irritable bowel syndrome help sedatives. Lactation these drugs should appoint only the doctor.

Food poisoning

Diarrhea during pregnancy is often food poisoning. During this period, the mother eats affects the child. Indigestion can be when you eat very spicy, greasy or stale food.

Symptoms of food poisoning in HS is no different from poisoning outside of that.

  • there is a persistent nausea and vomiting;
  • observed loose stools;
  • the temperature may slightly rise.

If diseases are shown to adhere to a diet and make the adsorbents. In severe cases may require treatment with antibacterial drugs that must prescribe the physician or infectious disease.

Food poisoning is very important to organize drinking regime. The patient gives to drink a lot of water, tea or juice, but in small portions.


Vomiting seizures, and severe diarrhea, a nursing mother can occur if you are allergic to some foods or certain substances. To get rid of diarrhea, it is enough to adjust the diet to remove allergens.

For quick display of allergens from lactating mommy takes antihistamines. To prescribe medication in this group needs a doctor, taking into account characteristics of penetration into breast milk.

In lactation period, a woman should abandon the consumption of highly allergenic products – citrus fruits, chocolate and some varieties of fish.

Intestinal infection

Sometimes a breastfeeding mother becomes infected with an intestinal infection. The most common rotavirus, but they can also be more dangerous infections – salmonellosis, botulism or dysentery. In this case, as lactating women bravely worsens, and there are unpleasant symptoms:

  • diarrhea with fetid odor, the admixture of mucus or blood;
  • severe nausea and uncontrollable vomiting;
  • muscle weakness;
  • headache and dizziness.

In particularly serious cases there may be convulsions and fainting. To treat salmonellosis, dysentery, and botulism are needed in the hospital. Rotavirus infection is allowed to treat at home, but only if the woman's condition is satisfactory.

Strictly forbidden to take without a prescription any antibiotics. To choose the right drug is possible only on the basis of tests.

Is there a need to stop breast-feeding during diarrhoea

Most of the doctors says that diarrhea in breastfeeding mothers is especially dangerous for herself and the baby he was much harm does not carry. For example, intestinal infection can only be transmitted through everyday, most often through dirty hands, through breast milk the germs are not transmitted.

At the initial stage of the rotavirus may be transmitted through airborne droplets, so as a preventive for breast-feeding mom wears a thick gauze bandage, which often wash and iron a hot iron.

If the treatment is done with medicines that are allowed in the lactation period, breast feeding is not stopped. When shown strong antibiotics, feeding should stop for a while.

To maintain the normal volume of milk, during treatment with antibiotics should regularly Express breast.

If the diarrhea is infrequent, the condition of the mother is usually not affected. Frequent urge to the toilet in women may develop dehydration because they lose water, vitamins and important trace elements. To quickly restore water balance in the body, lactating mom you can drink from diarrhea solution Regidrona. This saline solution helps restore lost fluids and minerals.

Diarrhea withadmixture of blood of lactating women must be urgently call the doctor. This indicates internal bleeding and can lead to serious complications.

Treatment of diarrhea in lactating women folk remedies

Usually diarrhea appetite worsens, and the person absolutely does not want to eat. But lactating woman needs to maintain their power, so she at this time shows a vegetable broth, porridge, gruel and roasted vegetables.

Diarrhea nursing mother can take well-known folk remedies that will not harm both her and the child:

  • A decoction of oak bark is an effective astringent. To prepare a decoction of one teaspoon of powdered bark pour a half of Cup of water and bring to a boil, strain and drink a tablespoon 3-4 times per day.
  • A decoction of rice is a time-tested remedy for diarrhea. The broth coats the stomach lining and reduces inflammation. To prepare a healing broth take a tablespoon of round rice and the same of raisins, pour a liter of boiling water and cook for about an hour on low heat. Cool and drink 50 ml every hour. After drinking the first portion, the state of the digestion is greatly improved.
  • Peel of pomegranate a substance that is in pomegranate peel, detrimental effect on pathogens that cause diarrhea. To prepare the broth, pomegranate peel and peel, pour a glass of boiling water. Insist cover until the water becomes brown. At a time drink a whole glass of resulting infusion.
  • Wild cherry berries have astringent properties and help diarrhea. To prepare the broth take a tablespoon with a slide of fresh berries and pour a glass of boiling water, insist after about an hour. Take half a Cup 3 times a day.

To prevent dehydration, a lactating woman needs to drink a lot. The diet should be at least 3 liters of fluid. This can be water, fruit drinks, herbal teas, broths or teas.

Diarrhea is strictly prohibited soda and dairy products.

Which drugs can make the nursing mother

To quickly recover from diarrhea, which was caused by food poisoning or rotavirus infection, you can take Enterosgel Smectite or. These two drug act locally, envelop the wall of the digestive organs and help the elimination of toxins and pathogens. To take these adsorbents can be immediately, at the first sign of the disease. Harm to the child and the mother, they just will not do, but they will benefit from.

If the disease is severe, can be treated with antibiotics. Sometimes doctors choose drugs so that they can be combined with guards.

Breast-feeding mom needs to be prepared for the fact that rotavirus could begin in infants. In this case, breast-feeding is also not stopped, as breast milk has special antibodies that help the baby to quickly recover.